What Comes First – Success or Happiness?


Often we say, “I will be happy when…”

This ‘when’ could be a new job, a hike in salary or weight loss or a successful relationship…” Are we saying that the way it works, first comes success and then happiness?

Research shows that it’s the other way round. Happy people are more successful.

When you are happy, you will be more productive, creative, social and positive. And with all these success comes automatically.

Also, it’s hard to find happiness after success, as our goals keep changing.

Life is not a quest to achieve happiness. Happiness is found along the way!

I came across this infographic about happiness and success with reference to work place. But it applies to our personal life and relationships too.

What do you think, which comes first… Happiness or Success?


Linking this to Write Tribe’s – 100 Words on Saturday Prompt : Success first then happiness (Agree or Disagree).

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37 thoughts on “What Comes First – Success or Happiness?

    • Thanks Corinne. Glad you liked it. You know, I love these 100 Words on Saturdays. And was keenly waiting for the prompt to go live at WT blog. Fortunately, it was an easy prompt too 😛

    • I liked the perspective you shared, Carol. Laughter is wine for the soul and certainly nobody would be unhappy with that! Thanks, glad you liked this post! 🙂

    • True. Happiness is an attitude, not a situation. We choose to be happy or sad, regardless of what surrounds us or happens to us. And that makes all the difference!

  1. I think your blog post on success and happiness is spot on. I think the belief was/is that success equals happiness, but that has changed or is changing. One can be successful and yet still yearn for more, thus never truly feeling fulfilled. However, when one is happy, positive shifts and energy occur attributing to successful outcomes! 🙂 <3

    • I dont think so. With happiness, success may come, but the same might not be true with success. History is replete with people who have reached their pinnacle of success, yet are spending lonely and miserable lives. So often we read about successful people having drug or marital problems, or some even committing suicide.
      Happiness is more to do with with inner peace and contentment.

  2. This is truly a brilliant post shilpa !! and very relevant to the time; agreed everything you spoke. Loved the way you presented the graphics… simply superb … I am excited to share this on my time line and also tag to a few of my friends.
    happiness is definitely an attitude and also a decision; happy people do not have everything in life; they make a choice to be happy despite whatever the situation.. rightly said happy people also contribute for the growth of the organisation, today most organisations are willing to hire and work with people who are happy, because they know that the happiness of the employees are directly linked to the growth of the company.. thanks for sharing

    • Thanks a lot, Genevive. Glad that you relate to this and liked it too. Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it. Well said, it’s all in the mind… in this moment, I can choose to be happy or crib about anything. Agree, happiness is a choice.

  3. Yes. Happy people are also optimistic people. They believe they can do something, and hence achieve it. That thing about the universe granting you what you truly and deeply desire? It’s 110% true!
    Amazing post! Though the infographic ain’t loading on Google Chrome 🙁

  4. I loved this one. Of course, happy people are more successful and more productive. And they spread the happiness making others motivated and more productive. Lovely infographic you have shared Shilpa. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Nicely written Shilpa.
    Actually sad people think ‘happy people are having so many things to be happy’ but it is actually opposite. As they know art of being happy they attract all positive things in their life.

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