Lock Away the Memories #WriteBravely


A voice reprimands, but do I heed it? I turn back nevertheless and let the mind wander through the lanes that are familiar and nostalgic. I re-play the moments of the past, turn memories over and over with hope that they turn live again. But they remain frozen in time as eyes shine bright with unshed tears.

I wipe the tears of love that did not last and a time that now is past.

It’s time to lock away the memories of the past from the light of the day and dark of the night to live and smile again!


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Day 2 – Nostalgic

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42 thoughts on “Lock Away the Memories #WriteBravely

  1. Without really meaning to I have locked away memories of people that are no longer with me from my past. They are still there, buried deep where their loss doesn’t nag me. Every now and then their memory will come to me, and I will remember how much I miss them and the sadness is overwhelming, so I just choose not to think about it and press forward.

  2. memories are such no one can steal it……it will always remain, some who were part of my life are no more now; I remember them with gratitude; and some who were never meant to be part of my life, I am glad to release them from my memory, for in allowing them go out of my life ……. I found peace and harmony to live a life of gratitude.

  3. Some memories just refuse to fade away and I do believe we have a special chest to store them in, in our heads. And sometimes, we stumble onto this chest and despite all the warning stickers on it, we open it and suffer the consequences.!
    Lovely piece of writing Shilpa- loved the pic!

    • I like what you said. True, we have some happy memories even with bad relationships, and that stop us from moving ahead, but we must let go of them for our own good!

  4. Why, oh why do we have to lock away some memories? Memories that are so special, so fresh as if they happened just yesterday! Memories that leave us feeling cheery and fresh whenever we relive them secretly? But, there is no choice really, is there? Lock them up and move on is all we can do to stay sane!
    Beautifully worded, Shilpa!

    • Memories that leave a happy smile on our face must be cherished but the ones that stop us from living in the moment must be locked away.
      Thanks Shilpa. Glad you liked this attempt!

  5. Is it really possible to lock out the memories? And even if we lock them out, are the locks so vulnerably weak that they break open at the slightest hint?
    We are nothing but the closets of the memories and cant spring clean them. May be that we must let them be!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

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