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Busy doesn’t adequately describe my schedule of last fortnight. There was work related travel, general engagements at home and some more travel. During all this adventure, stress, crazy days, fun, excitement and exhaustion, I packed in lots of reading and of course my favorite, observing the buzz of life around me.

Yes, because of too much reading, there’s overdose of book reviews and my blog is looking like a book review blog. I am not too happy with that, because, I like varied stuff on my blog. But, the book reviews had to be done, after all a commitment is a commitment. Thought I faltered on some deadlines, I consoled myself with ‘better late than never’. Have you realized, giving such excuses/ explanations to self, are so comforting as they simply take away the pressure or guilt! Do you agree with that?

I am sure, we all have seen people keeping the transparent plastic sheet covering the seats of their brand new cars intact for quite some time. And the same goes for office chairs and even TV remotes.

But have you seen something like this…

WP_20160818_11_41_52_Pro This sight was a first for me. Have never seen anybody keeping the straps of a bag wrapped in a plastic covering.  What about you?

Do brand names matter? The brand manager in me firmly believes so, after all a brand helps customers know what to expect. A brand is the way the customers perceives the brand, the company and its ethos…

So what would you think when you come across this….


I saw this hotel in Abu Road, Rajasthan. I don’t know who coined the name for this hotel or what were they thinking? What do you think about this hotel’s brand name? What would be the owner’s thoughts while thinking of this as his hotel’s name? Let your quirky or logical reasoning flow in the comment section!

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27 thoughts on “Quirky Observations

  1. Ha ha..people do have their quirks. Our remote is often in a plastic cover because the children handle it with messy hands but a bang handle is strange. Maybe she had her reason like I have mine. As for hotel I simply cannot fathom why it would be called that. Maybe they havery a special package for fiery women :-).

  2. OMG this is hilarious. SOme people are brand conscious. I remember a friend recently leaving the tag attached on her Louis Vuitton bag. She wanted people to know that it was a genuine product and not a fake one picked up from street shops!!!!

  3. I know the pressure that can come from many deadlines and the way I console myself is I do the best I can in the time available at my disposal and let go of the guilt 🙂

    You do a great job anyway, so don’t worry.

    As for the bag handles, I’ve seen that too! Never given much thought to it 🙂

    • I hate this pressure of deadlines and prefer finishing the tasks earlier, but then it does not happen that way sometimes! SIGH
      God! You have seen that? But why cover only the handles? And why not the whole bag? 🙄

  4. Yes some people do that with mobile etc so that it remains “new” some more time 🙂
    With ref to Draupadi, sometimes people just name thing after some member of the family without thinking too much and it might be the case here also 🙂

    • Yeah, that seems like a plausible reason to keep the new thing under wraps! 🙂
      I have just heard of one woman named Draupadi and that was the original one in Mahabharata! None after that! But what you say could be possible, after all anything is possible! 😀

  5. You seem to be travelling too much these days, Shilpa! Haha….you managed to capture the bag…. honestly, in my home, my mil has this practice of covering the tv remote, mixer, grinder with cover…to protect them for dust but a new bag with cover? seeing for first time

  6. Haha! Draupadi? That’s new. Never heard that name for a hotel. I hope it isn’t something quirky that the owner thought of when he named it so. And a plastic covered handle for a bag? That should be reeeeeeeally expensive. 🙂
    I’m also lagging a bit behind on the book reviews. Trying to mix it up on my blog! 🙁

    • I am hoping that the owner named it out of ignorance and that there’s no weird thought or story behind naming his hotel so!
      LOL 😀 If the bag is expensive, then the whole bag should be protected na? 😀

  7. Haha! That cover for handles was too much. How did you manage a picture? And that hotel’s name? Funny!
    Deadlines can takeaway the pleasure but you are right that what needs to be done, has to be done.

    • I first took a selfie and then changed the camera to front and clicked it. All this time, I was hoping that no other passenger was observing me and and my phone 😀
      Aah! Tell me about deadline!! Sigh!

  8. Shilpa I was amused reading this post, the bag I have never seen a picture like that, and the name I wonder whether the person knows anything about draupadi:) must have just named it without giving any deep thought. Thanks for bringing smile on my face 🙂 yesterday I picked up some cushions and bolsters and was wondering whether to leave the plastic on 🙂 🙂 to maintain 🙂 and put a cover over the plastic:)

    • I am assuming he does not know, but then who doesnt know about Draupadi??
      Glad that this post brought some smiles at your end.
      So, did you keep the plastic on cushions or not?? 😀

  9. Haha!!! For one moment, I thought what is this new thing that is trending with the bags and I have no clue about it whatsoever! And the name of the hotel is so unique!!!:D 😀 😀

    Of course brand name matters, it gives you expectations from the product along with preparing you to pay accordingly 😛

    Loved reading this one Shilpa 🙂


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