10 Reasons to Welcome Tiago – The New Babe in Town

It was in 1998, when Tata Motors introduced the first Indian-designed and built passenger car, the Indica. Tata Indica, created history as it catapulted India into the elite category of countries that produce automobiles indigenously. Tata Motors have come a long way since then. Last year, Zest and Bolt made their entry in the Indian automobile market and in some 2 months from now, another brand new car will hit the Indian roads.

Yes, it is the Tiago!!

Last weekend, I was a part of the launch event of this cute little car from Tata’s stables. 60 Bloggers from all over the country were selected by Indiblogger to get first hand information from the experts at Tata Motors and test drive it on the roads of Goa.

After listening to the product features and specifications from the design and engineering specialists and riding Tata Tiago on the narrow and busy lanes as well as the smooth and open highways of Goa for a good three hours, here are 10 reasons to welcome Tiago on the Indian roads.

1. Expressive Exteriors : Tiago looks one sporty stylish hatchback which has bold sculpted body with sharp lines. The grille in the front is finished in gloss black with small hexagons that get smaller towards the edges. The pulled back headlamps fuse with the grille to give a look that’s truly premium. The rear of the car has an inbuilt spoiler, an angled tail gate and really sporty bumpers. Design is one of the leading factor which influences the buying decision and Tiago clearly scores in this aspect.


2. Inviting Interiors :  The interiors of Tiago are truly modern and classy. It has a set of black and grey two tone interiors and seats which gives it a premium look. There are seven individual panels on the interior that can be taken off and customized to the colour choice of the customer at the dealership which is a first and unheard of a car in this category.

Image 17 Side view of the seats

3. Snug Seats : Seats are well made with premium knitted fabric. The body hugging bolster offer good support and comfort. The seat squab and the control pedals offer seat adjustability so that even a six footer can sit comfortably. In order to increase rear knee room, the back portion of the front seats have been scooped out.

Image 15 Seat adjuster

4.  Spacious Storage Spaces : Tiago is pretty spacious with a boot space of 240 litres. It has a separate partition for tool kit and shopping bag hooks with weight markings. Now that’s some intelligent thinking. There are also cleverly designed 22 storage spaces viz bottle holder on each door (two 0.5-litre bottles), two cup-holders near the gear lever, a shelf at the driver’s end of the dashboard and a bay to hold mobile phones at the base of the centre console. The glove box has a cooling duct to keep beverages chilled and a separate space to keep tablet devices!  Another new and cool feature.

Image 3 Glove box

5.  Intelligent Infotainment system : Tiago comes with Next-Gen ‘Connectnext’ infotainment exclusively developed by HARMAN for an engaging audio experience. infotainment module with eight sound output units that can play through systems including Aux-In, USB, and Bluetooth streaming and can be operated via controls mounted on the steering wheel. The navigation system gives turn-by-turn guidance on the screen when connected through a phone-based App, which is first-in-class feature (available for only Android OS currently). There’s also a first-in-segment feature called Juke Car app which can sync up to ten phones where one master phone can share its internet with others and be host for playing music from any of the synced phones.

Image 7 Infotainment screen

6. Superlative Safety :   With advanced dual path suspension and 9th generation anti-lock braking system with electronic brake force distribution and Corner Stability Control, Tiago offers a safe and a smooth ride. Dual front airbags, central locking system with remote and rear parking sensors are additional safety features in Tiago.

Image 10 Front dashboard shot with airbags

7. Cool Comfort : The air conditioning in Tiago has been designed for maximum performance. AC vents are located optimally for better feel of air for passengers with class-leading air velocity for rear passenger seat!

8. Powerful Performance : The new Revotron 1.2L petrol and the debut of the first Revotorq 1.05L diesel engine has been indigenously developed in-house, to deliver a refined performance.

9. Efficient Experience : Tiago comes with multi-drive modes – City and Eco which deliver both fuel economy and a peppy driving experience. And this is a first-in-segment!!

10. Dreamy Driving Dynamics : Tiago offers a low NVH with superior ride and handling due to the dual path suspension and use of special materials such as sound deadening steel which takes the driving experience a notch higher. 

Image 4 ZICA rear 3-4th shot

Tiago is a power packed machine with so many first-in class and segment features coupled with great looks and superlative performance. Tiago, the new babe in town will certainly receive a thunderous welcome on the Indian roads. What’s your take on it?

