15 Weird and Fun Ways to Make Money

Have you ever thought of making money having fun? Well, there are many weird ways you can earn some extra cash, if you are game!

I am sharing some 15 fun ways you can make money with. All of these jobs are for real and 100% legit.  You can try anyone of them if you like to make money having some fun.

Both men and women can try these jobs and earn some extra cash.

1. Eat Like a Pig and Make Some Extra Cash

You can eat like a pig and make money out of it. You will be paid for eating rather the other way round. There are contests and tournaments where the contestant who can eat the most wins the prize. So the winner is the one who can eat everything quickly.

2. Manage Facebook Pages and Twitter Account for Dead People

You can manage Facebook pages for dead people and get paid for doing that. Facebook gives legacy contact to manage the pages once the owner is dead. You can get paid if you know someone who is willing to pay you for doing that once they have gone.

3. Play Video Games for Prizes

This is nothing new and you know there are tournaments where you play games score points and be the winner. Every winner is paid a cash amount depending upon how big the tournament is. You have to apply for such tournaments if you are a gamer.

4. Giving Someone a Laughter Therapy

You can be a therapist if know about laughter therapy. Treating people with laugh is real fun. You will not have any shortage of clients who are seeking laughter therapy. It is a serious profession and you can even take it full time if you like.

5. Become a Demolition Expert

It would be a real fun demolishing old buildings. You can become a supervisor and demolish buildings every day. Demolition is a big spectacle and everyone wants to see it. You can be the in charge of this great event.

6. Animal Trainer and Sitter

I think you already know about animal trainer and sitter. You can train a dog for fun and make some money. Rich people also need an animal sitter to look after their pets. Animal sitters are just like baby sitters. But being a baby sitter is no fun.

7. Rodeo Clown and Mascot

You become a clown or a mascot, you often see them outside kid’s stores and other family places. Although the job could be tough if chosen it to be a full time work but if you work part time then it is just fun.

8. Become a Guinea Pig

This could be serious but if you like then you can. There is no fun in becoming a guinea pig. Your body will be subjected to clinical trials. A new drug will be tested on your body. It is no fun but money is great.

9. Donate Sperm, Blood and Body Hair

This is the easiest way to make money. You can donate sperm, blood, body hair, breast milk or other body parts to make money. You will be paid for doing all of this. In fact many people are already making money doing this.

10. Scrounge Scrap Metals

There are certain precious metals that are in great demand. Metals like gold and silver are needed by electronic companies. You can search for gold and silver by scrounging scrap metals in a junkyard. Scrounging is no fun but it is certainly a weird way to make money.

11. Become an Ice or a Sand Sculptor

This is an art mixed with fun. Creating magnificent sculpture out of ice is great way to make money. If you don’t have ice then you can create it with sand. There are professional sculptors who are paid on regular basis.

12. Rent a Friend

Rent a friend is a new concept. You can go to a dating site where you can find people who are ready to become your friend for money. The relationship is platonic and you get paid for just being a friend.

13. Become an Hangover Helper

Dorm rooms need hangover helpers to help guys after they drank too much the other night. He is going to assist you in cleaning your room and helping out with other things. The helper gets paid in return.

14. Reading Ads Online

This is really fun ways to make money because there are many sites which provide you this type of job where you can get paid for reading 10 seconds or 30 seconds ad.

15. Back Up Artists

The last one is back up artists. You can become a supporting artist. While shooting a scene they need people to show a mob or a crowd. You can be one of the artists in the crowd. You can get paid for just standing in the crowd.

So these were 15 weird and fun ways to make money. Which of these appeal to you? Would you try any of these to make money?

It’s Easy at ezebee.com

You have an awesome product or an outstanding service, but that’s no longer enough. You need a platform that enables you to get seen and heard. In this digital age, there is no shortage of places to sell your product, but that’s akin to getting yourself heard at a crowded, loud party with music blaring in the background.

Whether, you have turned your hobby into a business or have products or services that cater to a small niche or are thinking of exploring more avenues to sell your product or you already have an online presence but want to explore where else your product could be seen, you need to be noticed and seen. And ezebee.com is that platform that gives you just that!

