55 Fiction

The night was darker, but that didn’t deter him.

Don’t they say, with hard work comes great reward.

The stillness of the early morning, focused him.

While the town was still shaking off the stiffness of a night well-rested, he’d be putting to an end to his life’s struggles by placing that call for ransom!


This is aΒ  post written in response to the 55 Word Challenge using the three picture prompts above.

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62 thoughts on “Salvation

    • LOL πŸ˜€ You are spot on. I was wondering why would people use a telephone booth these days… and a ransom call was the first thought! πŸ˜€
      Thanks Vinodini!

    • True that! I guess, criminal or twisted minds think and act differently. They are by nature, irresponsible, impulsive, self-centred, and driven by fear and anger, so weighing all the pros and cons of their actions is not on their agenda, may be!

  1. SG, you have an interesting way with words and sentence construction to give an eerie feel in a few sentences than with a voluminous crime thriller.

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