Just Do It


It was just another day but something was amiss.

She went for a walk to burn those little devils called calories and the angels called grey cells. Though nothing much got burnt, eventually.

The hot tea back home didn’t do much to her agitated state.

Her analysis of how it worked for Kafka and Maya led to paralysis.

She looked up in books and in the chatter of people around and didn’t find it there either.

As her fate, she accepted that she couldn’t talk to the missing muse.

So, she decided to just show up and get to work.

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17 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Yes, Nike had it right all along, it seems 🙂 Sometimes that’s what we really need to do, just show up and get to work…and the inspiration will come. Very nicely presented, Shilpa.

    • True, the person who thought of the Nike tag line must be a great thinker, errr, I mean do-er! 🙂 Thanks Beloo, glad you liked this attempt!

  2. Showing up for work is the best way to get inspired 🙂 The muse plays hide and seek with the writers to make them sharper and smarter 🙂

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