Unrequited Love

She was tall, thin, beautiful and elegant, my mother I mean.Sad Girl
I have seen her only in pictures.
I have been told that she died just after giving birth to me.

A string of relatives along with my father took turns to bring me up.
When this routine started disrupting their regular lives, my foster mothers suggested my father to remarry.

My new mother just about tolerated me.
I often wonder what it would feel like her arms around me, giving me one of these warm hugs that I see other moms and children exchange everyday…
I wonder what I should do bring a smile on her face on seeing me…

Aah! A remarriage may give a man, a wife but rarely a mother to a child.

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PS : Based on a real life story!

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44 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. True that this could be a scenario, but as Corinne comments, the reverse is also true. In fact I know so many where they actually have a better bond and loving relationship with their step-mother. My grandmother was one of those – her mother died when she was very little and my great grandfather married again. She actually had the best relationship with my grandmother even over and above her own children and she lived with us for many years after my great grandfather died.
    Suzy recently posted…Racing Towards DestinyMy Profile

  2. True to an extent.May be there is some chemistry at work in the case of biological children.But I have seen cases where step mothers shower their affection without holding back. and the children love them equally.
    KP recently posted…The kiss in publicMy Profile

  3. A child blames his own mother many a times when she wields a stick to discipline the child and when its the case with a step mom the tables are turned on the mom as she is not related by blood. It’s is a very difficult situation and neither the step mom nor the child is to be blamed but the circumstances.
    kalpana solsi recently posted…understanding a misunderstandingMy Profile

  4. Very sad for the child, but also for the step-mother because she doesn’t know what she carelessly threw away. I have raised children that I did not give birth to, and I cannot adequately describe how much those children love me. And because I didn’t give birth to them, they don’t take me for granted like we usually do our biological mothers. They always make sure I know how important I am in their lives. You grew up; she lost out.
    Damaria Senne recently posted…3 Things I Liked About Contraband By J.L CampbellMy Profile

  5. Unrequited love always hurts. But there are many women who are actually very nice. I had a neighbor who remarried after his wife passed away – leaving two baby girls behind. The new mother loved them like her own and they are a model family. They have three girls now, all lovely young ladies.

    🙂 Nice post. Sad post, though
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Love EnduresMy Profile

  6. I have never known anyone who was brought up by a step mom so I cant really comment, but yes, I lost my father very early in my life(when I was 4) and sometimes I ponder if my life would have been any different if my mom had remarried(my mom was in her late 30s when my dad passed away).

  7. Shilpa Garg: I loved the way you said, “A remarriage may give a man, a wife but rarely a mother to a child”. Very nicely portrayed emotions of a child who is being raised by a step mother. But on the other hand, in rare scenarios (I would presume), step mothers would also take care of step-kids as their own.
    Hemlata Kukreja recently posted…The Shattering LossMy Profile

  8. Heart wrenching. Again, this may be a common happening in India. I think it is not true in other countries. Again, I may be wrong. In USA, I have seen quite a few guys accuse their wives of pampering her step child/ren too much.
    SG recently posted…World of Coca ColaMy Profile

  9. Of course it’s always better to have one’s parents all the while.
    Shilpa, I do know of step mothers who really love the children as much as the live their biological children.i think, it’s all about one’s attitude towards life.
    B k chowla recently posted…2014.A DECISIVE YEARMy Profile

  10. Although it is rare, some stepmothers do have beautiful relationships with their foster kids. I’ve witnessed one such bond. My cousins lost their mother to cancer when they were teens. But their stepmother brought them up well, not just like her own kids, but also like friends. They absolutely adore her today.

    CRD recently posted…DIARY OF A FAT MAN – CONDITION SERIOUS HAIMy Profile

  11. I agree with Corinne Shilpa. There are many women who look upon their step children as their very own. An outsider cannot make out that they are unrelated ( by blood and birth). But I must say you have presented the child’s perspective beautifully.
    Geeta Nair recently posted…It starts with a threadMy Profile

  12. This is such a sad but well written post, and one I can relate to. I lost my mother a few years ago, and my father remarried, this time to a shrew. I mostly vent my anger through writing whenever she upsets me, and will be posting these scribbings occasionally. Some of my best work too. She knows I write about her in anger, so that evens the score.
    Michelle Stanley recently posted…Butt Out!My Profile

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