Images Courtesy : Tata Motors

Conzumr.com : A Website Review

Remember the times, when we would drive around the city and visit some 5-6 shops and check the deals offered and then drive back to shop no.1 to buy the object of our desire.

Then as the technology picked up pace in adaptation and evolution, so did our acceptance for online shopping. But our desire to get the best deal and offers remained the same. So, we would check some 2-3 shopping portals by opening multiple tabs on our computer and compare the product. All this could be a bit overwhelming as sometimes, the same product would not be available on all the sites and sometimes we wouldn’t even know that some great deals were available elsewhere on other shopping portals.

Like everything else, ecommerce world has evolved too. Today we have websites that help the online shoppers to make an informed decision. Yes, these are the comparison shopping sites. These websites collect product information, including pricing, from participating retailers/ecommerce portals and then display that collective information on a single results page in response to a shopper’s search query. In this way, shoppers can compare the product specifications of various brands/models, prices offered by the various online stores on a single page and choose the merchant that offers the best overall value. 

I came across Conzumr.com which is a new search and comparison website that aims to educate consumers so that they make a rational and fact based purchase decision. It has over 4500 listed in various categories like Books, Electronic Goods, Sound and Vision, Fitness, Health Care, Home Appliances, Baby & Kids, Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care and Tablets & Smart Phones.

Conzumr.com provides detailed product specifications, features, reviews & ratings and comparisons to enable online shoppers do their research before taking informed buying decisions.

The first thing that caught my attention was the logo. One look at it and you get what Conzumr.com is all about. It truly represents the business that Conzumr.com is in.


The website has a layout that’s simple and appealing, with a navigation which is easy too. A large search bar at the top of the page has an instruction ‘Search…Product, Model No. or a Brand which basically tells the online shopper that they can Search > Compare > Decide by using this tool. Of course, the instruction text goes away when the user clicks to type or activate the box.

The various categories have drop-down menus that break down top-level buttons into sub-sections. Each of the sub categories can be viewed and compared by Brands, Prices, Product Specifications. For example, if you’d like to check out Built-in Ovens, then you can compare the various brands on the basis of prices, size, capacity. The various models can be selected and compared and seen in a side by side view.

The main page has links to Review Videos, Popular Product Comparisons, Latest Conzumr Reviews and Conzumr Guides and Tips.

I thought of comparing the three models of Kindle. In one table, on a single page, I got to know the products features and prices of Kindle, Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite. Considering all the options, before we buy something is a smart strategy. With many options to choose from, it’s important to examine all features and functions of the various models and also look at cost effective option that meets our needs.

Once, I chose the Kindle that suited my requirements and budget, I clicked on the link which took me to the shopping store’s website directly and all I had to do was to follow the regular steps of online shopping. Yes, it was that simple and easy to make an informed decision with Conzumer.com.


I checked about the Boxed Set of Harry Potter series and was surprised to see the price variations across 8 online stores!

Comparing a product on Conzumr.com helps you to

  • Research and dig a bit deeper before you shop
  • Get to know the products in the category
  • Find a good deal
  • Make informed buying decision

More products and categories on Conzumr.com would make it a more comprehensive site for comparison shopping. The site works fine on most mobile browsers but a mobile version of the site would increase its reach. More prominent social media presence can boost the online presence of the website.

Conzumr.com will be my go-to page  for online shopping to research, compare and make informed buying decision. Do you check comparison websites before shopping online?

CouponMachine.in : A Website Review

We all love a good bargain. Don’t we? While we can haggle with the local shopkeeper to give a better deal, but can the same be done while shopping online which has become a way of life for most of us! Yes, apart from the discounts offered by the seller at online stores, there are discount coupons that not only allow you to save more money and get attractive deals but help you earn more rewards too.

Few weeks ago, while shopping online for Diwali, I browsed through the coupon websites to check out good discount coupons and I came across CouponMachine.in

CouponMachine  has a simple and easy interface. The top of the website has a large search bar, which says, ‘Search Any Product… We Promise Discount’.  


The home page offers different categories that allow you to look through the site for coupons that you are looking for. The site offers a deals and coupons in various categories viz Apparel & Accessories, Baby Care, Beauty, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Furniture, Men, Recharge, Travel and Women from over 500+ stores like Amazon, Archies, AskMeBazaar.com, Babyoye, BIBA, Big Rock, BlueStone, Book My Flowers, Domino’s, Fashion &You, Expedia, Fab Furnish, Ferns N Petals, Food Panda, Free Charge, Go Daddy.com, Goibibo.com, Healthkart.com. HomeShop18, Flipkart, Snapdeal, YepMe, ShopClues, PayTM, Jabong, Indiatimes Shopping, Zivame, Shopper’s Stop to name a few.

