The Portuguese call it saudade: a longing for something so indefinite as to be indefinable. Yes, that’s how I feel.

My heart, my whole being, longs for you. I want you to come back. Can’t you see that without you my life has come to a standstill! I feel so lost, confused and lonely. Can you sense my restlessness?

I’ll do anything to have you back. I am counting the minutes until you do.

Yes, I am that desperate. This emptiness is killing me.

I need… YOU. Please come back and I’ll never let you go again, my internet connection!

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25 thoughts on “Longing

    • Aah! Dont ask… have experienced this very recently and connect button of the datacard, if it had hands would have come out of the laptop and given a whack on my head for torturing it to no end! 😀

    • Yes, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs should be revised now and WiFi with a Smartphone and/or Laptop should feature at the bottom of the pyramid!

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