UBC Day 24 : Commenting Commandments

Here’s a Ten on Tuesday on a Wednesday!! Of course, I can do that! 😉

cooltext468162920Ten Commandments for Commenting

There is a similarity between blogging and a stage performance. In a show or a live performance, the appreciative applause, claps, whistles, catcalls, shouts, and sometimes rotten eggs, tomatoes and shoes are the barometers of a performance. When these whistles, catcalls or rotten eggs translate into words, they are known as the comments on our blogs.

Oh, there is no denying to the fact that we all love to receive comments on our blogs. Yes, even those, who say that “I write for my own self”.

We love to see the growing number of comments on our blog posts. A comment has the power to uplift our mood or to give us that happy feeling… or it can also make us cringe or even grimace! I am sure, we all have experienced these at different points of time. Based on observations and experience of reading and commenting on various blogs, I share the Ten Commandments for Commenting.

  1. Thou shalt read before commenting. You will not comment after just seeing a picture or the title of the post. By commenting without reading you are fooling nobody!
  2. Thou shalt comment sensibly. Your comments on a blog are like your business cards that you leave behind. They speak a lot about you. So, exercise your choice responsibly.
  3. Thou shalt add to the conversation. A ‘Good post” or “Agree completely” are the things of the past. Sharing what you liked about the article or adding an example from your own experience is a good idea.
  4. Thou shalt stay on the topic. Ok, you may like to comment about the grammar or the spelling errors, but it is important to connect with the post and be on the same topic while commenting. Starting your own discussion which is irrelevant to the post is not done.
  5. Thou shalt write comments that are easily comprehensible.  Since, one can’t see your expression or your tone while you are commenting, it makes sense to comment in a language that is easily understandable. Using short forms of words like ‘l8r’ or ‘beta’ or commenting only with emoticons can be avoided.
  6. Thou shalt respect : You have all the rights to disagree with the views shared. Agree to disagree, respectably. Remember, when you’re commenting on a blog, you are actually a guest in their home. Your comment on a blog should be akin to your discussion you have with your friends while chatting over coffee.
  7. Thou shalt be creative : Agree sometimes, it is very easy to give in to simply write, “Beautiful post!” or “A great post.”, as you can’t find something better to comment on a post. That’s the time to don your creative hat! You are a creative blogger, isn’t it!?
  8. Thou shalt refrain from overdose of flattery. I guess, this is self explanatory.
  9. Thou shalt not spam. Please (see, it is a request!) refrain from sharing ‘Vote for my blog here’, ‘Read my latest post’ or ‘Visit my site’.
  10. Thou shalt proofread. It is better to fix the typing errors while commenting. Remember, your comments are your business cards…

Agree with these commandments??

