It was well within his reach. He was tempted to pick it. But looked away the next instant.

A small voice grew loud in his head and in a split of a second invaded it.

He stretched his hand and grabbed it hungrily. With a touch of fingertip, he hurriedly though systematically went about accomplishing his mission.

So engrossed he was that he didn’t hear the bathroom door open. Their eyes met. Hers  flashed with anger, his with embarrassment.

With head in his hands and eyes shut tight, he realized trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone.

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You Can’t Know Everything


Knowledge is power! And the hunger for knowledge should be never ending. Thomas Huxley suggested, ‘Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.’

Some would like to know something about everything and some may believe in knowing everything about something!

I think, both are practically impossible, as the depth and breadth of information available today is boundless and bottomless. Is it humanly possible to follow either of the suggestions?

Some brilliant folks might still achieve the impossible but then how will they respond to this thought from Thomas Edison ‘We don’t know a millionth of 1% about anything!

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Today, I Will…


I turned the knob and opened the door, but it refused to go any further. I pushed harder and heard something crack with a snap. All the drawers were open and things were spilling out of them. I couldn’t walk without stepping on clothes, charging cables, cans, shoes… As I made my way around the workout gear, I toppled the overflowing wastebasket.

When will I learn, I sighed!

I could close the door and keep out.

But No… Today, I will not wait for mom to clean up.  After all, this is my circus and these are my monkeys! #FeelingDetermined


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Stranger in the Park


I noticed the old man sitting on a park bench sobbing his eyes out.

I looked around and saw a woman near him look at him briefly and then turned the other way, like she didn’t see anything, while another man was visibly embarrassed.

I just wished I could take away his pain. I think he must be truly sad to cry in public.

Wonder, what has distressed him. On second thoughts, I don’t need answers, I just want to comfort him.

So, I got up and sat near him, till he smiled, looked into my eyes and petted me.




IMG_2593 (1)

Image Courtesy : morgueFile

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Lock and Key


I know it’s difficult to accept! Believe me, it’s all for a reason.

Nothing happens by chance or is just a stroke of good luck.

The people we meet, the ups and downs of life, all occur to test our limits, to realize our potential and to help us grow.

It’s these lessons that make us who we are.

Aah! You think it’s some random fancy talk and all you want is a solution which is nowhere in sight.

Well, every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution.

Remember, no one makes a lock without a key.


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Be There


Behind her she heard laughter. IMG_8956

Her throat constricted and unshed tears stung her eyes as she rushed out of the room.

She felt his presence as he sat down beside her on the concrete step.

He didn’t speak, and neither did she.

She met his gaze and saw a look of understanding and genuine concern.

And suddenly the dark clouds lifted and a ray of sunshine brightened the dark corridors in her heart.

Yes, sometimes you need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything , but just to let you know that you are supported and cared about.

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No Show

Double Drabble

The guests have started arriving. Mom and Dad are at the main gate, welcoming them.

Everybody is in awe of the grand decor. The wedding planners have left no stone unturned to give it a perfect blend of sophistication and uniqueness. Floral decorations, flickering candle lights and twinkling lights, curtains and backdrops, all in hues of red, blue, and yellow gave a warm festive look. Even the wedding throne chairs are in the same shades. How perfect and lovely!

But why am I not happy?

What if I don’t show up for my own wedding?

Oh, Mom and Dad would be devastated and people would say a lot of nasty things.

I know, it’s a tad late in the day. Some may call it wedding jitters or the excitement for the big day. But this little nagging feeling that all this is a mistake is just refusing to leave me.

Oh, I do know that anxiety and doubt are not the same thing.

I may be called dumb or coward.

But, I think, a real coward would be the one who turns up looking every inch a bride in all her wedding finery yet doesn’t show up in the marriage.


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What Comes First – Success or Happiness?


Often we say, “I will be happy when…”

This ‘when’ could be a new job, a hike in salary or weight loss or a successful relationship…” Are we saying that the way it works, first comes success and then happiness?

Research shows that it’s the other way round. Happy people are more successful.

When you are happy, you will be more productive, creative, social and positive. And with all these success comes automatically.

Also, it’s hard to find happiness after success, as our goals keep changing.

Life is not a quest to achieve happiness. Happiness is found along the way!

I came across this infographic about happiness and success with reference to work place. But it applies to our personal life and relationships too.

What do you think, which comes first… Happiness or Success?


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A Journey into Myself


For years, I had put the blinders on, as I continued to live up to the expectations of others.

All these years as I pleased people, was I actually living?

I think, I was merely existing or was I, in fact dying inside?

They say a setback is a setup for a comeback.

Like the phoenix bird, I had to rise from the ashes and believe in myself and love myself to become a new me.

I am going to fly as high as I can, go far as I can, on a long journey … a journey into myself.


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A Little Hope Goes a Long Way


Do problems ever come alone? I guess not! They always came like bundled offers… ‘Feel terrible along with terrified’ or ‘Get scared and get scarred too’.

It is so easy to have pity parties in head and drown in sorrows and setbacks during these trying times.

In these darkest hours, a simple act of kindness, a helping hand , a smile from a stranger, an ear to listen, or a comforting word, can give hope that one needs so badly.

And this little hope goes a long way, just like this candle, dispelling and defying darkness in this room, singlehandedly!


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