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, ezebee.con is a cloud-based, social-commerce platform that’s a free online marketplace. It offers business owners worldwide free access to their own website including an international marketplace to sell directly to online buyers. And that allows the young entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience and new customer pockets.


ezebee.com is an up-to-date technical platform, latest social-commerce features and a clear “mobile first” strategy. You can find DIY products, jewellery, women’s fashion, careers and jobs, home and living, vintage, gift ideas, art, accessories, real estate and housing, beauty and wellness, bags, baby and kids, house and garden, material and supplies, multimedia and electronics, crafts, mobile and pad, food and beverages, workshops and courses, paper and stationary, books and much more on this platform.


Some of the key features of ezebee.com, that I found interesting and novel are…

  • Pin option: Pin products from other websites, in a similar way to Pinterest, and then users will be redirected to original website when clicking on this offer in the ezebee.com marketplace.
  • Chat & Buy system: When you want to purchase an offer, just click on ‘chat & buy’ to talk directly with merchant. This means users can negotiate shipping options and prices.
  • Internal currency: EZB Coins enable users from all over the world to swap products without the use of money. This makes it fair for trade between countries, such as India to Europe, USA or else, and means sellers can make a fair living.
  • Import option: Import products to ezebee.com from any other website simply by pasting the link into the import bar and all the data including image will be uploaded in seconds.
  • Technical Platform: mobile first and full responsive, graph-based search engine, tag-based product segmentation, algorithmic business logic, fast and easy csv-import functions for big data and product uploads
  • User Interface: responsive product wall based on search history per user
  • Merchant features: free web-shop/page builder, chat-to-buy and payment wallet, unlimited bandwidth and product uploads, boost-function (equivalent to facebook), product scraper, automatic sharing functions


Create your online shop for free and in minutes at ezebee.com for more visibility, better amplification and connect and engage with your customers like never before.

Recovery from a Crash

We have more or less moved towards a paperless work environment. With almost everyone having access to a computer or a laptop and a smart phone, use of paper is on a downtrend. Going paperless, not only decreases our environmental footprint but also clears clutters from offices and homes and of course, saves time from hunting through stacks of papers or files.

Data on our computers is all we own. Right from the official communications to personal emails, work projects and presentations, photographs from our DSL cameras and smart phones, invoices to receipts, all are stored on our computer systems.

What would happen if we were to lose all this data unexpectedly. I am sure the mere thought of it would give us nightmares. But we may lose data due to…

  1. Computer crashes – This is catastrophic and always happen when you least expect it.
  2. Computer viruses and malware –Malicious viruses can corrupt files, disable computers and damage data.
  3. Mechanical damages of hard drive – Hard drives of computers are the most fragile parts of computers and can fail suddenly and without warning. How dreadful it would be to lose data which you have generated and stored for years.
  4. Physical computer damage – Spilling drinks on your laptop or sudden voltage fluctuations, accidentally dropping of laptop can damage system and data.
  5. Accidental deletion of data – This often happens when you perform a ‘Select All’ + ‘Shift-Delete’ operation without individually checking everything.
  6. Theft – Yes, that happens too, especially during travel or in a crowded place.

Sadly, I have experienced no. 1 and 2 and have friends who have suffered the loss of data due to no. 3, 4, 5 and 6!

God forbid, but if your hard drive has crashed due to any of the above mentioned reasons and you no longer have access to your critical data files, what will you do! I mean apart from panicking that is!

Well, relax and stop panicking. Help is now available even for this nightmarish episode.

Most people regularly back up their files to their computer hard drive, but in the event of a total computer breakdown this activity is futile.  Saving data on an external hard drive, or a large-capacity pen drive is another option. However this method is only as secure as the device you’re backing up to. This storage device can also get damaged and result in data loss. A safer and more effective method of securing files is online backup. In this case, despite best intentions, you may forget to update your files as often as you should, leaving a large amount of recent work unprotected.

A more safer and efficient way to recover the loss of data is available in the form of Data Recovery.

