If We Were Having Coffee…12th November


If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how did the week treat you? Hope you are doing well after the two shocks that we all got earlier this week. I steer clear of politics as it does not interest me and I just read enough to keep myself informed. But for the first time, I was interested in politics and that too of not my own country but a country that I am not associated with any way. Yes, the US presidential election caught my attention like never before. And when the big news came I was truly disheartened. But as Hillary Clinton said, “We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead”, and I am crossing my fingers for that!

If we were having coffee, I’d check with you, if you liked Prime Minister Modi’s move to discontinue the two largest rupee notes. I think that’s a fantastic strategy to curb a lot of nuisance. Incidentally, I got my first new Rs 2000 note yesterday. No, I didn’t stand in the long queues outside the banks or ATMs, I got it from KG. In fact, I did go to an ATM near our home only to find it closed. Yes, despite the information overload, I forgot that the ATMs were closed on 9th and 10th November.  I quite liked this new Rs 2000 currency note.  It fits snuggly in my wallet unlike Rs 1000 note which would peep a bit out of the wallet pocket. 


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I am wondering as to how I’d make the payment to the plumber who will be coming home to do some repairs in a short while. I hope he has the change for Rs 2000, which is highly unlikely though.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how wonderful it is to talk to women friends. This week, I spoke to two of my long distance women friends. I think I need to clarify this. By long distance women friends, I simply mean women friends from school or college or work or blogging world who stay far off from me. Ok, now that’s sorted. I needed to clarify that because sometimes, there’s a world of difference between what I say and how it is interpreted!! Now that I have digressed sufficiently, let me come back to my friends. I find talking to my girl friends so very therapeutic. There’s a thrill in knowing each other’s stories and having conversations without being judgemental. I love the understanding that we share and the support that we have for each other. We may not talk often, but when we do, we are on the phone for pretty long. And I enjoyed catching up with two friends this week. Do you have such meaningful and beautiful friends of the same sex?

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that this is it for this week. Thank you for having coffee with me. See you same time, next week?

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21 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…12th November

  1. I want to see the 2000 rupee note for real too. Seeing a lot of comments on FB that it truly makes us look like a 3rd world country.

    Yup, friends of the same sex are always awesome. I have mine and when we catchup, the rest of the world just fades into oblivion. They’re my rose-tinted glasses 🙂

    • Will show you the new currency note when we meet, in case I am carrying it! 😛 True that, there’s nothing like bonding and chatting with girl friends. We can talk about anything under the sun. God bless our friends! ♥

  2. Shilpa, I so loved this post! I think I will do something similar on my blog next week!
    Oh yes, I so agree about how wonderful it is talking to our girl friends /sisters. No judgements made, no unasked-for solutions provided! Just a good heart-to-heart! Three of my close gal pals live far away. Two of them in the US of A and one at the other end of my township. So, phone conversations are our only way of unburdening ourselves. Psst….husbands can be quite useless at times, esp at hearing us out, isn’t it? 😉

  3. Oh I quite liked this move by the government. I’m not sure how well this move will tackle corruption in the coming days. But I’m sure the existing corrupts have been caught off guard big time and that may have a desired effect on the future black money handlers! Though it would have been better if the government was prepared with well stocked up ATMs in time. From what I have heard from my family and friends back home, the situation in banks and ATMs has been insane.

    Oh yes I agree with you on having friends of the same sex. They are essential to keep you sane. I’m blessed with a few with whom I can have the most ridiculous nonsensical conversations, while looking stupid and also engage in the most intelligent thriving discussion on the most important matters around the world 😀

    BTW I love this coffee sharing idea. I’m going to flick it from you to write today’s post 😀

  4. If we were having coffee I would tell you not to believe the American television networks and the newspapers. I would also tell you Mr. Trump is better of the two evils that were contesting for the President of the United States of America.

  5. I saw a FB post by someone from India who is temporarily living here (US). She was holding a 1000 rupee note. Are there plans for people like her that aren’t in the country to exchange the old notes? It must be weird when your money is recalled…

  6. Both news came as a shocker and yeah wondering about the commoners facing difficulties withdrawing money with the long queue. Ideologically I oppose PM Modi but think it’s a smart move but the only thing people should have been better prepared. The election of ‘despicable’ Trump should be a concern for all of us how such a vile man has been elected to lead the world. Hope citizens of the world will be more alert and condemn his excesses.

  7. I liked the colour of the 2000 rs note. I get to see when I come home.

    I do have my female class friends with whom we have all girly endless talks.

    There is a saying in my language, squint is better than blind..this saying goes for trump win.

  8. ha ha.. that’s a lovely post Shilpa and that is giving me an idea to blog about it too.. so I am going to borrow this idea from you.. and hope to meet you some day to actually have some conversations over coffeee 🙂

  9. Our apartment guard went to the bank and got the crisp new 2000 note. He came to show it and then I saw. Yes, it’s is not as wide and I liked it. The move is great and good for India’s economy. I hope even those who are opposing it come to see it clearly. With US, what a horror it was but we can’t do much than hope that Trump turns out to be a better President than the candidate he was.
    I also love talking to my women friends. 🙂

  10. not got the note yet, oh not because of the long queues etc, but have not yet withdrawn! thankfully have been surviving on the few 100s that I had in my wallet and rest with the kripa of credit card 🙂 but yeah it looks chic, and thankfully as you said, its size is a good fit for the wallet 🙂

  11. Coffee shares are my favourite posts. Loved to hear about what’s happening in your life. Demonetisation has thrown life completely out of gear. I’m depending heavily on Net Banking these days even for daily provisions.
    Oh yes I have plenty of girl friends and they are my absolute lifeline.

  12. Got 2000/- note and spent it too!
    Things seem to be a lot back to normal here…its just the panic stricken ones who create the hungama!
    Talking to girl friends just cheers me asap 🙂

  13. Like the idea of having coffee:) I have not been able to visit the ATM till date, as most of the time its shut down. In Hyderabad, its created a lot of chaos… can’t even think of visiting the banks, fully crowded. Managing with cheques at post office and my daughters, school. Hope and pray that things get sorted and peace prevail. Yes I love Friends, and chatting with them energises me and gives me a lot of happiness.

  14. That was an enjoyable cup of coffee with you, Shilpa. This week l too caught up with two girlfriends. Bliss! I tell you.

    Unlike you l queued up outside the bank for about 2 hours and deposited and withdrew money. I actually find like the colour of the new note but l guess l will get used to it. I am waiting for the new 500 note to get rid of the change issue.

    Good fun. This coffee series.

  15. I am liking coffee for a change …yes, even i was expecting clinton and was disappointed, got my first 2k standing in a short queue and got the change of 9 hundreds from an electrician after he took his service charge of repairing geyser 1100 and i was so happy when i saw those 9 hundreds. and yes, i like talking to my girl friends with similar interests… like you.

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