Kuwait Travel Diary

How does it feel to see the stamps in your passport or hear a different language as you deplane from the aircraft or see people from a different culture milling around you as you pass through the immigration lines at the airport?

It seems like a beginning of an exciting adventure from the start. Right!

That’s how it happened for me, when I came to Kuwait one and a half day ago.

It’s my first visit to this country  and I am all set to soak anything and everything the place has to offer.

It is an official visit, but I will get plenty of time to explore the city… fingers crossed. I am so looking forward to it.  Here are a few things that I plan to do while in Kuwait.

Eat Local Food : Kuwait is non veg eater’s paradise. I am not a big fan of non-veg actually. Given a choice between veg and non-veg food, I’d pick veg, always. And here I am in this new country and meat has been on my plate for all the four meals up till now. And guess what, I am loving it. Yesterday we went to an Arabic joint and thanks to Fatayer Lahme  along with Fatayer Jibna and Fatayer Zaatar, I never knew that I had an adventurous palate. And I am looking forward to more such tempting and tasty adventures.

Fatayer Lahme and Fatayer Jibna

Fatayer Lahme and Fatayer Jibna

Fatayer Zaatar

Fatayer Zaatar

Soak in the Sights : Of course, wherever I look, a new things are coming in my line of vision.  City roads like our expressways, fast moving traffic, left side driving, virtually no two wheelers, beautiful buildings and houses, men is long thwabs and women in abayas (and I must add here that they all are so beautiful and fashionable!) are simply fascinating.

Pristine Blue Arabian Sea

Pristine Blue Arabian Sea

Learn : Though most people speak English and we have met quite a few Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in and around our hotel who are so happy to speak in Hindi with us, I am however keen to learn a few sentences and phrases in Arabic.

Like yesterday, we were in this market and I met this friendly old man.


He asked me something in Arabic and I drew a blank. Another person translated it for me and we got chatting. And it was fun talking to him and in the process picked up a few Arabic words. It’s interesting that it is similar to Urdu which I am familiar with. For instance, a thank you is Shukriya in Urdu and Shukraan in Arabic.

I can see that the customs and traditions of the people in Kuwait are truly unique. I don’t want to just observe these customs, I wish I could participate and be one of them as they follow them. I hope that gets ticked off from my wish list.

As I prepare for the unexpected and go with the flow in Kuwait, you have a great week ahead and keep watching this space for more updates and pictures from this sojourn of mine!

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63 thoughts on “Kuwait Travel Diary

    • That’s Fatayer Zaatar, a flat bread with spices and sesame seeds. Tastes great. So far, the trip has been one fun adventure. Looking forward to more 🙂

    • I read about your travel in Saudi Arabia, Natasha. It was a cool trip 🙂
      It’s interesting to see such variety of non-veg foods here. I am sure to add on lots on kilos here 😛

    • Oh yes, the tales from Kuwait can make for some interesting conversations. And that’s because their culture is so unfamiliar to us, their traditions are so different. Yes, dates and olives are on my shopping list 🙂

    • I wish I was in the same city as yours, Sharon, would have loved to get it for you from here. Fatayers are indeed so yum. We were at the Shuwaith Cafeteria and Pastries and the speed and expertise with they were making them was simply fascinating!

    • Yes, that’s the plan. Hindi… well, they should be interested to learn it first 🙂 It’s salad! The ‘rotis’ are stuffed with meat and cheese.

    • They do have vegetarian food but not as elaborate as non-veg spread. Of course, there are a lot of Indian restaurants which serve Indian food, South Indian food, Bhelpuri etc. Yesterday, we had dinner and had pani puris, sev puris, masala dosa, dahi badas and it was YUM! And we gorged on this food like some starved people! 😀

    • Since there is a huge Indian community here (I think Indians top the list of immigrants in Kuwait), there are a LOT of Indian restaurants that serve authentic Indian food. You get everything here. There are Indian stores which even have kuttu and singhare ka atta. All achars, namkeens, dals, spices are from India in these Indian stores. So, vegetarians have a good time here too 🙂

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