Be The Change


“Yes, I smoke, but you are not allowed to do so,” said he.

“Yes, I told a lie, but you must not do that,” said she.

I have grown up seeing my parents who firmly believed in ‘Do as I say, not as I do’.

Perhaps that’s because they did not want me to make the mistakes they made in their lives.

I read somewhere kids often imitate their parents, they absorb the parents’ attitudes, mannerisms and even life perspectives and then of course genes play a role too.

But, I’d practice what I’d preach.

Yes, Iā€™d do things differently.


This is a fiction written for Write Tribeā€™s 100 Words on Saturday Prompt: Iā€™d do things differently


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33 thoughts on “Be The Change

    • That’s a perspective Rajesh. True, kids in every generation are a step ahead of their parents due to the changing times. But the general basic traits, mannerisms are certainly picked up from parents!

    • Agree with this completely. Children are essentially a blank slate. Granted, there are several traits that are inborn or inherited, but mostly children learn right and wrong through observation of others. Until they are of schooling age, their parents are the predominant role models in a child’s life. So, yes, parents have a bigger responsibility in that regard.

  1. Children are a greater reflection of their parents than they would ever realise, or acknowledge. However, if every child thought exactly that way his parents did, do you think we would have moved out the caves and animal skin skirts and be living like the way we do? Children learn the good, and reject what they see as irrelevant to their day and age.
    I’m with you. šŸ™‚

  2. Children do imitate and reflect their parent’s behaviour , attitudes, mannerisms but they are the biggest critics of their parents. One of my teacher’s would say that even though the genes are inherited , kids have a mind of their own. But I have observed each child is different.
    A though provoking post.

  3. This is absolutely brilliant. I can identify with this so much. Both of my parents smoked and drank. My sister followed suit. I am the oddball. I have never smoked, but while I have drank a drink occasionally socially I never drink. Maybe one cocktail on New Years Eve these days…and that is all it takes to make me “happy” and quite lit. LOL ā™„

  4. Wonderful take on the prompt. Loved how the narrator ie, the child decides to practice what he/she would preach. Just like Sakshi said, each successive generation is smart enough to imbibe the best from earlier generations, add their own wisdom to it and move forward.

  5. Children learn a lot by observing their surroundings Shilpa, parents are a major influence yes but for good or bad they are not the only influence. In today’s world with overload on senses, children seemed to think and react very much above and beyond what we think they are capable of.

  6. Kids imitate parents! True. But not always. I know a family where the father drinks every day and the son never touches alcohol. The same father is a strict vegetarian and the son eats only non veg.

  7. I always promised myself I won’t be angry to my kids like my mom did when I ate up her head… but here I’m can’t even tolerate my 14 year old brother… Wonder what my kids will do with me šŸ˜€

  8. Any normal child is very observant.Each act and move is being followed.Within our own family,there are those who are smokers but don’t smoke in front of their kids.
    Parents have to be extremely careful now that kids have so much exposure on the net

  9. I don’t think it applies to everybody or most people. For I know for a fact, that children who see their parents smoking/ drinking have a total aversion to such bad habits. Despite having the freedom to do as they please, they somehow do not choose to drink and smoke. Now a days children are more aware of the effects of these things, and also they are more health conscious, than their parents who were brought up in a different era, when smoking and drinking was a taboo and they had to rebel against that/ sometimes it was also taken up t o make a style or fashion statement.
    That is why we used to have these stupid actors / villains roaming around with cigarettes/ cigars, and a drink in their hands. The stupidest thing was to watch doctors smoking endlessly.

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