Let your comments flow! 🙂

UBC Day 9 : Things I Hate About Hotels

Ten Things I Hate about Hotels


  1. The unhygienic practices : This is my major grouse. Right from a 7 or a 5 Star hotel to a regular hotel, a guest house or a camp site to a home stay, the unhygienic conditions that prevail everywhere is abominably revolting.  A report revealed that fecal bacteria was found on an astonishing 81% of the 18 surfaces analysed!! I remember seeing a cart full of towels and bed-sheets, and accidentally the towels fell on the ground (of course, they didn’t fell in a neat pile, so that one could discard the one touching the ground!). The housekeeping guy, simply put them back in his cart and unsuspecting customers like us would use them lovingly to wipe our faces… In yet another super luxury hotel, while the lunch of a large group was in progress, a housekeeping boy with his small fancy broom and dust pan was cleaning the food etc that fell on the ground. I had this ‘wow’ feeling and thought to myself that the hotel does not want to have its property dirty even for a few minutes. While, I was still enjoying this feeling, the very next moment, the cleaner, started cleaning the food that fell on the buffet table with the same broom and dust pan. His broom touched the plates where the serving spoons were kept and he also brushed the lids of the buffet chafing dishes! I had difficulty in swallowing my food after that!
  2. Cleanliness in the wash rooms : I was in this 5-star property and admiring myself in the mirror and just then a housekeeping lady enters with a small white napkin. She entered the stall no. 1  and wiped the toilet seat with that napkin. Then she moved to stall no. 2 and wiped the seat with the same napkin. I was shocked and disgusted. After her repeat performance in the next 2 stalls, I told her that she is not cleaning but spreading the germs from one place to another. She responded with a blank look!
  3. The hard and the soft : The pillows and mattresses in the hotels come in only too varieties… as hard as a rock or as soft as a pudding. There is no in-between or the just right variety. You either get up in the morning with a sore back or with a sore back!
  4. No resemblance between real and virtual : Last time we decided to stay in a home stay at Shoghi, near Shimla during Aaryan’s school exeat. After scanning more than dozen homestays on the net, we finalized one. On reaching the property we were speechless. The pictures on the internet were so very different from the reality. The food was great and that was a saving grace! At another place, the pictures were that of a large luxurious pool, while in reality it was a swimming pool for kids. When an advertised product or a service is far from reality, it is truly annoying.
  5. WiFi with sky high prices : We are living in the tech age  and connectivity is the buzz word. But the hotel’s rates for WiFi compete with the gold prices. And a few which do provide free WiFi have such poor connectivity that it is better to shut the laptop down than work on it!
  6. Electrical sockets so rare and precious! : Sometimes, I wonder, if it is a rule that the electrical switches in hotels should be at unreachable places. In one hotel, the charging point was near the entrance of the room. So, when the alarm rang in the morning, I had to drag myself out of the bed to stop its incessant ringing. What a wonderful way to start a day!
  7. Exorbitant room service charges: HotelsEven a regular bottle of mineral water costs ten times its actual cost. A club sandwich with taxes was presented with a bill of Rs 850 only! My friend had a mini heart attack. She said with Rs 850, she could have made sandwiches to feed an army!
  8. Bathroom fixtures to test your intelligence : Each hotel has its unique and complicated set of bathroom faucets. They are never the simple ones. You are in a hurry to get ready and you have to struggle to get the tap to function!
  9. Tipping woes : I always believed that a tip is a reward for good service rendered and should be at our discretion and is in no way a mandatory custom. But at some hotels, right from the concierge, to the house keeping guy to the guard at the entrance, or the driver of the cab, all expect you to pay a tip even if you are far from satisfied with their services.
  10. The ‘friendly’ staff : Smaller the hotel, bigger are the chances of meeting the most unprofessional, casual, uncaring and even rude staff. Expecting a friendly and a professional staff from a service industry is a tall order.

Do you have any hotel woes?

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UBC Day 2 : Why I Love Participating in Blog Challenges

Ten Reasons : Why I Love Blog Challenges


This is my 6th daily blogging challenge. While I did the first 3 in isolation, the last 2 were done in a group. The experience of the last 2 everyday blogging challenges has left quite an impression on me. So, here are the reasons why I love taking up blogging challenges…

  1. Camaraderie : I guess, this is the foremost reason for doing blog challenges now. I simply love and enjoy the camaraderie of these virtual community events. The support from fellow bloggers and fun of flocking at each other’s blog is simply amazing.
  2. Active grey cells : Thinking about a new blog post everyday keeps the grey cells active… very active! Everything I look at, is from a blogging perspective, during these challenges. Also, these challenges certainly push me to think out of the box.
  3. Keeps me motivated : With a fabulous group of fellow bloggers to support and cheer you, who wouldn’t be motivated and excited to read and write everyday!!
  4. A good daily habit : “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us”, said John Dryden. Doing something every day is such a powerful way to form a habit and nothing is more satisfying and enriching than developing a daily habit of reading and writing!
  5. Develop a new network : I discovered a new set of bloggers during the A to Z Challenge and some more during the FMS May Photo Challenge. It is interesting to discover new styles, new perspectives and newer like minded virtual friends.
  6. A learning experience : Everyday one learns something new. A new outlook to an issue, some new blogging techniques, a different presentation, some interesting interactions… During the A to Z Challenge, I was amazed that a blogger (Bhavya) wrote a story from A to Z, while another kept the readers busy by getting them to crack codes and puzzles….
  7. A positive and much needed bonus : Yes, everyday writing has some positive effect on the overall writing style, or so I like to believe. 😉 Also it gives me some more clarity of thought and helps crystallize the random thoughts better.
  8. Crazy fun : Brainstorming over the phone or chatting on Whatsapp or discussing in a forum, interacting on the blogs is some crazy fun which I simply love.
  9. Challenging self : Martin Luther King Jr said, the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge … and I agree with him. Only after we accept the challenges, we can feel the exhilaration of achievement and success.
  10. There’s something more… : The month long of blogging gives you some big and small, shiny and creative badges to display proudly on the blog. 😉

