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A-to-Z Reflection [2015]

This year, it was my third April A to Z Challenge. After writing on random subjects and long posts in the first year and a theme based 55 word stories in the second year, I was clear that I would go with a theme based 55 word stories this year again.

Fellow bloggers in our little blogging group were sharing their count of scheduled posts as early as March and I was totally cool with my zero score. I don’t know what gave an otherwise worrying cum panic attack queen me, such a carefree attitude and not getting worked up.

Towards the end of March, when I got to know my travel plans for April, my cool demeanour did a 180 degree turn. I was scheduled to be out of home for more than a fortnight in 4 different trips! Given the places I was traveling to and the super hectic schedules that I would be having then, my panic buttons were pushed to the maximum. While, I work well under pressure but this time the pressure got to me. I struggled to get the first few posts live on my blog. But then, I somehow managed to schedule the posts for the days I was traveling.

One day will be forever etched in my memory… It was April 23rd and I was leaving for Rishikesh later that night. That morning, in a span of six hours, I wrote six 55 fictions for alphabets U to Z. And it was an exhilarating moment when the story for letter X was written in flat ten minutes. I actually patted my back!

Flocking at fellow bloggers blogs and reading what they shared from A to Z is something that I liked the most. It was amazing to see such diverse themes and varied styles of writing. My reading plate was full of fun, interesting, insightful, inspiring and some beautiful writings. April A to Z challenge is a perfect time and place to explore some new blogs too. And I am glad that I came across some pretty wonderful blogs. I am hoping to read them regularly.

While writing, reading and commenting kept me busy from morn to night on non-travel days. The story is entirely different when I was out of home. The places that we travelled to this time had internet connectivity ranging from zero to poor. At some places, even the phone didn’t work. So, the first day at these godforsaken but very beautiful places, I fretted and fumed, silently.  So desperate I was to read and comment on blogs of my friends through my phone, that at a camp site, I even climbed 40 steps to get on top of a water tank. Yes, you read it right… a water tank!! While two colleagues were coolly talking to their loved ones on their phones, the signals on my phone refused to oblige, even at that height. It was then I practiced my favourite mantra… Let Go. I used my smartphone as a clock and an alarm piece then on, and all was good. But once, I returned back to civilization, like a starved soul, I devoured reading, writing and commenting sometimes till as late as 3 am, much to the chagrin amusement of my husband!.. Naah! He just gave up on me!! 😉

April A to Z Challenge is all my time favourite challenge. And the one this year has been extra special. It gave me a platform to connect and network with some really amazing bloggers from around the globe.  AJ, Beloo, Cat Graham, Debbie, Eli, Elly, Eloquent Mind, Genevive, Inderpreet, Janaki, Jyotsna, Kadambari, Kathy, Keith, Lata Sunil, Lisa, Little Princess, LuAnn, Nisha, Parul, Prasanna, Rachna, Rajlakshmi, Roshni, Ruchi, Sanch Living Life, SG, Shailaja, Shalini, Shantala, Sheethal, Soumya, Sulekha, Sundari, Susan, Suzy, Swathi, Tulika, Ma’am Usha Menon, Vidya, Vinitha, Vinodini, Vishal, Vinay

And also that I really pushed myself this April. There were so many obstacles, so many challenges and that I conquered them all and posted all my posts at 12.01 am for each alphabet every single week day, fills me with pride and satisfaction, even today! April A to Z Challenge 2015 has been a great therapy!

A BIG THANK YOU to all who were part my A to Z journey which was full of feelings and emotions this year. Your support and encouraging words has meant more to me than you will ever know and I’ll cherish that forever!  ♥

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37 thoughts on “AtoZ Reflections #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

  1. Oh my god!! The lengths we would go to in order to write and read!! U climbed a water tank??!! Trying to imagine you there…!

    Your 55ers were fun and witty and I enjoyed every single post of yours Shilpa…thank you for being a part of my journey too!

    • See, kya kya karte hain hum for our blogs 😀 Thank you, S. Glad you enjoyed reading my 55ers last April and I must tell you again that your stories were simply AMAZING!! Very interesting and so impressive! ♥

  2. Another wonderful post. I am honored to be listed on your blog.I gave your blog name to Arlee to see about having it posted as a highlight of the #AtoZChallenge this year. I can’t say how much I liked your blog and look forward to next year. You have also given me food for thought on how I can change what I do on my blog. Again, I am honored, and am glad I signed up for your posts by email! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015 and #IWSG may, @
    Lisa Buie-Collard recently posted…It’s That Time Again… IWSGMy Profile

    • Thank you so much, Lisa for your kind words and simply touched and honored that you suggested my blog name to Arlee. Thanks a ton and appreciate it a lot! ♥ I am glad that we connected through this challenge! Looking forward to read you regularly! 🙂

  3. Your stories are great! I had a wonderful time hopping over every single day and reading. Congrats on completing the challenge and i am in awe after reading that you write in flat 10 mins. wow!! super cool!
    So glad we met Shilpa, see you around 🙂
    Parul recently posted…The Right to AbortionMy Profile

    • Thanks Parul. It was wonderful to connect with you too and glad that you enjoyed the 55 word stories here! Oh that 10 minute story happened just once. Though I hope that I am able to make it a practice. Tall order, I know 😉

    • Aah! You had an equally tough schedule too. On second thoughts, much more tougher than mine! Glad that we finally did it! 🙂
      Thanks Inderpreet 🙂

  4. Wow! Well, you did it despite the odds and some strange ones too like the water tank! 😉 How amusing! I wish someone had taken a photo of you on that…it would have been a good one to post! 😉 Thank you for the mention and that was my original idea to post alphabetically; however, I decided it was too much work and I still don’t know how to link (or my computer!) 😉 I enjoyed reading your posts during the challenge Shilpa: they were great! <3
    elly stornebrink recently posted…Wordy Wednesday: FootprintsMy Profile

    • Thank you Ma’am. Well, you are so inspiring too. Blogging despite health challenges is simply awe-inspiring. Glad you liked my 55ers. 🙂

  5. Six fictions in six hours. That’s incredible. Your posts are always endearing with lessons about life and inspiring. The best thing about writing daily is that
    flexes the intellectual, writing and creative muscles. It’s been superb:)

    • Oh yes, I will not miss the April Challenge for the world. It is kind of addictive. Love the mad frenzy of reading, writing, commenting…
      Thank you Debbie. It was a pleasure to read your fun and interesting posts last April! 🙂

  6. Thank you for thoroughly entertaining me during April. Your posts where almost addictive. Thanks also for your kind words at the foot of my reflections. I’m just back from holiday and I’ve got straight into writing again! I’m looking forward to a whole lot more from you!
    Keith’s Ramblings
    keiths ramblings recently posted…I’m back!My Profile

    • I am glad that we connected through this challenge, Keith. Loved your stories from A to Z! Hope you had a great holiday and yes, see you around! Cheers 🙂

  7. Hey Shilpa! I am just blitzing through for the A-to-Z Road Trip. I really enjoyed reading your posts for the challenge. Such interesting stories in such few words! I really enjoyed Impatience, Jealousy, Obsessive, Tantrumy, and Zen 🙂

    I did the challenge over at Promptly Written. I wrote a science fiction story for the entire month. This blog, The Rattling Bones, is my new one.

    I signed up for your email list and look forward to your posts.

    See you next April! ~Lori~

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