To get started, simply enter a store name, or pick a shopping category. You will get a page that displays all the active coupons at that time from the chosen store or shopping category.

Click on a coupon and it takes you to the website directly. Follow the regular steps of online shopping and the coupon is applied automatically to your shopping.

Alternately, one can browse through the coupons and deals shared on the home page which has some really attractive and amazing offers on various products from almost all categories. Or check out the Featured Coupons and Deals from Featured Stores which is located at the bottom of the page.



  • CouponMachine.com is easy to navigate with well-marked links. The site offers user-friendly search options and coupon redemption process is simple and requires few steps.
  • There’s a comprehensive list of coupons from all popular websites. Virtually all products categories are covered.
  • The site doesn’t require you to sign-up to avail the coupons codes and deals.
  • You can subscribe to the email newsletter if you want to receive alerts of details about the new coupons and deals.
  • You can share the attractive deals on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Excellent help and support from customer service.
  • The site loads fast and all operations are smooth and quick.


  • None that I could see

I quite liked my experience while looking for discount coupons and deals at CouponMachine.in. You must check it out too. Whether you’re a thrifty shopper looking for great deals or the one looking for discounted products, there’s a deal and a coupon just for you on CouponMachine.in. Now, I wouldn’t want to miss a good deal. Would you?

Say Goodbye to Smells and Odours this Monsoon

The monsoons are here again! There’s nothing like waking up to the sounds of the rain, the  fresh, earthy smell after a rain shower, the lush green plants and trees after they are bathed in rains that fluctuate between drizzle and torrential downpour… Aah! There’s something magical about rains.


But there’s something unpleasant about the rains too. Yes, the  damp smell that comes with the monsoons can be a big mood dampener too. The dampness brings out a musty smell inside our homes.  The walls, cupboards, carpets, shoes, bathrooms emanate stale smells. Even the car interiors are prone to a mouldy odour.

And that’s because the monsoon air is humid and this makes the air inside the house moist and warm too, which incidentally is the perfect environment for the fungi- mildews and molds to grow and thrive. The bad smell is caused by mold and mildew building up and releasing foul gasses. A combination of moisture, lack of air circulation (stagnant air) and darkness lets the mold / mildew and odor to grow. This odour is not only annoying but is detrimental for health and can cause allergies and breathing problems too.

Simply drying/vacuuming/ airing out the area of the house that smells musty may not be enough to completely eradicate the smell. Fortunately, there are simple and easy ways to combat this problem of bad odour inside our homes.

Last week, when rain Gods finally decided to bless our hot state of Rajasthan, both KG and I were traveling. So, when we entered our home which was closed for a week in our absence, we were greeted with that musty smelly air.

I tried the Ambi Pur Air Effects Air Freshener – Blossom & Breeze variant. It is a handy andAmbi-pur easy to use pack. As I sprayed the air in a sweeping motion throughout the  house, a mild yet pleasant smell filled our home. What I liked was that this smell was soothing and calming and not overpowering. Strong and overpowering aerosols trigger a non-stop sneezing fest for me.  So, this mild and soothing smell gets a thumbs up from me.

True to its words, Ambi Pur Air Effects Air Freshener, eliminated the odours and freshened our home.  It appeared that it actually swept away those stale and stifling odours as a fresh scent lingered behind.

Later in the evening, when we cooked our dinner and the house was smelling of the strong garlic tadka, I sprayed it once again and in no time we were able to get rid of the odours.

Ambi Pur Air Effects Air Freshener can be used to get rid of any trace of the intrusive paint odours or wet dog fur smells too. The fact that it lasts for 4-5 hours is a bonus too.

Priced at Rs. 220/-  for 275 g , Ambi Pur Air Effects Air Freshener is available in stores and online too. So keeping the house fresh even on the most humid days is no longer a challenge. Say goodbye to odours and smells this monsoon and bring in the freshness with Ambi Pur Air Effects – Blossoms and Breeze Air Freshener.

