Is the Universe Telling Me Something?

I have been wanting to change my Phone for a while now. I loved my Blackberry which introduced me to the world of Smartphones a few years ago. And then I moved on to Samsung’s Android Phone. I have been using it since the last 2 years and I am thoroughly fed up of it. People say it is not the Android but my Phone. But I am not convinced. After doing online research, I decided to go for a Windows Phone.

I thought of checking the Phone physically at a store before buying it online. Ok, just to clarify, I am checking a product in a store and shopping it online only because, I want to use the e-vouchers that I have. We went to a multi-brand store. JP, the owner of the store, was known to KG. While they caught up on things since they last met, I asked the sales executive at the counter to share the features, advantages and benefits of a Windows Phone. As he explained, my conviction to buy a Windows Phone got a major boost. As he wrapped up his sales pitch, JP and KG joined me.

The conversation that followed simply drained the colour from my face. JP gave me 10 reasons to NOT buy a Windows Phone. Sign No. 1

To add insult to the injury, he said, that if I’d buy a Windows Phone, he’d be the happiest person as a Phone from his stock would get liquidated. Of course, he didn’t knew my intentions but I am sure you get what he was trying to tell me.

Anyways, I was clear that I wouldn’t go for another Android Phone and wanted to explore a new platform. I wanted to buy a Windows Phone some 15 days ago, but Mom deterred me from doing so. She believes that one should avoid buying anything new during the shraddh period. Sign No. 2

I frowned, so she quickly added that I may get good deals during the Navratri. Now, I am a sucker for deals and bargains. So, this appealed to me and I decided to bear the tantrums of my Mobile Phone for a few more days.

Every day, I scoured the websites and checked with whosoever had a Windows Phone. The fact that during the training workshops, I meet different people all the time, made it a bit easier to gather information. While, the users of Windows Phone swore by it and recommended that I buy it, the non-users who were 99% of my research data opposed it vociferously. Sign No. 3

The D-day arrived and the Navratris began on 13th October. I checked Flipkart and they had their Big Billion Days Sale going on. I was thrilled! I logged in my account, only to find that the deals on Mobiles were from October 15-17. I had waited for so many days, so I could certainly wait for 2 more days, I consoled myself.

As the calendar turned the date from 14th October to 15th October, I logged on the Phone app of Flipkart to buy my object of desire. Aah, I was just a click away, finally, to buy this lifeline for myself and I did a happy dance in my head. Yes, just in the head, because with two left feet, I can’t dance on the floor even to save myself!

And guess what!? I encountered some password issues which did not get sorted even after calling the customer care at midnight! Sign No. 4 (I know, I can be a pest, if I set my heart and mind on something!)

I gave up on the app and decided to complete the buying process via their website even though the price of the mobile was higher than that on the app version. I added the Phone to the cart, paid and checked out and slept with a smile on my face after I saw the email and SMS alert that my order is being processed.

4 SMS alerts and 2 email messages one after the other woke me up this morning. My heart sank as I read these messages. It said. “The Mobile Phone is unavailable with the seller.  As there is no clear date when the seller will have it back in stock, we understand any further delay wouldn’t be ideal. So we’ve gone ahead and cancelled the item”. Sign No. 5

What a way to begin a brand new day!

But, I am a born optimist and I don’t give up easily. I immediately logged in at and placed an order for the new Phone. I placed the order by paying through Gift Card and Debit Card. I smiled, as the date of delivery shown was a day earlier than the Flipkart delivery. So, something positive was happening despite the cancellation by Flipkart, I mused.

A ping made me check my email inbox. It said that a refund of the amount paid via Amazon Gift Card has been processed. I read the mail, twice and then two times more. I could not comprehend why Amazon refunded the Gift Card amount. I showed the mail to KG and he looked at me with disbelief. Sardonically he smiled and said, “I see plain simple English here and I am sure you know the meaning of a refund!” Before, I could give him a full blown dirty look and a clever reply to match his comment,  a SMS and an email from my bank diverted my attention. It showed that the amount has been debited from my account. Sign No. 6

(Oh, by the way, I think of smart and clever replies long after the conversation!)

I immediately called the Customer Care at Amazon and I was told that the transaction was not complete, hence they refunded the Gift Card amount.

A worried me called up my bank and was told it would take 8 working days to check out the issue. Gosh!!

So, here I have paid for the Phone, though temporarily and still without any sign of Phone.

Is the Universe telling me that something? Is it trying to give me a message through so many people and through two failed transactions at online shopping portals that I should not go for a Windows Phone?  My head and heart is firmly convinced and I am betting my bottom dollar on a Windows Phone. But the Universe is on fire! It is talking to me through different people and incidents. But should I listen to it? Should I follow my gut feeling or ignore the messages that the Universe is throwing my way at my own peril?


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18 thoughts on “Is the Universe Telling Me Something?