Data Recovery is the process of recovering data from damaged, corrupted or inaccessible secondary storage media and operating systems that has been lost by either hardware failure, human error, software bugs, a virus or a natural disaster. The Data Recovery software, can recover lost or deleted data from your hard disk or external drive. The scan engine of the software is so powerful that it can retrieve any file you ever lost and with the efficient search option, finding any specific file is extremely easy.

  • Recover Documents, Photos and 300 other file types
  • Efficiently scans more than 2TB of data
  • Recover files with an advanced find option
  • Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac, Linux, Novell and Unix Data
  • Supports NTFS, FAT and ExFAT file systems
  • Memory Card Recovery : Contacts, files, songs, videos, images saved on phone’s memory card can be recovered too
  • Brings back lost or deleted volumes
  • Resurrects corrupted hard disks : Hard Disk Recovery is another feature of this software. File Recovery tool can easily undelete files from your corrupted pen drive, hard disk, memory card and even your camera’s memory. It also supports several types of memory cards including CF cards, Flash cards, SD card (Mini SD, Micro SD and SDHC card) and even Mini Disks.
  • Sorts your files exactly the way you want : Filtered Tree option to make it easier to get back those data in the most possible sorted order

When my laptop crashed, I used the services of Stellar Data Recovery. Stellar Data Recovery is a leading information technology company that has revolutionized the concept of data recovery with smart, simple software and services. Their data recovery, repair and system optimization tools help us by bringing back the loss from catastrophic data loss situations. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Stellar has been serving the various data recovery needs of this part of the globe. With offices in USA and Europe, Stellar Data Recovery has further expanded its reach. The data recovery labs in the Netherlands and India are one of their kinds. Apart from hard disk recovery, RAID recovery they also specialize in Memory card recovery services.

The bottom line is that the data on our computer systems is valuable and it is imperative to take steps to protect the information stored from sudden loss.

Connect Meaningfully with Affimity

Everyone has friends on social networks who post too often and flood the news feed with annoying memes, take too many selfies, post hundreds of pictures of their babies, dogs and cats, ask for power and what not for their online games, share the same post in a hundred different groups and then share random updates all throughout the day… All you see is a lot of clutter and noise on your screen. And it makes you go arghh to ughh to a yawn to a face-palm in a matter of a few seconds! Sounds familiar!?!

Well, we all know that it’s because that most of the things shared by your ‘friends’ do not interest or appeal to you.

What if your social networking feed consisted of topics that are meaningful to you? What if you connect on a social media with like minded people, people who share your interests or passions?

Well, you now have a social networking site that addresses just these concerns.

Affimity is new social network, re-imagined as a collection of interest-specific social channels. It is actually like the television of our current times. Remember the time when we had a few TV channels that had all types of programs on them. And now we have various channels that are interest-specific viz entertainment, news, travel, food, history, comedy, children, saas-bahu sports, and Hindi and English movies etc.

Affimity which is Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity) has news feed which is categorized into different channels. Based on your interest, you can select the various channels. Currently, Affimity offers the following channels… Food, Movies, TV Shows, Celebs, Book Club, Music, Career, Parenting, Fitness, Random Thoughts, Gaming, Digital Life, Wearables, Allergies, At Home Moms, Working Moms, Tennis, Motor Sports, Football, Cricket, Bollywood, US Politics, Beauty, Swifties, Travel, DIY, Fashion, NFL Mania, Space, Everyday Science, Holidays, Lawrits, Comics, Starkids, Immigration, Insurance, India Vents, India Humour. That’s a pretty comprehensive channel list, isn’t it?


You can add your favourite channels. Once you select any channel, you will read, post and share all the Buzz, New feeds, Top Picks and Questions pertaining to that subject. The best is that you can select as many channels as you want and get info, news, recommendations and thoughts on that subject at one place.