Ambi Pur

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity atBlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur

My Airtel App : For Ease and Convenience

With a lot of work related travel, I have a pretty hectic pace of life. Recently, I came to know that Bharti Airtel has introduced My Airtel App for Android phone, which lets you access any Airtel service from wherever you are. Now, that’s something I need the most. We use Airtel’s Fixed Line and Broadband service for our office. So, I decided to check out this app.

Once I downloaded the app through Google Play store, which was like a breeze, I found that this app is a simple way to manage all Airtel services viz Prepaid/Postpaid Mobile, Fixed Line, Broadband, Digital TV Connections. Though this app, I could check outstanding bill and un-billed amount, recharge account, make payments, activate or deactivate any VAS service like astrology, jokes etc. Users can also raise requests/ complaints and track their status. Customers of company’s DTH service Airtel Digital TV can also order movies and games via the app.

As I explored the app a bit more, I quite like the interface and the ease of navigation.

Here are some of the features that I liked about My Airtel App :

  • I Want To : This feature allows me to make Bill Payments, Recharge, Buy Packs, Record a Program, Order Games, View Balance, Data Consumed  and Check Recharge History.

2015-05-14 23.53.07

When I clicked on Pay, the bill details of our Office Fixed Line number and DSL account no. showed automatically on the screen. I could view the payment history, bill summary and email bill to my registered email id too. However, the only payment option that appears is through Saved cards. And since, I don’t have any saved cards on my phone, I navigated the payment option through the main menu and I got the message “Something seems to have gone wrong/ Please try after some time”. Repeated attempts met with the same message. Will try it again a bit later.  The website claims safe and  secured payments because of the PCIDSS certification with real time bill tracking, which gives me a lot of comfort and convenience. So, I am hoping that it’s just a temporary network/system error/glitch which gets sorted soon and I am able to make my payment through this app.

2015-05-14 09.17.202015-05-14 09.17.432015-05-14 23.54.23

  • Shake Your Phone: This is another interesting feature of My Airtel App. Yes, all one has to do is shake their phone to get exclusive offers across categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment, from popular brands like Yatra, Pepperfry, Goibibo, Jabong, Zovi, Cafe Coffee Day, Archies, Foodpanda, Travel Guru etc.


  • Other Services : 2015-05-15 00.05.52There are a lot of other services that one can enjoy through My Airtel App like
    • Add or Remove Airtel Services
    • Explore Wynk : Browse, search, stream and download songs
    • One Touch Internet : Easiest way to learn internet for Airtel Prepaid Users
    • Airtel Live : One stop shop for all content viz latest songs, music videos, online games, movies. It also can be used to watch TV shows, play contests and get cricket updates, alerts & more.
    • The app now also offers notification alerts for low balance, low data, pack expiry and due date for payments.

I found the My Airtel App to be a simple, easy and user-friendly app, to manage all the Airtel services. That I can do all this through my smartphone, anytime and anywhere and is right in my hands all the time, is a big wow and adds a lot of convenience in my hectic schedule too! My Airtel App certainly makes my life a bit simpler and easier.

You may also check out more details at http://www.airtel.in/myairtel

Digital Parenting with eKAVACH

Today, kids have access to mobiles, laptops and tablets from a very early age. They stay connected with the digital world not only for education, but also for entertainment, gaming and social networking. Internet is loaded with content that is informative and educational for the children. But, it also has content that can get them into trouble. They can access some nasty websites deliberately or accidentally, through social media they may come in contact with dangerous strangers or may go through cyber-bullying too. Also there could be some more unknown risks which may harm children. As parents, it is very important for us to be vigilant of our children’s online activities and safeguard their interests.

Today, Parental Control apps that can be installed on smartphones and mobile devices are becoming more and more common. I came across, eKAVACH which is an advanced digital parenting app. I am checking out the eKavach app as a part of an activity at BlogAdda

I downloaded the eKAVACH Parent app and asked KG to download the Child app, but we realized that eKAVACH is currently available for use across Apple and Android platforms only and KG uses a BlackBerry phone. So, asked my sister to download the eKAVACH Child app and she added the name of the child as Aman. (This is a fictitious name)

Once the accounts were created on both the phones. We started exploring it.

