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I am one of those people who’d prefer to go to the same restaurant every time and order the same dish always. While KG would never order the same dish twice, I would never tire of eating the same thing again and again! And this amused (not much) and annoyed KG, a lot. I remember, during the early days years of our marriage, selecting a restaurant for a dine out would invariably result in some arguments discussions. Of course, we got wiser with years. Thank God!

The fact is that I take time to try anything new. Be it exploring new friendships, or a new style of haircut or a dress or committing to develop a habit. I love the regular… the routines in my life. Is it because trying something new or different means exploring something unfamiliar? And does this unfamiliar translates into fear? May be, yes!

But I have seen that whenever I have tried to come out of my comfort zone, the results are often happy and satisfying. Trying new things helps to learn and grow too. New is also synonymous with challenging self and one’s limits. I remember, the scepticism with which I tried adventure sports like rappelling or white water rafting or valley crossing. But when I did that, words simply cannot describe the feeling of exhilaration. Of course trying something new may not always bring the desired or expected results. But even if the attempt doesn’t work out very well, it can still lead to growth and positive results.

So, while I am the one who would not say an impromptu ‘Let’s do it!” for a new thing, (Yes, I do need a gentle nudge or a knock on my head from family and friends), but I can say that trying new things is good. It opens you up to a lot of new experiences which are interesting, exciting, and rejuvenating and of course give you a renewed sense of optimism too.

So what NEW things have you tried lately?


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40 thoughts on “New

    • Charting an unfamiliar territory can be exciting! And yes, sometimes when we let go of our fears and inhibitions, the results can take us by a surprise.

  1. The last thing I did for the first time was last year, when we bought our house. Now, there are somethings that I’ve done lately that I haven’t done in ages. Interesting post, Shilpa. This question will be on my mind for a while today. :O)

    • Actually, we use this question in our training workshops. And we usually suggest that each one of us must ask ourselves this question at least once in a fortnight!! 🙂

  2. I usually like to explore new places, new cuisine etc and husband likes the regular. I think I get excited about anything new. It is so difficult to make husband come to a new restaurant. 🙂

    • I guess, it is our fear of the unknown that stops us from exploring new things. But we must try new things more often!
      Oh, they are all every day blogging challenges, and if I do one, I am actually doing all 😀

  3. In the case of food and beverages, I like to try new stuff whenever possible. Of course, I do go in for the tried and tested stuff as well.
    In all other matters, I normally prefer to go in for the tried and tested stuff. For example, when I drive, I prefer to take known routes. I try new routes only if I have no choice or if they’ve been recommended by somebody in whose judgement I have confidence.
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  4. When I was young, I loved to experiment. New restaurants, new style of dresses, different types of food. I believe with age comes the change. I have no desire for new things. Even the thought of going out of the house gives me goose bumps.But my children, will not allow me to be…. They forcibly take me out.

    • Are we soul sisters! We have so many similar thoughts and experiences, Asha! Must meet you soon 🙂
      I love your organic balcony gardening! You are doing awesome! Admire you for that!

  5. Yes, it can be a bit daunting to try something new. As for answering your question, I recently asked someone a direct question on something, this was a kind of thing which I haven’t done before so I wasn’t sure how to bring up the topic. But after some careful thought I decided I must do this. And I did. Not sure how it went with the person to whom I asked the question, but that’s not important, what’s important for me is that I found the courage to ask which I thought I must.
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  6. Good reminder that trying new things is good for growth and can be exciting, too. I tend to follow my routines and need to be shaken up and pushed out of my comfort zone from time to time. As we get older, we tend to cling to our routines more and more and are less adventurous than we were as young people. Good to try new things and be open to them. Thanks for the reminder, Shilpa.
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