Life Sentence #WriteBravely


Samit stood at the window. Outside, it was raining cats and dogs.

The weather reflected his mood, the uncertainty of the situation eating into his peace of mind.

He tried hard to disguise his feelings about the hopelessness of the situation but failed miserably.

Gloomily he looked at the road below and a thought began to grow in the back of his mind.

He looked again. Longer this time with steely determination in his eyes.

No, it will not be a death sentence, rather a life sentence for him.

Yes, he will push himself to live till his last breath.

Growing despite odds

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Day 3 – Terminal


This post is a result of love and collaboration of dear blogging friends Corinne Rodrigues, Vinay Leo R and Bhavya Leena Nandakumar. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for your support. Thank you, you guys rock!! β™₯

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48 thoughts on “Life Sentence #WriteBravely

  1. Good that better of him decided to live on. Its definitely a bigger punishment than ending the life in a moment. And who knows, may be the situation will improve or may be he will be able to forgive himself and start afresh!
    A pithy tale!
    -Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

    • True that. Just because something isn’t happening for us right now, doesn’t mean that it will never happen. All we need is hope and patience. Thanks Anagha!

    • Well said, it’s all about our attitude. People give up sometimes too soon, they dont realize that many times it’s the last key that opens the door!

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