 Screenshot_2015-04-04-16-09-19 In the settings there are 4 sub categories viz·

  • Application
  • Internet
  • Notifications
  • My Family Time


On selecting the Applications, a list of various Applications viz AntiVirus, Dictionary, Facebook, Messenger, CamScanner, Whatsapp and other System Applications which are installed on the Child device, appear. A parent can Allow/Block these apps and also set specific time during which these apps can be accessed.  2
 3 The Internet has 3 sub categories:·

  • Categories
  • Site Filtering
  • Internet Timings
The Internet Categories has 32 parenting appropriate web categories. There are age appropriate permissions on these categories.These categories are labeled as Adult, Aggressive, Arts, Automotive, Criminal Activities Dynamic, Family and Parenting, Fashion, Hobbies and Interests, Lifestyle, Malicious, Religion, Uncategorized etc. A parent can Allow/Block appropriate internet categories. 4
 5 In Site Filtering, parents can specifically enter the website that they want to allow or block.
Site Filtering also has a list of all websites accessed by the child  segregated by time stamp viz Today/ Yesterday/ Last 7 days. For example, the sites shown in the pic were accessed by my sister for the testing of this app. Parents can block specific sites accessed by the child from this feature.  6
 7 In Internet Timings, parents can monitor day-wise and hour-wise internet usage. May be we dont want them to access internet at late night or when at school etc.
My Family Time is a feature that allows the parent to set the wake-up, lunch, dinner and sleep time for the child. Once set, internet and application access will not be available for that time. This allows a child to take a break from the device.  8

Apart from these features, there is a Child’s Device Heartbeat which enables the parents to ensure that the child is within their reach. On specific intervals , say every half an hour or every hour, the eKAVACH  Child will send a ‘heartbeat’ to the parent device along with the location.

After exploring the app, the next step was to test the app.

My sister searched for ‘Adult Jokes/Risque Pics’, and I immediately got a message that a blocked category, Miscellaneous/Dynamic was accessed.  But it allowed my sister to access the content, both on the web as well as in Images. Though when she typed the word ‘Porn’, it said, ‘Cant load search results’.

 9  10  11  12

 So, it is not actually fool proof and may be some aspects of it need to be ironed out. Or may be the parents can block the specific site when they get an alert about it. But beyond a doubt, an app like this is a big step towards safeguarding our children from the threats of the cyber world.

My sister who was acting as a Child in this app testing, raised a point about this app invading a child’s privacy and that it may foster a sense of mistrust between the parent and the child.

I believe, the idea is not to invade the privacy of the child but it is to monitor for red-flags that only adults with years of experience can recognize. By appropriately monitoring and blocking sites that could pose a threat, we can ensure that our child never falls in the trap of ugly and dark problems that internet can put them into.  With apps like eKAVACH , we can recognize the threat and take timely corrective actions.

Thoughts on Thoughtbuzz

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become integral elements for companies and brands seeking to develop better customer relationships; also, for the consumers, as they provide a great way  to communicate with the brands. Today, the consumers share not only their  issues and problems with the various business products and services but also share their experiences and expectations from both new and existing products. It’s a win-win situation for both the consumers and the businesses.

While all this sounds great however it comes with its own challenges. There’s a big challenge of interpreting volumes of data available out of these social media interactions.

The answer to the challenge of making sense of the bulk of data available on social platforms is  called social media analytics. These platforms sieve through bulk of data gathering meaningful insights and help generate reports for the businesses and brands capturing various aspects like people sentiments, connect with the brand, determine personas, provide competition benchmark and target brand influencers, etc. These insights help the brands to make meaningful interpretation of the social data and take informed decisions.

ThoughtBuzz was established in 2008 to provide organisations with actionable insights, through big data and business analytics. Headquartered in Singapore, ThoughtBuzz has a network of offices in India, Manila, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, providing leading technology and methodology for businesses worldwide. It serves clients raging from small enterprises to government bodies, from risk management to marketing management. Today, I am checking out Thoughtbuzz as a part of an activity at BlogAdda.

After signing up at the site, it took me a while to figure out what to do on Thoughtbuzz. But once I got the hang of it, it looked cool. The interface is simple and easy to navigate and overall the look is neat and appealing. One can track the profile and data on the various social media platforms viz Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


I used my blog’s Facebook page and Twitter account to check how it worked on Thoughtbuzz. Here are the graphs and charts from data of one week (11th March to 18th March, 2015) for my Blog’s Facebook Page.


Gosh, some people unsubscribed too. Wish I could get their names. LOL 😀2015-03-18_14h12_06


Apart from this, one can also generate data for average interaction per post, interaction rate, interaction rate/hour, interaction rate by weekday, interaction distributions, interaction rate by post types, post by dates/hour/weekday and even user posts by date.