Here are a few things that appealed to me about Affimity

  • You have control over the content in your news feed. You get to read and share info that is relevant to you.
  • You get to meet and be friends and have followers in like minded people who share your interests and passions. You can engage meaningfully with them through comments and likes. For instance, you can connect with me on Affimity on the Food, Movies, Book Club channels.
  • You can share posts of interest on other social media viz Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.
  • The mobile app of this site makes it convenient to be connected when on the go too.
  • You can post, ask a question or take a poll or upload a picture or a video on any channel of your choice. If Food is your passion, you even get a readymade template for sharing your recipe.


Affimity is a cool place to hang out with like minded people. Go on and experience it. Highly recommended.

#DoYourHomework for Your Child’s Future

Few years ago, if children were asked what they’d want to be when they grow up? Answers would range from doctor, teacher, engineer…

However, if you ask the children of today about their future career choices, their answers would be varied and go beyond the conventional options. Children today are aware of the innumerable career options they have in front of them and actually have a strong point of view on what they want to do in life. And this is such a contrast to the earlier times when children followed what their parents decided for them.

As parents, are we on the same page as our children when it comes to their future?

I came across this interesting #DoYourHomework video which has a group of parents and their children. Children were asked to draw a picture of what they would like to become in future while parents were asked to paint what they would like their children to become in future. They were told not to interact with each other during the course of the activity.

A lot of interesting stories emerged from the experiment. At the end of the experiment, parents and children were asked to reveal their ideas. And to everyone’s surprise the pictures were contrasting. Children expressed their eagerness to pursue conventional as well as unconventional careers and their parents saw their children pursuing professions different than what their children articulated.

As parents today, we would leave no stone unturned to make our children’s aspirations and dreams a reality. But, do we know what would be the cost of education ten years down the line? Or how much would it take to fulfil our child’s dream?

I think, as parents we need to do our homework too.

Incidentally, there is a Homework App which will make life simpler and easier for parents. Through the Homework app, parents can find out the costs of education across a multitude of courses in various countries at their finger-tips. The app not only gives info on the future value of the course which their children want to pursue, but also the estimated amount to invest to reach that goal. So, go on use this app and #DoYourHomework.

Children are our future. As parents let’s help them reach their career aspirations and goals and plan for our child’s future NOW by doing our homework.

BrainBuxa : Website Review

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. – Kofi Annan

Knowledge is power, there’s no denying to that. And it is all the more important for students. But as Samuel Johnson said, ‘knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it’. While, the former is not possible for most of us, it is the second option that we all must be familiar with.

BrainBuxa.com aids in doing exactly that. Yes, it helps students find all the information that they may need to educate themselves, socialize, communicate, and even employ themselves online.

BrainBuxa is an education portal where on a click of a button, the students get all the information and resources they’ll need for shaping their career and future.


At a single portal, one can all the details pertaining to:

  • Institutes : The details of various colleges and universities are listed in this section from various fields viz Animation VFX, Arts, Computers, Gaming and Comics, Design, Engineering and Technology, Fashion and Design, Hospitality, Aviation and Tourism, Law, Language and Teaching, Management, Medicine, Beauty, Healthcare and Science. So, one can select a course and search colleges and institutes offering it along with the overview of the institute and contact details.
  • Results : Brainbuxa has tied up with various colleges and universities and universities to publish results and notifications online. Results of the exams are listed month wise. What’s best is one can get SMS alert when the results are announced.
  • Study Materials : There’s a digital library on BrainBuxa where students can read and create study material online. There are lecture series and video courses on various topics delivered by professors from renowned colleges and institutes. There are over 10,000 videos and notes available to students.
  • Events : This section has events and fests listed from various colleges and institutes. You can promote events and fests on this website too.
  • Jobs : The last I checked, there were 16480 jobs and internship offers listed on BrainBuxa. One can search jobs based on company name, location, skills and job title. Oh yes, you can upload your resume too and get notifications for the jobs matching your skills, profile and area of interest.2016-01-11_19h08_14
  • Blogs : In this section one can find inspiring and informative educational blog and articles on various topics related to the field of education. Here viewers get access to the best blogs on academic issues, post their responses, and share valuable insight with top experts on the web.  One can even post their education news and articles on BrainBuxa.com and get wider reach and knowledge / information sharing of their thoughts and views.2016-01-11_19h44_32
  • Ask & Answer : In this section students can post their query or technical questions and get the answers from experts. Guidance and counselling is also arranged through information provisioning and real time interfacing.

