Staying Healthy Can Be Fun

Over the years, I have realized that if I am passionate about doing or learning something, I would obsess over it for just a few days or may be a few weeks. And soon enough, I would move on without ever looking back. Yes, I get bored really easily!

And this is especially true when it comes to sticking to a fitness or a workout program. Usually, work, travel, home, family and life in general can derail my fitness plans but even without these ‘hindrances’, I am pretty quick to throw cold water on it. Why do I resist my exercise time? Is it because, I have made my exercise regimen hard. I mean, what’s the point of having a leisurely stroll on a treadmill, it has to be power walking, isn’t it? And that power walking can be very lonely and boring for an easily distracted person like me!

So does that mean, I am doomed to forever starting and giving up on my workout plans?

No, this love-hate relationship that I share with staying fit, can change. After all, there is always a way! And like they say, ‘you are stronger than anything standing in your way!’

The way was shown in the new Sunfeast Farmlite advertisements. These advertisements share a very important and pertinent message that staying healthy can also be fun.

Instead of resorting to conventional methods of exercising/walking in a park, staying fit can become an enjoyable outdoor activity when it is done with family and/or friends. Biking, Hiking or Walking Holidays or Trekking can be a fun and delightful adventure time with a group of people bound together by a common goal of staying healthy.

This fun and enjoyment can be translated indoors with friends as well. Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga are wonderful alternatives to traditional fitness programs. And of course 9 days of Navratri are a great way to stay fit. They say, about 956 calories are burnt while doing Dandiya for 2 hours. What could be better than this… fun, festivity and fitness, all rolled into one social activity.

Taking up any sport quite literally makes a game out of working out. A brisk game of Badminton or Table Tennis or Squash not only will get the heart rate up but will also burn a lot of calories, and not to mention the feel good factor of playing a good exciting game.

I liked the Goodbye Bai video which shows that when the maid does a disappearing act, which is pretty often! *Sigh*, doing the household chores yourself (and involving the whole family) is a good idea to stay fit. It kills two birds with one stone. Not only does one gets a spotlessly clean home but a lot of calories are burnt too. And as shown in the video, loading the playlist to some peppy music and dancing while doing the chores is a lot of fun. This ‘mundane chores’ workout can be made more exciting, by doing squats or sit-ups, push-ups, or crunches whenever a new song starts playing! Cool, isn’t it?!

Of course, complementing the daily workouts with healthier cooking and eating habits has an overall positive impact on life. So, we should opt for healthy food choices when planning and preparing meals.

The advertising campaign from Sunfeast Farmlite advocates the concept of health in a fun way through everyday regular tasks. Sunfeast Farmlite, is a healthy and tasty cookie available in two deliciously healthy variants – Oats & Almonds and Oats & Raisins.

It is said, if we enjoy what we do, we do it better. So if we can enjoy our fitness plan, we are more likely to stick to our commitment to stay healthy! Truly, staying healthy can be fun!

I am planning to include some fun activities in my quest to stay healthy. What about you?

This post is written for and Sunfeast Farmlite

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33 thoughts on “Staying Healthy Can Be Fun

  1. my lengthy comment got truncated, only the first two lines have been published.

    I find most of my friends focussed and passionate towards their interest, i was thinking it was only me who gets disinterested in things easily. now i have company:)

    To keep myself motivated, i have subscribed to family plan and also group with friends in gym or for yoga. We pay yearly package so that we get good discount and also we would be regular . I toggle between yoga and gym to break monotony. Now i feel incomplete when i don’t go for walk or workout.

    Even i find farmlite tasty and find it a healthy snack .

    • Agree with you, following an exercise schedule with friends and family ensures that you stay motivated and stick to your plan and do it regularly too. I have company too and that has helped me to get my act together 😀

  2. I walk twice a day – 30 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the night. I am trying to incorporate exercises or yoga into my fitness program, but I’ve been unsuccessful with it so far. Hopefully that will happen in the future.

    Destination Infinity

  3. It is very essential to have a regular schedule of walking/exercise. Due to my physical condition, I am unable to walk or exercise, so I have Physiotherapy every day. A Therapist comes home to help me every day.

  4. Dance is my all round fitness regime! I love yoga too and trying hard to get up early in the mornings to take out some time for it but fail…Sigh!!
    These new age ads are actually quite good, spreading the stay fit mantra!

    • Oh you are a dancing star! Sadly with 2 left feet, this is just a dream for me! Yes, getting up early especially in the winters is a big pain 😀
      Yes, pretty simple and innovative ads with a great message too!

    • Time! Yes, time is a big issue. But where there is a will, there is a way! We must truly find time to exercise in any form to stay fit and healthy! Good luck to you, Vinodini 🙂

  5. Dancing is an excellent way to burn off calories! Though I haven’t danced as much as I used to (due to different injuries/conditions). I love the idea – used to do that in past at times – of putting on music while doing chores. It makes it a lot more fun for sure too! Thanks for reminding me Shilpa! 😉 <3

    • True, dancing is one fantastic way to burn calories while having fun! Hope you get back to dancing and lots of fun that comes with it, real soon, Elly 🙂 ♥

  6. Oft repeated . But not religiously followed.
    However as you mentioned the difference, the lightness you feel on the days one walks for a hour is inexplainable.

    Yumm , the breakfast with cereals and dry fruits !!

    • That’s the sad part of it ie not following it regularly despite the numerous benefits!! I really admire people who follow their exercise schedule just like breathing!

  7. I enjoy exercise.. love walking/running.. now that winter has set in – I look for innovative ideas like the stairs.. and ofcourse the gym.
    These biscuits seem like the perfect gap-fillers.. much better than the other options out there!
    I need to check if our local Indian stores has any …

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