For Twitter, I generated the following graphs and charts.



Another interesting feature is that one can reply, comment and engage with the fans on the various social media platforms at a single place, all you have to do is switch between various  profiles.2015-03-18_17h02_27

I liked the feature where one can import contacts from any of the social media profiles to find the followers and fans who engage with you the most. For brands, this could give the data on loyal and happy (and unhappy too) customers, influencers etc.


Thoughtbuzz allows scheduling of Tweets and Facebook updates all from the same page. I have scheduled one Tweet. Cant wait to see it going live.


And it went live moments ago. Aha!!


My overall experience with Thoughtbuzz has been a good one. I found it to be a simple, easy and user-friendly. It can be used by experts and beginners alike. It is a wonderful web-based platform that provides real-time social analytics for organisations, brands and products. It can helps the brands discover, measure and engage with customers across the net. Available as both basic free and premium plan, Thoughtbuzz can add a lot of value to a company’s media and promotional campaigns and strategies.

The #CreateFearlessly Experience

I like the ridged grilled sandwiches that they serve in restaurants and cafes. They are different from my regular sandwich maker which makes plain triangle sandwiches.

When I got the Hamilton Beach Panini Press and Indoor Grill, through Blogadda, I was simply thrilled. I was thrilled to visualize the look of the sandwiches on our dining table from hereupon. And of course, KG loves grilling meat and vegetables, so I could see that this appliance would be part of our kitchen buzz, a lot!


The first dish that we tried on our new Panini Press and Indoor Grill was Marinated Grilled Chicken. And next we made was Cheese Aloo Tikki Vegetable Sandwich.

We simply loved the #CreateFearlessly experience of grilling and making sandwiches.


After preheating the Hamilton Beach Panini Press and Indoor Grill, it starts its magic. It comes with a detachable top and bottom non-stick grill plates which are pretty large (216 sq cm says the product manual!). Four large bread slices can be grilled simultaneously.  And the bread comes out perfectly and evenly toasted. The contact grill is good for cooking and grilling fish fillets, steaks, chicken breasts, sausages, patties,  hamburgers, sandwiches and vegetables. Did I tell you that I am simply in love with the wonderful ridged grilled marks on the sandwiches.


The floating hinge and height locking feature in this Panini Grill is suitable for making sandwiches of all thicknesses and varieties. Yes, the sandwiches that we see on Eat St. via Fox Traveller can now be made in our very own kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Panini Press and Indoor Grill is a no fuss appliance. It is simple to use. All that needs to be done is simply plug in the machine and red light starts. When the correct cooking temperature is reached, which is a few minutes later, the green light turns on. Place the assembled sandwich, press down the grill and about five minutes later there’s a perfect sandwich – toasted on the outside and hot inside. And that’s because of the 1200 watts of power which ensures heating of the grill plates quickly and evenly.

The non-stick grill plates are removable so they can be easily cleaned with soapy water which is a big plus for a cleanliness freak like me. My expenses for kitchen napkins would come down substantially as I would no longer be using the bulk of paper napkins to clean up my earlier sandwich maker! The removable drip tray is another thoughtful addition in this appliance. So, all the butter or oil or the marinade drips into this tray and the kitchen counter stays non-greasy and non-messy.

The 2 skewers with Hamilton Beach Panini Press and Indoor Grill can be used for making kebabs and paneer tikkas. We have not used the skewers as yet. I just told KG about it and he says that this weekend it would be the day for kebabs! Can’t wait for the weekend!!

I simply loved this activity. Thank you Blogadda and Hamilton Beach. 🙂

This post is a part of #CreateFearlessly activity at BlogAdda in association with Hamilton Beach. Check out exciting videos and recipes by following #CreateFearlessly on Twitter.

Get. Set. Bolt

This weekend, we were at the World Trade Park, doing what we love the most in a mall! Yes, shopping. On the ground floor of this world class business and entertainment centre we saw the display of a new car from Tata Motors.

About six months ago, I was a part of the launch event of another new car from Tata Motors. That was Tata Zest. During that launch event at Goa, the product specialists from Tata Motors had taken us through the technological aspects of Zest in a Master Class. So, I was keen to know about this yet another new car from the Tata Motors’ stable.

I immediately rushed to the display area and had a chat with the sales guy. This is what he shared with me…20150103_132455

Tata Bolt is the new hatchback in the Indian market.

