The Suitable Inheritor

Title: The Suitable Inheritor   The Suitable Inheritor
Author: Pushpendra Mehta
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 978-93-86009-98-2
Number of Pages: 211
Price [INR]: 300

Michael Elliott is stirred from deep sleep by an early-morning dream—a beautiful woman leads him to the Pacific Ocean and whispers that the ocean will help him discover his true destiny. When Michael is then invited to Peru, he wonders if this is the path to that destiny.

The journey of a lifetime, the energy of the majestic Pacific Ocean, a priceless philosophy for success and happiness, the sacrifice of a soul mate from Chicago, and the support of a special mate from India combine to make Michael the preeminent relationship coach for young people. Once he reaches that pinnacle, he is confronted with the most difficult choice he has ever made: in the pursuit of excellence, does sacrifice matter more than support; or without support, does no sacrifice count?

Can Michael resolve this life-changing dilemma, discover his true destiny, and finally become The Suitable Inheritor?

The Suitable Inheritor is an inspiring journey of Michael as he transforms from mundane to magnificent. He meets three people who mentor, support and help him bring harmony and deeper meaning to his personal and professional life. Set in Chicago and Lima, the book is a fascinating saga of exceptional success, true love, profound relationships, divine intervention, sacrifice, happiness, and peace.

Every page has something profound to offer. Some of the passages are so powerful that I had to put the book down, walk away, and let it sink in. I had to absorb each word and figure out how to apply it to my own life. I re-read paragraphs, wrote a few of them in my notebook and tried to commit the wisdom shared to memory. Yes, it is that compelling and hard-hitting.

Some of the life lessons shared in the book that will stay with me are…

  • Key to success and happiness : Pursue your passion, work with your intuition, learn as a child and adapt as water.
  • My competition is only with myself and my goals, not with the sung or unsung heroes. And that’s the cardinal principle of happiness and strong relationships.
  • Strategy and the game of chess are analogous. Don’t make your first move till you have visualized your last move.
  • ‘He who conquers the wandering mind can rule the world.’ An important aspect of successful relationship management is to listen to another person with the mind, body and spirit all focused on that person, so that the mind doesn’t feel the need to wander.
  • The journey from good to great lies in destroying what you zealously created by surpassing your previous creation time and again, and yet retaining the disposition of a novice.

I believe, ‘Test your beloved’ concept is something that must be practiced by one and all. I would like to apply it with friends and associates though. Because more often than not when adversity strikes, the closest betray while the farthest save the day.

What I liked the most about The Suitable Inheritor is that all these thought provoking life lessons are packed in a story format that is engaging and at no point of time it sounded preachy. The pearls of wisdom shared are practical yet profound with its knowledge and interpretations. Reading The Suitable Inheritor has been like having a conversation with a calm, patient and understanding friend. The book is also a great example of impeccable language which is a treat for the readers.

If you’re looking for a spark of inspiration, some wisdom to boost your personal or professional life, or maybe just a little advice to perk up your happiness quotient in life, you must pick up The Suitable Inheritor. Invest a couple of hours in this book, and you may find some unique perspective. Short and sweet and totally worth it! GO READ IT!

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11 thoughts on “The Suitable Inheritor

    • Hi Rahul, I am the author of the novel, “The Suitable Inheritor” that was so beautifully reviewed by Shilpa Garg. Should you wish to read it, you can get the Indian edition (paperback copy) of the novel on Amazon for Rs. 300/- or the Kindle (ebook) version for Rs. 66/-

      Thank you for your time and for reading the review of my novel. Appreciate it.

      Pushendra Mehta

  1. Really good to read. I had read one of the books (Rakshas) based on your review and must i say since then i would happily go for any book you liked :).
    I will check if this book is available on kindly unlimited. It few months since i joined this subscription and have hardly read a couple of books only from it as most time the book i want is not available there!:)

    • Hi Parijat,

      Yes the novel, “The Suitable Inheritor” is available on Kindle unlimited. You can download it from Amazon India. I hope you enjoy reading it.

      Shilpa is a terrific book reviewer. Hope you can make the most of her recommendations. Thank you.

      Pushpendra Mehta

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