What’s more at BrainBuxa is that it provides all the information like the way we use social media. Yes, it’s all replete with notifications, alerts, call and chat features. So, basically both the social and educational life of students are integrated on one platform. Now, isn’t that cool!

Brainbuxa also provides free SMS facility for various services and updates. With more than 24000 followers, they certainly are at the top of the game.

With their huge database, BrainBuxa is truly the one stop information portal for students, as it helps to make an informed choice. It provides accurate and instant educational information on the courses offered at various colleges and institutes all across the country, study materials and informative articles. It also helps them to get exam results and job placement notifications. What’s more, it is absolutely free to use, all you need to do is to just sign up at BrainBuxa.com

The website has a simple layout which is user friendly and is easy to navigate. BrainBuxa.com is a one stop destination for all information on education and job market, and definitely a  must-use for all youngsters and their parents too. Go on and explore and discover new way to communicate, socialize, search, employ and educate at BrainBuxa.com

Top 5 Restaurants in Chennai

Hospitality industry has undergone a series of rapid metamorphoses, over the last few years.  The changing aspirations, choices and behavioural patterns of the consumers form an essential parameter which has driven this transformation. To add on to this is the entry of international players into the market and the aggressive burgeoning of the casual and fine dining restaurants by the Indian entrepreneurs. And all this has significantly changed the industry scenario.

Chennai is a city that not only offers the traditional cuisine but also diverse culinary variety. Ranging from five stars to basic bistros, you will find Chennai packed to its capacity with amazing food stores.

Here are top 5 restaurants in Chennai that can give you most amazing dining experience. Check them out :

1. Pan Asian: Name of the place clearly states the kind of cuisine that it offers. Well, I would say that regardless of any Asian cuisine you fancy, you can find it at Pan Asian. This bistro is owned by well known chef “Vikramjit Roy”. You will find five stars like ambience of the place and offerings are also available in amazingly luscious choices. It is situated at ITC Grand Chola at Chennai and crafted to fill your mouth fill best of the Asian Fusion cuisines. Most popular cuisines served at Pan Asian are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai. Visitors have quite rich choices to make selection of cuisine.

2. Madras Pavilion: Madras Pavilion is an imperial restaurant situated right next to Pan Asian at ITC Grand Chola. This place is for the richest crowd of Chennai given the fact that it is a superb and expensive place to visit. The ambience of this place is simply breath taking and it is all set to redefine the meaning of luxury dining to its visitors.


3. Italia at The Park Pod: This bistro is situated at Nangambukkam at Chennai. Most of the visitors of Chennai don’t really think about Italian food yet this bistro is making immense business with every passing day. The ambience of this place is simple spell bounding as it is architected with airy and spacious lounge that gives you the feel of Italy with its demeanour. Some of the finest Italian cuisines are served here in Chennai. You can find most lip smacking crust pizzas, mushroom risotto, lasagnas and other Italian dishes. For a perfect evening with your loved ones, you can visit Italia restaurant.

4. Dakshin: Dakshin has brought most authentic taste of Kerala cuisine to Chennai. It is a perfect option for all those who are craving for best of the south Indian food with Chettinad influences. Also it is an affordable place to visit. You can either customize your order or simply order pre-made thali options that usually contain food options such as rasam, dosai, chutneys, etc. Talking about the ambience, it has the most authentic type of decor to lure your mind.

5. Annalakshmi: At Annalakshmi, you will find most authentic Tamil Nadu cuisine at best price. This bistro now has four branches in other countries as well. It is situated at Marshall’s Road and serving best taste in Chennai with its affordable and awesomely amazing cuisines and offerings. For all kind of birthday parties or other family gatherings, this restaurant will be the earnest option to choose.

Have you been to any of these outlets? Which one is your absolute favourite restaurants in Chennai?

