Some Cold Memories and Thoughts

As you must have known that I had scheduled the post for Day 1 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words. It’s ok, if you didn’t know that, coz now you surely know about it.

Well, that’s because I was traveling then. Now you must must be dying keen to ask where I had been these last 2 days. Well, even if you are not keen to know, I’d like to share about it, still. Well, (well,  I have used a lot of wells here, but guess that’s ok in a Free Write, isn’t it?)

I had gone to drop our sonny boy Aaryan to his boarding school as his new term started from today. His B school is located in the hills up north and it was raining the day we landed. The weather app in the phone showed the temperature to be 4 degrees Centigrade and it also added ‘Feel like 0 degrees C’. And it was certainly true as after 5 minutes of walk from the warm and cozy temperature of the Volvo bus and out in the open surely froze my well covered and protected feet and hands.

After finishing our shopping for the school supplies we rushed to the comfort of our room in the hotel. And guess, what made me super happy on entering our room. It was an object that lies uncared and totally ignored in our own home, but looked like a prized possession here. Yes, you guessed it right… the room heater. They say, one must count their blessings and I was really thankful for the room heater that day, if it weren’t for that room heater, I would have probably frozen to death. Ok, that was a bit of exaggeration, but you get the feeling, right?space-heater

Talking about room heaters, wherever we went, whether school office, dorms, bank, shops, dining areas of the hotel and even a small cloak room at the bus stand, different varieties of room heaters were a perpetual feature.Snow

And when we woke up in the morning, a beautiful sight welcomed us. Both Aaryan and me clapped our hands with glee. Fairytale-like snowflakes fell slowly and softly. Everything was covered with a thin blanket of white flaky snow. It was surreal.

The fabulous weather outside (from the window of the room) and our excitement to reach school compelled us to get ready in record time. With all our bags and baggages, we stepped out of our room with a huge smile on our face. The first step out in the open and we dashed back inside. With 5 layers of clothing, the cold wave hit us like a barrage of bullets. Yes, it was that cold.

We looked at each other and knew what our next step should be. Yes, with steely resolve we went out yet again and look around us, tried to capture the scenic beauty around us in our memories forever and tried to not think about the bitter cold. I explained to Aaryan about mind over matter. We had to walk a bit before we reached our cab and we tried to ignore the bone chilling cold while the rush of the icy wind continued to pass through our hair. I love capturing moments in my camera but the beauty around mesmerized me and honestly the cold wave numbed my grey cells to inactivity, so the thought of clicking pictures didn’t even make a guest appearance in my stone cold brain.

So, all this extreme cold climate made me wonder about the life of people in the hills or the colder regions. Though they get to see the scenic beauty all around them always, which people from far and wide come to experience and enjoy, but do they love it too? Do they love the damp and the wet feel all around? I mean, I would like such a weather for a few days, as a tourist. But if I were to stay in such cold climates forever, I wonder if I would have been able to adapt to such low temperatures. I guess, I would have. But I am sure, my laundry would never be air-dried, sun-kissed and crisp, which I simply love in the hot and sunny Rajasthan! I know, that’s an idiosyncrasy of mine, which I guess would have died its own death, had I been living in places with such cold temperatures. But right now, I am grateful for the place where my home is!

Would you (Or do you) like to live in such extremely cold places?

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88 thoughts on “Some Cold Memories and Thoughts

  1. I feel the same way about cold weathers too! Even in a place like Indore the chill hits my bones, so in the place that you are describing, probably even my red cells would have turned into icicles :mrgreen: Nope the humidity of Mumbai is totally me 😎
    Gauri recently posted…PandemoniumMy Profile

    • Aah! Cold literally and figuratively gives me shivers too! Warmer weather is any better than such bone chilling cold. I know, the humidity of Mumbai would be far better than this cold where even the thinking cells freeze!! :mrgreen:

  2. The Heater is such an essential na?!
    And that pic is beautiful!!

    I don’t mind the cold or the zero degrees’ temperatures… but when it goes below zero with wind chills in the minus – it gets to be a bit too much!
    We had bone-chilling, below zero degrees temperatures here just over the weekend!! Today is so much warmer and nicer..
    But, winter kind of teaches you to be patient – for after the miserable 4-5 months of freezing temperatures, spring arrives!! 😀

    • Yeah, once you start staying at some place, you adapt yourselves. The summers are not warm as alight sweater/cardigan is still needed!! 🙂

  3. Not me, shilpa. I wouldn’t want to live in a cold place at all. Unfortunately, we had an ice rain yesterday and schools were off today. But, that was a beautiful picture. Hope Aaryan is happy to get back to his friends again. 🙂 Rajasthan to Shimla..what a contrast 🙂
    Found In Folsom recently posted…Locks of love….My Profile

    • OMG!! Even we had a hail storm twice last month! The climate is changing in our state too. Imagine a hail storm in Rajasthan, but the cold after that was bearable. Yes, Aaryan was happy to meet his friends. Thanks Latha 🙂

  4. Beautiful picture of the snow…I would love to see the snow properly (my recent experience in December was good but that was in patches) but I wouldn’t like to live in a country where it snowed. I love sunshine and warmth…the cold makes me miserable. My sister lives in Canada and has been enjoying temperatures of -30 degrees!!! I would die in that!!
    Psych Babbler recently posted…Where do I beginMy Profile

  5. All the best to Aaryan for his new term! And although the pic is beautiful I wouldn’t want to live in such a place…I freeze totally at the slightest indication of cold weather 😀

    • Oh yes, Chennai winters are mild and not as harsh as the type we have here in North! There are such a huge variety of heaters now-a-days… Convection room heaters, Oil filled radiator room heaters, Radiant room heater (Carbon heaters)…. so many options are available!!

  6. Ditto to all your thoughts. I’d totally love it for a few days and then I would long for the sun. It’s okay to cosy up in a quilt and watch the snowfall with a mug of hot coffee. But imagine having to go about your work each day in the chill. Such a no no. The picture sure is lovely.
    obsessivemom recently posted…A lesson learntMy Profile

    • Exactly. It is fabulous to be sitting in a cozy quilt and see the snow outside, but working outside and even in home in such weather is a torture! 😐

  7. When the mercury dips in Mumbai I seek refuge in my sweater and living in places where it snows or temp. reaches below zero degress is just unthinkable. I prefer to see the snow and the scenic beauty only on the screen. I just cannot bear the cold.
    And as u said Shilpa I live the sun-kissed dried laundry and it’s a plasure to wear the garments just off-the cloth line.
    kalpana solsi recently posted…exam pangsMy Profile

  8. I fully understand. Cold and snow places are fine for visiting and not for living there. We lived in Salt Lake City for 5 years. I pissed off some boss and he transferred me there. We enjoyed out stay. But it snows 7 months of a year and very cold. People do not mind and go on with their business. Have you driven a car in snow? You turn your steering to the right and the car turns left and make a 275 degree turn. The tires do not grip the snow. And other cars come and hit you because they cannot control their cars also.
    SG recently posted…World of Coca ColaMy Profile

  9. I lived in Michigan, USA for nine and half years. Except first snow, I always complained about it. It is not easy to live in such extreme climates. But people in Michigan have adapted it very well. Even though people do not like living in snow, to make it fun living they enjoy snow sports like skiing, ice skating, sledging, building snowman (kid’s absolute favorite). I never enjoyed extreme cold weather. I am thankful to be recently located to Florida, Sunshine State that is 🙂
    Hemlata Kukreja recently posted…Remember the Day’s Blessings and Forget the Day’s TroublesMy Profile

  10. It would be hard for me to survive in an incredibly cold climate. A couple of weeks ago, we had an ice storm here in Kentucky and lost power for the better part of a week. We have a wood stove for backup heating, so we were alright but it was hard on the soul. There was almost a 2nd freezing this last weekend but we have a generator now. On Wednesday, I’ll post a picture my husband took for WW.
    LuAnn Braley recently posted…REVIEW: Captivated: Beholding the Mystery of Jesus’ Death and ResurrectionMy Profile

