Come Alive in Melbourne

Last year, my sister had been to Melbourne, Australia and she is all praise for this city. She believes that every one must visit Melbourne at least once in their lifetime. From mountains to museums, markets to meaty meals, merry-making to mind-blowing, modern to majestic, Melbourne has it all. After listening to her Melbourne tales, I have fallen in love with this city too. Here are my reasons for falling in love with Melbourne, which is the most livable city in the world.

  • The best of food is here : Thanks to the Food Safari, a television series hosted by Maeve O’Meara, we got to explore virtually the diverse culinary influences of Australia. Melbourne is a serious culinary hotspot, with everything from burger joints to swish eateries with big-name chefs, cutting-edge cafes, bakeries and heritage tearooms, French fine dining, Italian regional cuisine, tempting Spanish tapas and more. It is indeed a paradise for foodies like us!
  • Pubs and clubs to drink and dance the night away : Drinking beer has been part of the Australian culture for many years, and Australia is known as a beer drinking nation. It is said that Melbourne invented the rooftop bar scene. And ‘shouting’ with friends over tap and bottled beer and cocktails at The Emerson, Black Pearl Bar would be so much fun. The Rooftop Bar
  • Walk in the steps of great sporting legends : We are sports crazy and so is Melbourne. Melbourne has the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground which is home to Australian football, international and domestic cricket, concerts, special events such as international soccer and rugby matches.  Seeing all this in reality, which we have been seeing on TV all these years, would be truly an enlightening, enriching and an exciting experience for us! Have heard that MCG Tour allows the visitors to see and know all about MCG along with access to areas including player change rooms, the Ron Casey Media Centre, member only areas of the Melbourne Cricket Club such as the Long Room and a walk on the hallowed arena. It would be like walking in the steps of great sporting legends. And wouldn’t that take the sporting buffs like us on cloud nine!
  • Shop till you drop : Melbourne is a city that takes fashion very seriously. And that’s the reason that there is a big presence of international retail giants  along with local designers, all set to spoil us for choice. Shopping in Melbourne comes with a bonus, with laneway discoveries and cafe culture add adventure and pleasure to the shopping experience.rose-street-artists-market
  • Explore and more : It is always interesting to go behind the scenes to discover how do they do it. Yes, it would be cool to explore the vineyards that date back to the 1850s and still produce long-lasting wines and the boutique wineries that produce Chardonnay, Shiraz and Pinot Noir. Vineyards
  • Graffiti art that’s class : Melbourne is known as one of the world’s great street art which showcases unique expressions of art on approved outdoor locations thereby contributing to a vibrant urban culture. LygonStreet

Cosmopolitan, elegant and chic, Melbourne has a passionate soul and a welcoming heart. From thrilling world class events and renowned architecture, to café-lined streetscapes and verdant parklands, there’s a lot to discover in Melbourne.


Answer this question in the comment section and you can win a gift voucher worth Rs. 500  from Indiblogger and Tourism Victoria

Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?

The contest ends on 5th Jan 2015. So, rush in your answers NOW!!

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41 thoughts on “Come Alive in Melbourne

  1. I want to visit the Penguin Parade. Tourism Victoria has set an excellent example by making tourists visit animals in their natural habitat, instead of locking them in Zoos. I think other cities/countries should also follow this example and abolish zoos at the earliest.

    Destination Infinity

    • Yes, keeping animals in their natural habitat instead of cages is the best. Even the conservation of species is best accomplished through habitat preservation. Penguin Parade seems to have the largest penguin colonies in Australia! I am sure it would be fascinating place! Hope you get to visit it, Rajesh 🙂

  2. After watching all the videos I think I like ‘Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm’ the most.
    I’m fond of strawberries and I have a special liking towards farms cause I love the silence and the fresh air. The green scenery is also breathtaking. So I fall for that place. 🙂

    • Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm is so beautiful and is a fun outing with family and friends. Picking your own famous strawberries at the farm and treating yourself to heavenly desserts and delectable chocolate fondue in the strawberry cafe…. aha… wish I was there right now!! 🙂

    • Me too. Melbourne is famous for its arcades and laneways which are covered with beautiful, spray painting, stencil art and paste-ups. There are many hidden art works tucked around street corners, little surprises waiting to be discovered. Cant wait to enjoy this unique art!

  3. Loved your review about Melbourne. Sounds like such a diverse and interesting place. It definitely is on my bucket list of places I’d like to visit. I have some good online writer friends there I’d love to meet, too. The only thing that is daunting is the long plane ride (5 hours to Vancouver and then a 16 hour flight to Australia. YIKES!) and the expense of the plane fare as it’s not exactly next door at 10,000 miles away on the opposite side of the world. Oh well. Nice to dream about.