Conzumr.com : A Website Review

Remember the times, when we would drive around the city and visit some 5-6 shops and check the deals offered and then drive back to shop no.1 to buy the object of our desire.

Then as the technology picked up pace in adaptation and evolution, so did our acceptance for online shopping. But our desire to get the best deal and offers remained the same. So, we would check some 2-3 shopping portals by opening multiple tabs on our computer and compare the product. All this could be a bit overwhelming as sometimes, the same product would not be available on all the sites and sometimes we wouldn’t even know that some great deals were available elsewhere on other shopping portals.

Like everything else, ecommerce world has evolved too. Today we have websites that help the online shoppers to make an informed decision. Yes, these are the comparison shopping sites. These websites collect product information, including pricing, from participating retailers/ecommerce portals and then display that collective information on a single results page in response to a shopper’s search query. In this way, shoppers can compare the product specifications of various brands/models, prices offered by the various online stores on a single page and choose the merchant that offers the best overall value. 

I came across Conzumr.com which is a new search and comparison website that aims to educate consumers so that they make a rational and fact based purchase decision. It has over 4500 listed in various categories like Books, Electronic Goods, Sound and Vision, Fitness, Health Care, Home Appliances, Baby & Kids, Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care and Tablets & Smart Phones.

Conzumr.com provides detailed product specifications, features, reviews & ratings and comparisons to enable online shoppers do their research before taking informed buying decisions.

The first thing that caught my attention was the logo. One look at it and you get what Conzumr.com is all about. It truly represents the business that Conzumr.com is in.


The website has a layout that’s simple and appealing, with a navigation which is easy too. A large search bar at the top of the page has an instruction ‘Search…Product, Model No. or a Brand which basically tells the online shopper that they can Search > Compare > Decide by using this tool. Of course, the instruction text goes away when the user clicks to type or activate the box.

The various categories have drop-down menus that break down top-level buttons into sub-sections. Each of the sub categories can be viewed and compared by Brands, Prices, Product Specifications. For example, if you’d like to check out Built-in Ovens, then you can compare the various brands on the basis of prices, size, capacity. The various models can be selected and compared and seen in a side by side view.

The main page has links to Review Videos, Popular Product Comparisons, Latest Conzumr Reviews and Conzumr Guides and Tips.

I thought of comparing the three models of Kindle. In one table, on a single page, I got to know the products features and prices of Kindle, Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite. Considering all the options, before we buy something is a smart strategy. With many options to choose from, it’s important to examine all features and functions of the various models and also look at cost effective option that meets our needs.

Once, I chose the Kindle that suited my requirements and budget, I clicked on the link which took me to the shopping store’s website directly and all I had to do was to follow the regular steps of online shopping. Yes, it was that simple and easy to make an informed decision with Conzumer.com.


I checked about the Boxed Set of Harry Potter series and was surprised to see the price variations across 8 online stores!

Comparing a product on Conzumr.com helps you to

  • Research and dig a bit deeper before you shop
  • Get to know the products in the category
  • Find a good deal
  • Make informed buying decision

More products and categories on Conzumr.com would make it a more comprehensive site for comparison shopping. The site works fine on most mobile browsers but a mobile version of the site would increase its reach. More prominent social media presence can boost the online presence of the website.

Conzumr.com will be my go-to page  for online shopping to research, compare and make informed buying decision. Do you check comparison websites before shopping online?

CouponMachine.in : A Website Review

We all love a good bargain. Don’t we? While we can haggle with the local shopkeeper to give a better deal, but can the same be done while shopping online which has become a way of life for most of us! Yes, apart from the discounts offered by the seller at online stores, there are discount coupons that not only allow you to save more money and get attractive deals but help you earn more rewards too.

Few weeks ago, while shopping online for Diwali, I browsed through the coupon websites to check out good discount coupons and I came across CouponMachine.in

CouponMachine  has a simple and easy interface. The top of the website has a large search bar, which says, ‘Search Any Product… We Promise Discount’.  


