Stranger than Fiction

55 Fiction

Their hatred towards each other was mutual and burnt as strong as ever!

They chose to fight it out to settle things once and for all.

They fought fiercely and unwaveringly for long till one fell.

He danced and rejoiced while celebrating his victory and stumbled to his death down a steep flight of stairs

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70 thoughts on “Stranger than Fiction

  1. I love your 55ers. The message so well conveyed. I guess when 2 people are consumed by hatred for each other, the destruction of one leads to the destruction of the other in most cases.

    • True that! Yeah, it’s like the domino effect! Just as darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that, similarly hate cannot drive out hate! Thank you, Shilpa. Glad you liked this 55 fiction!

    • Well said, Fighting or hating makes both the parties miserable, and often has devastating and negative effect that affects all areas of life. Thank you, Nibha, glad you liked the twist ending!

    • A mother? Hmmm…. that adds a new perspective to it. I had not thought of a mother but two warriors!
      Thanks Shubhangi. Glad you liked the twist ending!

  2. Do you have some sort of ‘verbal cookie cutter’ that correctly helps you end stories brilliantly at 55 words?? 😀
    I mean, I watch you do it on and on every month and it is so easy for you … I would not be able to say my name without needing a 100 words explaining myself, I reckon 🙂

    • Aah! Wish I had that. 😀
      It does not come so easily to me, like others, so I try a bit more harder. Thanks for your kind words, you are so generous, Roshan! Long stories (and getting published!) are your forte and you weave them so beautifully and how!!

  3. I’m in the midst of a Game of Thrones reading spree. And this whole 55 word story just sums up the entire experience of life: you think you’ve won, but in reality there’s something awaiting you next.

    Keep them stories coming, my favourite flash-fiction- under-55-words writer 😀

    • You are reading GoT! I have to pick it up too!!
      Thanks Mithila, glad you could relate this so well to our web of life. Thank you so much for your support! 🙂

  4. love the way you incorporate philosophy into 55 words…this is a beautiful art Shilpa…you surely are a short fiction queen…btw…that was really a sad story. Did’nt do any good to either of the two.

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