Letting Go Amidst Chaos

I am addicted to lists. I’ve sung its praises incessantly on my blog here. Lists, as you know, help to…

  • Stay focused on the task 
  • Remember what you need to do and when
  • Be more productive
  • Stay motivated
  • Reduce your stress levels

As usual, my To-Do list for today is as long as my arm. I am panicking and stressed out as I look at it from time to time. Ideally, it should calm me and give me a feeling that I am in control. But that’s not happening.

Actually, I have an important assignment with a short deadline to chase and I am just not able to start my work on it. The more I am thinking about it, the more hassled is my state of mind.

I pondered a bit on my chaotic situation and realized that it is not the work that is causing me stress. Though the task at hand is challenging but I know I can do it. It’s not the deadline that is giving me panic attacks, because that’s just a time constraint and I was aware of it when I took up the assignment. So, what’s actually stressing me?

Well, it’s the fear in my head. Fear that I’d mess it up or that it might not get approved or that I’d look inefficient or incompetent! And all this is because I want the assignment to be perfect in every way.

What if I just focus on my work and let go of these fears. While the work I do is totally in my control, I don’t have any control on the outcomes. So, letting go of the fears that stop me working on the task is the key. Easier said than done, I know. But realizing it and working on it should bring in the peace in this chaotic state of mind.

As I allay the fears in my head and work on my assignment, you have a great week ahead!

What is your recipe for getting the work done without fears messing up your head?


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24 thoughts on “Letting Go Amidst Chaos

  1. I tend to get overwhelmed rather easily. Like this NaNo thing. So I break jobs down into smaller components. Instead of worrying that I need to write 1700 words a day, when I sit at the computer, I tell myself I will write 500 or 200. That gets me going and most of the time I go on for far more than that smaller goal.

    Great post, Shilpa. I enjoyed reading it and felt encouraged!

    • Oh, that’s a great startegy you are following for NaNo. Breaking your words goal a day into simpler easier to achieve goals spread over the day will help you to achieve it faster! Was not aware that you are participating in NaNo. Good luck for it, LuAnn, though it’s coming to an end now. Thanks a lot, dear friend. Glad it inspired you ♥

    • Oh yes, perfection is the mantra for most of us but it attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time! Agree, in certain situations, we should let go of it and just get the work done!Thanks a lot, Debbie.♥

  2. I know the feeling Shilpa, so don’t think you are alone in this! Having said that, of late, I have been trying to combine a few easy ones with those one or two crucial/dreaded (read difficult) tasks that need to be done. Fortunately, this method is working and I’m glad to tick them off from the list on most days. You’re bang on about getting the focus right – the fear usually plays out before one has started on them. Inspiring read by the way!

    • Aha! That’s a cool strategy! The joy of seeing the ticks against the tasks (easy) done gives the push to complete the difficult tasks too. Thanks a lot, Esha, glad you liked this post 🙂

  3. I have been in your shoes hardly a couple of hours back so I know exactly what’s going on in your mind.
    In my case, the minute I start the assigned work, my fears are at rest. So it is just a matter of getting started.
    All the best for your assignment & hope you have a great time ahead 🙂

      • True, this year I have blogged the least of all the years that I have been blogging and missed out on reading the blogs I have always enjoyed reading.

        Not any longer.Now you’ll see me around often 😀

        We’re doing well Shilpa, hope all going great at your end too 🙂

  4. I enjoyed this post thanks Shilpa and the comments! I’m glad I’m not alone in sometimes feeling overwhelmed 🙂 That to do list is essential, and what a pleasure to tick off. One thing that does get me going is to tidy my desk. You cannot believe how disorganised it gets, looking as if a bomb has hit it.

  5. Have been through such situations Shilpa. When a mammoth task is in front me, I just pray to god to help me finish/sail through the project and before I start my work, i compartmentalise my task . I compliment myself after i finish a section of the work and it is not long before i finish the work to my satisfaction. Ofcourse, i put in my best and leave the rest to God. Recently, i completed a very tough one.

    Loved your strategy also, trust me you will do well and come out a winner in this project. Just trust yourself and fall headlong…. Good luck

  6. Ah! The fears! I too have a long list of to-dos and much of it remains undone because I overthink and worry myself without reason. At times, disengaging myself, doing routine household work helps…

  7. Nice to come back here again shilpa, and yes I go with the “to do list” and I keep ticking away encouraging myself to see how far I have come feeling grateful, that makes me relax; and yes sometimes the list looks long; and gives a fear that I have not done much, meeting dead lines can cause a lot of stress, I just do whatever is in my control and leave the rest… taking a deep breath and affirming myself that all will be well and fine. Thanks for sharing !

  8. You know I am very infamous for my long to-do lists, but these days I have altered that a little. I have an exhaustive to-do list, but only pick 1-2 tasks to focus on (based on priority) on any given day. That has made my life much easier.

    Good luck with your assignment. 🙂

  9. You have the answers with you. It’s the work that matters to begin with and unless we start we don’t know how awesome it will turn out to be. So, relax and just get going 🙂 Good luck!

  10. ‘Fear’, so apt! It’s one thing which attacks minds and hearts of so many people and stop them from achieving their dreams or even from thinking big. As you stated, it’s important to focus more on efforts rather than on outcome. 😛

  11. Good strategies, dear Shilpa:-) I know the fear in my head too – and am a sucker for LISTS – in all forms and sizes…. but sometimes the best is just – to let go, to do what you feel like doing …. One life:-) Great post sweetie

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