My eyes take in the decor of the room, as the lady of the house asks me to wait.

I notice something at the far end.

I avert my eyes.

It doesn’t matter.

Focus on the interview.

It does not matter at all.

deepbreathdeepbreathdeepbreath, I tell myself.

I twist my hands in my lap and glance away.

Do it, before she comes, a voice commands.

I restlessly look in that direction, once again.

I am torn between the two conflicting thoughts.

Aah! A satisfied sigh escapes me.

It does matter… The correct, perfect, alignment of things in a symmetrical pattern!



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14 thoughts on “Compulsion

  1. Unlike Rachna, I could totally relate to it. At times I even arrange chillies according to their height and start using the shortest one first. Yeah, I’m kinda crazy when it comes to OCD! 😀

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