I am Blank Because…

Thought of breaking the monotony on the blog with a fun post… I enjoyed writing it, seriously! This post idea was shared on the Write Tribe blog which is I’m Am Blank Because… a fill in the blanks exercise from Little Miss Momma’s Blog. I’m Weird Because…

  • I can eat desserts as a main course meal.
  • I don’t like chocolates and ice creams.
  • I’d rather die than eat food served in trains or roadside vendors or any unhygienic looking eatery.
  • Just by looking at a new dish, I know whether I’d like it or not. This is especially for those exotic looking desserts on the buffet tables at hotels/restaurants. And when I do try them, I am always right. No, I am not biased.
  • I love to have my morning and evening tea in total quiet and peace. If both of these are missing, I’d delay having my cuppa. A blissful environ is mandatory for my daily elixir.
  • I love doing dishes, mopping and washing clothes. Can do them at any hour of the day.
  • Giving the home a spic and span look takes precedence over cooking food for the hungry souls, always most of the time.
  • I can’t function without making lists. A mental list is made for regular chores while rest of the things are thought out loud on paper.
  • I can shed more than a bucket load of tears while watching movies, even the ones that I have seen over a hundred times.
  • I cant dance to save my life.

I’m a Bad Friend Because…

  • I don’t really like talking on the phone. I rarely take the initiative to call.
  • I’d rather text than call.
  • I am far too honest and that hurts a lot, I know.

I’m a Good Friend Because…

  • I’m there for my friends with an empathetic ear. Anytime. Always.
  • I respond promptly to any need/call/text.
  • I am fiercely loyal.
  • I am always there, through thick & thin, for my friends.

I’m Sad Because…

  • Despite my best intentions, I am never able to stick to my exercise schedule for long (read 3-5 days! 🙁  ).
  • I am not able to keep myself from worrying about anything and everything.

I’m Happy Because… DSC_0140

  • The unconditional love and support that I receive from my boys.
  • I baked cupcakes for the first time yesterday and they turned out great.

I’m Excited For…

  • The things that our shaping up…
  • The future that looks so very promising! Touch wood!

What makes you Weird, Happy, Sad and Excited? Do share your thoughts 🙂

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46 thoughts on “I am Blank Because…

  1. Every time my mom makes a fuss about the state of our home, or arrange it for the umpteenth times, somehow these days I think of you 😉 … and I actually knew almost all of your weirdness even before reading this… Awe…. I like the fact I know you more than I thought. 🙂
    Sheethal recently posted…Free Write …My Profile

    • Aah! You too! I seriously need an exercise partner who would push me till exercising becomes a way of life! *Sigh* Why, we have sooo many Indian sweets. 🙂

  2. I have some things common with you…like cleaning over cooking, and not being able to keep up an exercise routine, and yes not taking the initiative to call. It was a fun post to read! Thanks for sharing a few things about yourself 🙂
    Beloo Mehra recently posted…Daughters as MothersMy Profile

    • Birds of a feather, are we!! 🙂 I have a severe OCD for a neat and clean home and that’s more important than a grumbling tummy 😉 Glad that you enjoyed reading this post, Beloo 🙂

  3. This was certainly fun! So many similarities except for ….I can’t live without chocolates…. And cleaning… Eh…well…errr… 😉
    N I am not at all a phone person!!
    Aditi recently posted…ReunionMy Profile

  4. You and I are alike but for your not liking ice creams and chocolates, and another thing, I am a lousy housekeeper 🙂 Lovely list, Shilpa. I too hate talking on the phone, texting is better. I loved reading your creative post.

  5. ok.. I agree!! you are weird! 😛
    you like washing clothes and doing the dishing!!! 😀 😀

    I agree that you are a great friend and a fabulous person Hugs Shilpa 🙂

    I’m going to take this up! Should break the monotony and since I love my weirdness – it will be fun to write it down 😀

  6. hmmm and why does it make you weird.. I was nodding at a lot of points too.. and I am normal 🙂 he he he he

    although i love roadside vendor food , i know its bad but it tasty too 🙂

    and ditto on morning tea i have coffee alone sitting outside in my garden away ..

    and honesty is gooood 🙂 you are a good friend for sure .. its ok if you dont call me .. he he he he I know Ha ha ha ..

    3-5 day not sticking to exercise its been MONTHS this side 🙂
    and those cupcakes are so yummmyyyyyyyyyyy i want i want i wantttttttt

    and all the best for all that is shaping up .. 🙂

    Bikram recently posted…How to live and Die (2 and 3)- My ViewsMy Profile

    • Ya… their brand of dirt makes the street food(especially in India) tasty for many. Gosh… thinking about it makes me nauseous!
      Not exercising is not good and I think we must change our habits! Sigh… when will that happen?
      Thanks a lot for your kind wishes, Bikram 🙂

  7. Ha ha ha – that was a fun read dear Shilpa – and I feel I’m knowing u better and better…. I also have to have my peaceful morning tea… A loyal friend like u – sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing – I enjoyed reading it a lot – and a fun exercise too:-)
    Eli recently posted…Happy Independence Day 2014!My Profile

  8. Shilpa, I am like you for the desserts part…the tears for movies and lists. your cleanliness part, I can never ever do that…it’s an art man…even though I tried, I cannot. I decided I rather retire with a book than cleaning the mess by my two monkeys.
    and what makes you happy? you don’t have to write a post about it dear.
    Found In Folsom recently posted…Jayamma’s Bangles – Part 2My Profile

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