  1. Oh gosh! You had a hard time. Well I have used Android and heard not so good reviews about Windows. But I have been using Apple for over two years now and all my complaining is now down the drain. My first iPhone was an old used one and was fabulous so I would recommend that. 🙂 Even if you buy a not so latest version, it’s speed is unmatched 🙂
    Regarding signals – I listen to them. Sometimes, they are for us to notice!
    Parul recently posted…Hong Kong – The First GlimpseMy Profile

  2. So much hurdles you face, Shilpa. Thank god that it’s just a phone. 🙂 I am an addict when it comes to gadgets. I am using Samsung’s Note 4 right now. And I think it’s not the OS but the brand causing the problems. I love my note 4 because of its stylus. So handy for me. But the phone has issues like unresponsiveness, and frequent hangs, etc. I haven’t used or know much about windows phones. iPhone is the best if you are looking for a stable device. 🙂 I hope you find your best match phone soon. 🙂
    Vinitha recently posted…Autumn, I fall for you! #FridayReflectionsMy Profile

  3. It looks like you really had a tough time and with so many signs… am wondering whether there is a chance that whatever you get will be the best… Now I am not very familiar about cell phones and their brands, after so many years just two months ago I got a new touch phone and am happy with it.. any ways shilpa I wish you the very best ! keep smiling 🙂

  4. Ugh. Wasn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier? 🙄

    If I had gotten six signs that maybe I should be changing my direction, I’d probably go with that. Unless the universe was telling me I should never go to Scotland (my dream vacation destination) … then I’d probably go right ahead and do it.

    I know. Not much help. I hope the universe presents you with the best phone for you very soon.
    LuAnn Braley recently posted…Freedom’s Island by Sabra Waldfogel – #reviewMy Profile

  5. Sign No 7: An ex windows user says windows suck.

    I had a windows phone, the most expensive one at that for a while. It gave me problems to no end. In a month, the display went off. Yes, a month. They did not want to give me a replacement so I had to wait for them to fix it. They took 45 days to do that. Next, the phone hangs atleast twice a day, at times talking away all the stored data with it.

    I’ve used blackberry, windows and android. Android has my vote so far. Hubby dearest has an iPhone and that rocks. No match for apple to be honest. If you have the budget go for that.

    Soumya recently posted…The NarcissistMy Profile

  6. I know, it gets so crazy with out of stock and not being processed when you badly need something. It kills you. Sometimes, it’s good to listen to the universe, though the heart may not pay heed!
    I had a Nokia for years before I shifted to HTC and now planning for LG G4 next year. It’s an amazing phone and waiting for new models flooding the market so that price is slashed:)
    Vishal Bheeroo recently posted…Writing for common cause: Revolutionary PensMy Profile

  7. Na no one is telling you anything .. its just one of those things 🙂

    and windows phone well I am not a fan of that one either.. androids are much better .. Not a fan of iphone tooo 🙂 but then I am weird.. 🙂

    I would go for a samsung s6 🙂 well thats what I am hoping for this christmas if it gets any cheaper or if anyone loves me they might present me 🙂 he he he he

    yes I have made sure everyone who knows me .. knows that I need a iphone and christmas is coming 🙂 🙂
    Bikram recently posted…M is for More 🙂 .. Another one ..My Profile

  8. Shlipa, I can very well understand your feelings.When you want something and it is not available,it is very bugging. I was using Samsung S 5 for sometime. Next week is my eighty th birthday. My husband gave me a big surprise three days back. He bought Apple iphone 61.for me.
    I am sure you will get it soon.
    Usha Menon recently posted…Work is worship; A/C speaksMy Profile

  9. I have found the more you want something the longer you have to wait to get it. It will come, and I am sure you will love it! Personally, I have an Apple I phone, and I love it. So glad I changed from android.
    Kathy recently posted…The ModelMy Profile

  10. If you’d ask me I’d see this as Universe’s way of testing you to see how badly you want the phone 🙂 Yes I agree Windows phone is really good and it might not be anywhere near Andriod when it comes to features or apps, but at the end of the day you need to take call on what you want the phone for and whether the product caters to it. If it does, then why not? 🙂

    Good luck with getting the phone! 🙂
    Ashwini CN recently posted…Who is your Superhero?My Profile

  11. LOL! 😀
    No idea about Windows phones… I like Android. There are sooooo many users of Android that there is a huge tech support community on the internet for it. Plus, the Android app store is wayyyyy bigger than the Microsoft app store will ever be probably.
    I think the problem is not with Android, rather it is with Samsung phones. I was using a Galaxy S2 earlier, which is a premium (and very expensive) series, and that was just awesome. Then I switched to a mid-value model, and that has a LOT of hardware issues (like network reception, voice quality, call dropping, over heating, screen responsiveness, camera sluggishness). My sister also tried a Samsung, but soon got fed up of it.
    Kaddu recently posted…Foto Friday: Happy Navratra!My Profile

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