    • Thanks Cathy! I understand, 21 hours to reach a destination can be a bit daunting but I am sure it would be worth it. Melbourne has such diverse attractions to offer to explore and enjoy! Hope you get to visit it soon, Cathy 🙂

  4. I want to visit Eureka Tower and try the skydeck experience. I want to try ‘The Edge’. Sitting in a glass cube which is suspended so high in the sky and seeing the fabulous city below; just thinking about itself gives me a high! I have a fear of heights but I don’t want it to stop me from doing what I love. I want to overcome my fear and enjoy the awesome experience of ‘The Edge’

    • I can imagine the exhilaration of sitting at The Edge. Agree with you, the fear of heights need not be a deterrent to enjoy the awe inspiring views of Melbourne from the observation deck of the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere!! Go for it, Swathi and conquer your fear of heights!! 🙂

  5. I would love to take a hot air balloon ride as in the picture over the beautiful wine fields as it seems so breathtakingly beautiful. And then, of course to sample some of the oldest and finest wines in the country. Why? ‘Cause I am not a beer drinker and rather prefer wine! 😉 <3

    • Thant would be my choice too, considering my boys are serious sports buffs! Watching the World Cup Finale live would be some awesome fun and experience. Hope you get to be there, Aseem 🙂

  6. Great post! After reading your post & watching all the videos, I’d most like to visit the Dandenong Ranges for it’s scenic beauty, breathtaking view and cool breeze blowing through my hair. 😛 I’d give anything away for driving through the winding roads which are present throughout the ranges. I’d love to stay at one of the bed and breakfast cottages and go on frequent excursions in the forests with my camera which provides excellent views. And not to forget the famous ride in the Puffing Billy, a day reserved especially for that. To add to that, there are also several picnic spots for me and my friends to spend a fun-filled day and the ranges are a perfect spot for hiking and cycling.

    Wish you and your blog a happy new year! 😀

  7. Wonderful post and interesting videos that make me feel that
    Melbourne invites the eternal romantic in me to hold hands with my beloved and go see the Twelve Apostles .Go on long drives on the great ocean road. In the middle of nowhere in a vineyard spread a table and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine with my dear one. Enjoy the sunsets holding hands and do lots of shopping at the Queen Victoria Market and see all the graffiti being created at the hosier lane.
    I’d love to visit Sovereign Hill for spending some time in the era gone by. The lure of gold and panning for some nuggets is a temptation that is too much to resist. After I have found the gold I am bound to celebrate it with some wine so I will visit the vineyards and enjoy some great wine from the Yarra region. Visit the Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory and have my fill with this yummy delight.

  8. Interesting Post
    After reading your post and watching all the videos
    I feel I have stepped into a kaleidoscope called Melbourne
    Where Vistas of experiences would unfold one after another
    The nature lover in me is enticed by the thought of watching the penguin parade.
    Traveling though the great ocean road, soaking up the freshness as the breeze ruffles my hair gets me in the mood to pack my bags for Melbourne.
    But before I can move ,Puffing Billy whistles and invites me for a ride. The kid in me jumps with joy at the thought of visiting Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
    Even before I can deside on the list of places that I would like to see in and around Melbourne.
    What’s that noise that I hear ?
    Oh its loud cheer from MCG as the cricket world cup 2015 is about to kick start.
    So many plces to see and so much to do.
    I am thetimetraveler ( ) and I have decided … Melbourne here I come ( ).

  9. I would like to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which is located in Yarra Park. Cricket has fancied me since childhood. I still remember

    those days when the elders in my neighbourhood used to start shouting and hunting for us the moment the cricket ball hit by me broke one of their

    window panes. Running away from them was even more exciting than playing cricket itself.

    I used to follow every cricket match played by India religiously and used to analyse and discuss it with friends and siblings for days and months.

    Being such an enthusiastic fan of cricket, visiting one of the world’s largest cricket stadiums is one of my dreams.

    The thought of being seated amongst 95,000 other fans of cricket and cheering the players itself sounds exciting to me. Such large cricket stadiums

    are one of the ways to explore how much the passion for cricket has penetrated among the people of the world. MCG is located in Yarra Park, which

    also has many other sporting fields. This would allow me to explore not just cricket, but also many other games.

    – Ranjith (

    • My boys are sports enthusiasts too, so I can understand your excitement to be at MCG, Ranjith. It is truly a spectacular stadium. Hope you get to visit Melbourne sometimes soon! 🙂

  10. I’d love to see the graffiti there. Looks interesting. I’m told that Melbourne is the city for art lovers and yes fashion too…both of which would appeal to my sensibilities!
    The hot air balloon ride sounds interesting too. Loved this detailed review of the city 🙂

  11. Hey ,Superb post ,so all set to pack bags to have a thrill at Melbourne,Now being high on my wish list .U’ve very well covered the best of Melbourne and for the entry in contest ,there cannot ever be a single place for me.It has to be a bouquet of places to calm down my zest to explore it.So naming ,first comes the Great Ocean road not just to linger or have a decent walk but to amaze myself with Jetskiing ,Scuba diving and to try swim with Dolphins,seal Yay,these beautiful creatures would be lucky to share a swim with me.ha ha.Then it would be Eureka Sky deck, to have an awe inspiring experience to be closest to sky and get the sky deck view of this liveable city, MCG to watch and cheer the players on one of the worlds best cricket ground!

    Wishing u Best of Luck & a great year ahead.

    Visit my blog

  12. Drum Rolls….
    And the winner of the Reader’s Contest courtesy Tourism Victoria and Indiblogger is …..
    Another round of Drum Rolls….
    It’s Destination Infinity!
    Congratulations Rajesh! 🙂
    Thank you all for participating in this contest!
    Cheers 🙂

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