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A few days ago, a friend read some old and some new posts on my blog and shared his feedback. While he had a few good things to say about the content on my blog, he pointed out some posts which could have been better.

Now, I really love to know how my writing on the blog is perceived by readers. To understand his view point and suggestions, I read the posts he had critiqued and appraised. And while I was on the reading spree, I read a lot of my posts again. And as I read, one post after the other, I realized that what I try to do is write. I may write for two weeks ‘the cat sat on the mat, that is that, not a rat,’…. And it might be just the most boring and awful stuff. But I try. When I’m writing, I write. And then it’s as if the muse is convinced that I’m serious and says, ‘Okay. Okay. I’ll come.

Some of my earlier posts are truly groan-worthy and I wondered, ‘What was I thinking when I wrote such posts?’. I had half a mind to remove these embarrassingly poor posts, but then ‘sanity’ prevailed and I thought that such posts would serve as reminder to do better and also may be to chart the writing journey!

And yes, some posts are truly spectacular. LOL, this sounds so narcissist! After reading these ‘truly spectacular’ posts, I had this happy grin on my face which lasted for a long time and a sort of nihilism resulting in speaking aloud, “Did I write that??”

I believe, the more you do something, the better you get at it. This holds true for our writing too. The consistency  in writing will ultimately result in better health of grey cells and thus better creative thoughts and ideas. And also, when one makes writing a habit, it comes easier and faster. These 2 observations have been proven right as I type this post. During the April A to Z Challenge, I have written 3-4, 55 fictions in a day, in order to schedule the posts before the D-day and today, as I write this post after a gap of 10 days, it is taking ages to frame coherent sentences.

How has been your writing journey? Do you think the more you write, the better you get?

Maya Angeloumaya_angelou

Linking it to Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt: Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman – Choose your favorite Maya Angelou quote on writing. Use it as your prompt to write a post.

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36 thoughts on “Good, Better…

  1. Have to agree with you, Shilpa. The more you write, the better you get at it. With every post, we mature. And the advantage is, we think hard before hitting ‘Publish’, because we want to ensure that our devoted readers don’t lose interest in a ‘so-so’ post after a ‘fabulous’ one. Nail on the head!

    Lovely quote you’ve chosen 🙂

  2. Agree with you , Shilpa that the more one writes , the better she writes. Writing is not just flow of words but a continuous trickle of ideas too. When I do not write for some day , I feel rusted. But reading too improves writing , I would add here.

  3. I agree completely! I think the more you write the better you get at it. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes you have off days…but other days you get lucky and create something truly great. Love this post…it is all true. Don’t delete those old posts…they made you the writer you are today! ♥

  4. The more one writes the better one generally writes. I experienced the reverse situation last year when I started blogging after many years of business writing and no creative writing.

    Of course, there are ‘off’ days when even an extremely good writer produces ‘groan-worthy’ stuff.

    • It was wise that you did not erase the older posts.
      I wonder if there have been writers great or as wonderful ( sic ) as we who began writing like Homer or Shakespeare the day the picked the pen or pencil.
      It is absolutely true that reading the earlier posts makes one hide behind even a piece of rag. But then as you mentioned when one reads the post now written sometimes one gets the feeling,” well not bad can I write not bad?” That’s good isn’t it?

  5. Certainly, the more we write the better we write. But then at times too much of “more” could also be exhausting and draining on our creativity and that inner poise which helps us express better. So some breaks in writing could also be helpful, I think. I know many writers recommend writing everyday, even if the writing you produce is just for your eyes only, there is great value in regular exercise of writing muscles too 🙂 I wish I could be that regular!

  6. Shilpa, you are one of the most dedicated, consistent writers/bloggers I know. As much as writing every day improves writing and keeps up the flow, reading is equally important to me because that’s when the vocabulary has a chance to grow, besides helping us explore new styles.

    Loved your post! And what a great choice for a Maya Angelou quote. I admire you for looking within!

  7. True that! I feel the same about the my transitional phases of writing. Some of my earlier blog posts do make me smile and tempt me to hit the delete button, but then a rational approach stops me. After all these are parameters we judge the way we have come so far as in our journey of writing.

  8. Such a fresh look of your blog Shilpa…I’m visiting it for the first time after the change…Love it!

    And I do wonder sometimes why I had written those earlier posts and they seem so in need of improvement…But I think our blogging is a journey and as we move through it our writing style also changes…And certainly the more we write the more we learn and get better at it but as long as we enjoy it I think 🙂

  9. yea.. I think I’ve gotten better with time. Especially fiction. The more one writes, the better I feel.
    Some of my earlier stories are better.. and there was a time in the middle when I had lost touch.
    I think I’m getting better and I enjoy the constructive criticism I receive on each piece that I write! 🙂

  10. I can write only when i am in the mood, and I usually get bored very soon, so I don’t write just for the sake of writing something, I would rather wait for the mood to happen.
    Well each person is different, like for example I just cannot stop myself from exercising, whereas there are people who exercise only when they are in the mood to exercise.
    Somehow I have never felt bad about any of my blogs, I still like them and when I read them again sometimes , I do like them, for they were all written from the heart and from my own life and experiences.

  11. Improving one’s work with time and continuous practice is definitely true and I love the simplicity in your blog, specially the way you worked on the A to Z challenge..

    And I like the fresh look of your blog..

  12. 🙂 well you say it right.. I do sometimes read what i wrote 4 years back and what I am writing now, although I dont find much difference , I wrote stupid then and I write that now too.. but yes there is a bit of a change I wrote REALLY VERY Stupid articles then and maybe I write just REALLY stupid articles now ..

    it does happen, we get better and better at things as time goes by .. plus I also feel the input given by readers helps a lot , many people helped me and YOU were one of them who has been constantly coming over for years now and telling me good or bad .. so that helps a lot too

    although i wish i can rectify the number of spelling mistakes I make 🙂
    take care SG and all the best always ..

  13. So true Shilpa, each of the posts and the many unpublished drafts are like our footsteps in words, sometimes they totter,sometimes they are like a steady run.

  14. Shilpa, I so so agree with you….and I am guilty of not writing enough. After April I had thought that I will not let the flow die out but well.. Sigh…written only 3 posts last month. I loved this quote, speaks so much to all of us!!

  15. Interesting indeed. As I am an average writer I write less of my own stuff and more on others thoughts and views.

    BTW you have a nice blog.

  16. Very true ! We get better with every word, every letter. And reading those old posts reminds us the journey upward, from average writing to good to better and the best.
    Of course, there are times when what we write goes off the mark. Bad days for every player on the field….. but that’s an acceptable lesson, isn’t it !

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