Bolt means speed and  it is truly represents that as it is powered by a powerful Revotron 1.2 turbocharged MPFi petrol engine, 5-speed manual Transmission, a Power  of 88.8bhp @ 5000rpm and Torque of 140Nm @ 1750-3500 rpm.

For the first time ever in this segment, Bolt comes with a Multi-Drive in three modes ie SPORT, ECO and CITY.  These three modes allows the driver to set the engine action depending on driving needs. Sport mode is one when need a burst of power, Eco mode is when needs excellent fuel efficiency and City mode is for a perfect balance between the two.

Tata Bolt comes with generation next safety with 9th generation Anti-lock Braking System by BOSCH, corner stability control and standard dual-airbags.

Bolt has many features, superior space and comfort which are usually seen in luxury cars. Cabin space is pretty good and there is enough space for three adults at the back. With Bolt, Tata Motors are making the luxury features affordable and available to customers in the hatchback segment.

Tata Bolt comes with a Harman infotainment system which has a 5-inch touchscreen display. The music system supports AUX-in, Bluetooth, USB, SD card, iPod and FM/AM connectivity. So, howsoever you listen to your music outside the car, you can listen to it in the same way inside the Bolt too. Bolt has blue tooth connectivity with voice integration, SMS read-outs, touch operated AC controls. These features are in Tata Zest too. But Bolt has two additional features of video playback and navigation. Video files stored on any device can be played and navigation function is based on Android’s phone’s built in GPS and MapMyIndia app.

Bolt is an impressive car from Tata Motors which is  a class apart with innovative features, modern engine, connectivity and comfort. So, Get. Set. Bolt…


Along with me are Aaryan and his friend Vedant. Yes, we love getting clicked too!

 This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.

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Dettol Multi-Use Wipes : Review

I am a cleanliness freak. I wasn’t like this always. I don’t know when it happened but over the years, the general regular habit of having neat and clean things around somehow transformed into obsession. The plates and spoons at the restaurant have to be wiped clean, always. The serving spoons at the buffet have to be held with a napkin.  The hands need the mandatory wash before eating. The dust on the laptop or the hand prints on the dining table glass are never missed by my hawk eyes.

Thank God for the wet wipes which I carry in my bag all the time. Needless to say, that when I heard about Dettol Multi-Use Wipes, my cleanliness-obsessed head and heart did a little happy dance as Dettol is the name that is synonymous with hygiene and disinfectants. I used the Dettol Multi-Use Wipes in and around my home.

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes 1

  • During travel, a wet wipe helped to get rid of dust and grime on face, neck and hands and gave that fresh feeling. Dettol Multi-Use Wipes are alcohol free, and are gentle on the skin and I liked its pleasant fragrance too. The wipes are of a good size and thick and durable too.
  • Cleaning hands before eating in a restaurant and even wiping the not-so-clean table was easy.
  • Removing eyeliner and lipstick swatches on hand with Dettol Multi-Use Wipes was impressive. And this is considering that the eyeliner was smudge proof and doesn’t comes off easily. Also the emollients present in the wipes kept the skin moisturized.
  • Wiping dust and grime from gadgets like Laptop, TV Remote, Smartphone, Tablet was simple and effective. Dettol Multi-Use Wipes are sufficiently moist to give a thorough cleaning of these surfaces.
  • Cleaning kitchen granite countertop, laminate kitchen cabinets, microwave, refrigerator, food processor, glass table-tops and even sandwich maker ensures germ free surfaces. And keeping the door bell, the door handles, faucets bug free was never so easy.

The cleanliness freak in me is happy with Dettol Multi-Use Wipes because of following reasons:

  • Protection from a wide range of germs.
  • Since it is alcohol free and has moisturizers so it is gentle on skin.
  • The fresh fragrance is mild that lasts for a while.
  • Good size, thick and durable napkin ensures instant and thorough clean-up of all surfaces.
  • Convenient and easy to use wipes for fast and hygienic surface cleaning.
  • Each wipe is easy to pull out easily unlike some brands where two or more wipes end up coming out of the pack.
  • Re-sealable pack, prevents the wipes from drying out.

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes have a shelf life of 24 months and are available in packs of 10s (x3) and 30s and are priced and Rs 120 and 115 respectively!

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes provide protection from germs for both skin and surfaces, at home and on the go. Needless to say, that it is an integral part of my bag and I am going to keep one in our car too.

You can buy Dettol Multi-Use Wipes online on Flipkart.

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