The Hidden Treasure

Finally I have my own place, my very own piece of land. It is small but it is perfect. A little cottage in the woods!

I had to get all my ducks in a row for this one but now I am caught a little short. A small price for a dream to become a reality. If only someone left me a treasure now… I mused idly.

With blisters on my hands and hurting back, I was dead on my feet. But I pushed myself to dig some more to make the most of the tiny patch for my vegetable garden. A jangling thud of the shovel roused me. I looked hard and removed the mud feverishly. My eyes gleamed in anticipation. But the next moment they darted around nervously to see if anybody else was a witness to my little secret.

Satisfied that I was all alone in this quest, I heaved a sigh of relief. I wondered if I should have asked for more that day. I removed the remaining mud around that small, rusty chest and took it out gently.

The lock gave away as soon as I touched it. Years…. they have that kind of effect on everything, I reflected philosophically. I lifted the lid and let my eyes soak the treasure inside.

I smiled and laughed as I carefully took out the feathers, seashells, rocks…


This is a fiction written for Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt : Treasure

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46 thoughts on “The Hidden Treasure

  1. Lovely story. Reminded me of my treasure box full of stones, feathers, shells, stickers, stamps, coins and a bronze medal that I won for a painting contest. It’s resting peacefully in the locker of my wardrobe at my parents’ place. Childhood memories. 🙂
    Rekha recently posted…English-VinglishMy Profile

  2. Lovely post Shilpa, I guess all of us have had a childhood box with all our ‘treasures’ in them based on the comments on this post. Looks like you managed to take all of us down on a walk down memory lane with this wonderful take on the prompt 🙂
    Jairam Mohan recently posted…Aerated regretMy Profile

  3. Lovely! My treasure box of childhood is still there in an old iron box in the attic of my family home. It has feathers, shells, stones, greeting cards, letters, dry rose petals… 🙂

    • Wow… how sweet is that, they have kept their treasure boxes with you!! Loved this thought! Thanks Ma’am for tagging, but I may not be able to participate in this contest! 😛

  4. Such a sweet story.. I had some stones, key chains etc ‘hidden’ in a little pouch when I was a child and then I forgot about it, I found the pouch after I ‘grew up’, although I have thrown the stones but one is still with me. 😀

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