To Bee…. Teaser Tuesday #1

Last week, I saw the Teaser Tuesday meme at Tulika’s Beat About the Book blog and simply loved it. And I had to join in.

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by  A House of Books and has pretty simple rules…

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two teaser sentences from somewhere on that page
  • Share the title and author so other TT participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teasers!

The Bees – A Novel by Laline Paull is currently on my Kindle. I have just finished two chapters and I already hooked to the story. I am reading this book for the prompt, ‘A book from a nonhuman perspective’.

The Bees

Here are my two teaser sentences taken at random from this book…

“You wept,” he said. “I heard you. Are you sick?”
“For love,” Flora said.”

These words have piqued my curiosity and I am keen to read all about Flora 717, a sanitation worker bee who is bigger, darker, smarter and more talented than the rest of her clan and this is dangerous. She even breeds and everybody knows only the Queen Bee has that right. So, there is a lot of drama and action as bees live by the rigid hive rules of Accept, Obey, Serve, even when it hurts. This book would also take us in the fascinating world of a bee society and its structure and lot of facts with bee psychology too. Now, isnt that super interesting!

What’s on your current reading list? Do share in the comments section below. And if you can join in for the Teaser Tuesday, it would be fab. Go on, find something enticing from your book and link it up at A House of Books.

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16 thoughts on “To Bee…. Teaser Tuesday #1

    • I haven’t seen Bee Movie, though have seen Aaryan and his dad watching it. This book is fiction, categorized as sci-fi-fantasy, dystopian novel. Have just started reading it. Liking the imaginative and fascinating world of bees and their lives and behavior in a beehive.

    • Oh, please do, Lata. Would love to read your take on this meme. Yes, this book is surely interesting and takes us deep inside the beehive where there’s lot of action and drama. I have read great reviews of this book and it is considered to be a wonderful blend of nature and fantasy!

    • That’s 2 reccos in a day for the Bees Movie and now I am keen to watch it too.
      Yes, this meme is surely interesting. Do join in, Inderpreet.
      Sure… Hoping to finish reading The Bees soon.

  1. That looks like a cute one. I saw this blog hop on Lata’s blog too and super interesting.
    I’m reading And The Mountains Echoed by Khalid Hosseni and it’s a lovely book 🙂

    • Yes, this is a fun meme. I have read Khaled’s other 2 books and they were amazing. And The Mountains Echo is on my Kindle since ages. Must read it sometimes soon. 🙂

    • Google, the God helps me a lot! Actually, all this googling is because of the book reading prompts (Remember my Book Reading Challenges for 2017?)
      Antz is an amazing movie. Though I have to see the Bee Movie.

  2. I am not reading anything in particular these days, owing to my studies. I am really sad about that. I was away from blogging too for a while. But atleast now I have found the time to visit other blogs. Loved this teaser concept. I shall pick it up the next time I read 🙂

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