No Longer Valid


There were signs! Today, when I sit back and think, all those inconsequential things do add up. How you would never accept certain calls in our presence and then excuse yourself to make calls minutes later. Oh, those unaccountable hours and finances and the ludicrous excuses. How naive I was!

I think, we love each other, still, but guess it’s not enough, just like the rings in our hands… they are still there but no longer valid.

I’m not bitter or jealous.

Just hurt.

I thought, I’d be able to get through all of this, but I was so wrong!

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24 thoughts on “No Longer Valid

    • Agree, it is important to handle the warning signs before it is too late. But mostly, it’s wait and watch or things would get better sooner or later, but they rarely do!

    • Oh! An acquaintance of ours went through this too. Though it took a long time for her to come out of the depression, hurt and pain, thankfully, life is smiling at her once again! Touch wood!

    • I know what you mean, Bikram. But I wonder, if such decisions are that easy to take! And parting ways though may be the best option but it may not be feasible for some! Or may be if only they took that step…

    • I know… wonder if they are able to sleep peacefully at night! True, very few take that step while most continue to accept the changed circumstances, sadly!

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