    • Yes he is back at school. No, classrooms dont have heaters 😐
      But they are pretty cool, have to keep running up and down the hill from dorm to school to mess… 🙂

  11. I was smiling when I was reading your post.May be you visited some place in India.But in places where six inches snow is not uncommon and freezing cold always,they have centrally air conditioned homes(no heaters as we have in Delhi) and everywhere air conditioned except the roads.Once you get accustomed to it even Bangalore in December would be hot!!
    KP recently posted…How much to trust?My Profile

  12. Awww…the heater is one best friend of mine too. 🙂 Especially after this year’s winter which just refuses to go. But I’m sure it’ll not be too far when you hear me cursing the summers. Good to know that you enjoyed the snow fall. I’ve only been to a snowy place once in my life and was taken to a hospital with sever nose-bleed. End of my snowy dreams, I guess! 😀
    Rekha recently posted…Getting happiness!My Profile

    • I can’t tell you much I loved that heater in the room that day!!
      Aah! Nose-bleeds happen in cold season. May be that was when you were a kid, you can try visiting cold hill stations now 🙂

  13. I think the same way as you do Shilpa, at least about this. I might love being in snowy places for a while but, snow snow and snow all the year round? Hmm… I might need to think about it.
    Rainy season is my favourite and I love the rains, even the getting drenched in it part. But I miss the things that summer brings, like sun-dried clothes as you rightly pointed out.
    Bhavya recently posted…New House Old HouseMy Profile

  14. That picture is very good Shilpa.
    Living in a cold place abroad is not a big problem, but driving as SG said might be tricky. I love the cold weather, but lately Bangalore is becoming hotter and hotter, to think once upon a time they wore sweaters whole year. Having lived in many hot places we somehow are more drawn towards the cold places.
    Enjoyed your narration.
    rama recently posted…What To Write?My Profile

    • True, indoors are warmer with all the advanced heating systems, abroad. It’s the outdoors that are killing 🙂
      Thanks Rama, glad you liked this post 🙂

  15. I would like to visit this kind of place for a few days but couldn’t live there for ever. Best wishes to Aaryan for his school term. Take care strong mommy.

  16. I totally totally adore the heaters we have in our apartment Shilpa, the past few months they have been my best friends 🙂 A bit of all types of weather makes us enjoy each season for its own charm, doesn’t it?
    Reshma recently posted…Anniversary musing.My Profile

  17. I like to see winter, but I would rather live in a climate where I could visit the beach in beachwear on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are out of school again tomorrow for a snow day. We missed the first week of December, first week of January, first week of February, and now the first 3 days of the first week of March. Too much snow!!!!!
    Carrie Ann Tripp (@CarrieAnnTripp) recently posted…Tissues, Issues, and LoveMy Profile

  18. wow! a lovely description of the beauty around. I would love a vacation there but staying there for long? I guess escaping back home is a better option!

  19. Hailing from Chennai, anything below 20 degrees is welcome indeed. I did enjoy my stay in Kashmir last year when the temperature was between -5 and 5. But having said so, I would probably stay in a cold place for a while, but would always want to live in a relatively warmer place 🙂
    Ashwini C N recently posted…Winners Are Not Always The Best!My Profile

  20. The people who live in such places have always lived there, they haven’t known any other weather… and I am sure they would love it.. their bodies would have adapted to it like a fish does to water… if they were to move to where we live, they might wonder how it feels for us.. that they can take it for a few days but not forever 🙂
    Seeta recently posted…Book Review: Sorting Out Sid By Yashodhara LalMy Profile

  21. Kamaal hai,
    I posted comments yesterday here and they have gone in thin air.
    Chalo,let me try again.
    I love the winters.Lucky are those who get to stay in the Hills.We were in Shimla in 2012 during winters.It was like being in heaven
    I feel so comfortable in winter clothes… And yes,which gives an oppurtunity to hide a bit of paunch I have.
    I was born in Shimla
    B k chowla recently posted…2014.A DECISIVE YEARMy Profile

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