The home page offers different categories that allow you to look through the site for coupons that you are looking for. The site offers a deals and coupons in various categories viz Apparel & Accessories, Baby Care, Beauty, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Furniture, Men, Recharge, Travel and Women from over 500+ stores like Amazon, Archies, AskMeBazaar.com, Babyoye, BIBA, Big Rock, BlueStone, Book My Flowers, Domino’s, Fashion &You, Expedia, Fab Furnish, Ferns N Petals, Food Panda, Free Charge, Go Daddy.com, Goibibo.com, Healthkart.com. HomeShop18, Flipkart, Snapdeal, YepMe, ShopClues, PayTM, Jabong, Indiatimes Shopping, Zivame, Shopper’s Stop to name a few.

To get started, simply enter a store name, or pick a shopping category. You will get a page that displays all the active coupons at that time from the chosen store or shopping category.

Click on a coupon and it takes you to the website directly. Follow the regular steps of online shopping and the coupon is applied automatically to your shopping.

Alternately, one can browse through the coupons and deals shared on the home page which has some really attractive and amazing offers on various products from almost all categories. Or check out the Featured Coupons and Deals from Featured Stores which is located at the bottom of the page.



  • CouponMachine.com is easy to navigate with well-marked links. The site offers user-friendly search options and coupon redemption process is simple and requires few steps.
  • There’s a comprehensive list of coupons from all popular websites. Virtually all products categories are covered.
  • The site doesn’t require you to sign-up to avail the coupons codes and deals.
  • You can subscribe to the email newsletter if you want to receive alerts of details about the new coupons and deals.
  • You can share the attractive deals on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Excellent help and support from customer service.
  • The site loads fast and all operations are smooth and quick.


  • None that I could see

I quite liked my experience while looking for discount coupons and deals at CouponMachine.in. You must check it out too. Whether you’re a thrifty shopper looking for great deals or the one looking for discounted products, there’s a deal and a coupon just for you on CouponMachine.in. Now, I wouldn’t want to miss a good deal. Would you?

Get it Right the First Time

Some people simply have jobs,while others have careers. Though, these two terms  ie  ‘career’ and ‘job’ are often used interchangeably, they aren’t the same. A career, is an occupation that lasts a long time, usually years or even decades, while a job is any employment that is paid. A career is made up of a job or jobs, but that doesn’t mean that every job is part of a person’s career.

With a career, the kind of work you do is based on your interests. It’s a path you’ve chosen. 

Usually, after college students follow career paths they had never imagined for themselves or weren’t even aware of. It was the same for me. I remember, when I completed my MBA, some two decades ago, I just wanted a job and didn’t had a career in mind. The first job I got was in pharmaceutical industry. Thankfully, I liked what I did and later made it as my career.

But that was ages ago. It’s all different, now. Today, if you have a dream job in mind, then you can start on your career by finding a job that will allow you to work towards that dream job pretty early. Yes, that’s getting it right the first time!

Career planning and looking for various options in a chosen career should start when one is in school/college. The first step to finding potential careers is to do a complete self-assessment. What do you like to do?  What are your interests and abilities?

Today, we have so many tools and websites that help the students to find out what type of education is required for a particular career. They can find schools/colleges that may meet their needs. You can search for colleges based on their type, location, and degrees and programs/majors offered. For instance, if you are planning to choose the field of medicine as your career path, all you have to do is check out the various Medical Colleges in India. On a click of a button, you can get all the info that you require, right from the courses the Colleges offer to the cut-offs, admission process, eligibility, fee structure, infrastructure, facilities, placements etc.

Now-a-days, the career choices for Indian Doctors are immense. This is one recession proof profession and professionals in this field are always in demand, especially now with growing health awareness amongst people. The medical industry is growing by leaps and bound and so is the demand for skilled specialists. Today we have specialists in medical field which were not so popular few years ago viz Aerospace Medicine, Bioinformatics, Cardiac Anaesthesiology, Child Psychiatry, Forensic, Immunohematology Nuclear Medicine etc.

So go on and make a great career in this field which will not only give you the happiness of saving lives but also will give you great satisfaction.

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