Food War


I am restless. I chide myself for acting so weirdly.

I try focussing on the words I am reading, but they don’t register at all.

I glance at the stopwatch on my phone for the nth time. I know, that’s crazy. I am willing it to buzz at 30 minutes, but oblivious to my racing pulse it is following its own pace.

The door bell rings, and I glance once again hopefully at the stopwatch.

“Damn, he is punctual, yet again”, I mutter.

I open the door and there he is… the smiling Pizza Delivery Boy.

Smiling at his victory? 30-minutes-or-less-symbol


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.Β The Theme for today is Food.

Images Courtesy : Google Images

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94 thoughts on “Food War

  1. I think you ordered the pizza from Domino’s. They are the ones who used to advertise β€œdelivered in 30 minutes of it’s free”. They stopped that campaign after quite a few accidents by the delivery guys. Their pizza tastes good. In fact, we ordered from them last night.

    • I know what you mean, Sakshi! For so many years, we never bothered about the timings. Then one day, they were late and gave the pizzas free without we asking for it. And since then we are on a lookout for a free pizza and they just dont come late! πŸ™„

  2. Ah, yes waiting for that pizza to arrive does seem like ages. But those damn delivery boys are so punctual. Nice one πŸ™‚

  3. I can’t believe we had a conversation yesterday night where I was trying to “give you some inspiration” about food. You’ve just hit the ball right out of the park girl! Kudos. Loved it !

  4. Don’t really like the pizzas from Dominos or Pizza Hut. We prefer Smokin Joe’s. But I guess it is a Mumbai based outfit. They actually put less cheese, if you request them.

    • Have had pizzas from Smokin Joe’s when we were in Mumbai and yes they are good. I prefer Pizza Hut and recently we had pizzas at La Pinoz, Shimla… that was the bestest pizza I had ever had!

  5. An unique take on the prompt!
    an ode to the pizza boys too, one of the tribes that is punctua!!

    The dominos in our area informs us sometimes before hand that they can’t deliver within 30 minutes( during rains especially). but like you say most times they are on time.

  6. Looks like a Dominos pizza. But these delivered pizzas are never hot and sizzling enough, I always have to heat it in the oven to make it crispy and fresh tasting again. Nice topic to munch on.

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