Do these reasons excite you to take up a blogging challenge next time?


T is for… Twitter


I have a series on my blog which is called Ten on Tuesdays. What a coincidence this is that the alphabet T for this A to Z Challenge is scheduled for a Tuesday!! So, this gives me a perfect opportunity to do my Ten on Tuesdays, today for alphabet T!!cooltext468162920
Ten Things I See on Twitter
  1. I am a very active Twitter user. No, I don’t tweet much but I simply read. I hardly tweet. In fact, whatever tweets that can be seen on my Twitter profile are all my new blog post links. No, I don’t tweet them manually, but a setting on the blog allows the link to be posted on Twitter as soon as a new post comes up. Whenever and wherever I get a few free minutes, I am reading Tweets. Whether, it is while waiting for the doctor in his clinic or travelling or waiting for a friend somewhere and even before sleep takes over, I am reading Tweets on my phone. All this gazing the phone for Tweets tells me about some patterns the tweeters follow…
  2. Ask anything… Yes, you can ask anything on Twitter and the twitterati  will come out in full support and give you the advice, suggestions, tips… All you have do is just ask. So go ahead and ask for the directions to a club or the location of a post office in Bandra or a skin specialist in Lucknow. Hell, you can even tweet ‘Hunger has struck again, what to eat?’ And even this, “Extremely low BP and I am shivering and sweating like hell….what to do?”TwitterBird
  3. Have a craving for something? Satisfy it on Twitter : No, you need not go into the kitchen or step out of your home to buy that thing… just tweet…’Koi Jalebi khilayega’, ‘Coffee de do koi’, ‘Koi Chennai mein Beer pila do’. You can even tweet “Feel like smoking. Anybody near Barakhamba Rd?’
  4. Random or trivial things… Believe it or not even the most random or silly thing or something which would not be relevant to anybody else but you can be shared on Twitter. So you may tweet, ‘just met someone who was carrying a rainbow colored polka dotted plastic bag’ or that you are on page 239 of Maximum City or that you are going for a haircut or that you murdered a mosquito or simply tweet, ‘Yaawwnnnnn’.
  5. Tell the world what you are eating/drinking… I just had a glass of the Fratelli Shiraz Cabernet Franc, says one. Bournvitaaaa says another. Fried fish. Rice. Chicken Pepper salami..onion and cheese chicken sausage.. Lassi.. 2 Pieces of Bournville and 2 Rasgullas tweets somebody. Post the pictures of the food you are eating as a picture is certainly worth a thousand words.TwitterBirdShouting
  6. Crib or complain about anything and everything : May be cribbing about something gives that inner peace. So one can crib, crib, crib on twitter till the cows come home… ‘Dear Monday, behave.’  ‘What a facepalmworthy piece of shit is the new Lays Ad.’ ‘Bloody global warming’, ‘Congratulations! Petrol prices have increased’.
  7. Social Service :  You help yourself by helping others, and Twitter helps you in reaching out to someone who needs help. ‘A friend is in the hospital and needs blood immediately in Delhi… If you have an O positive blood group…’ or ‘An AC bus has broken down on Matunga Flyover. Caused a major jam. Please avoid that route’ And of course you can also tweet, “I have made dinner for 2, anybody cares to join me?’
  8. Live Tweets : You are watching a cricket match or at a conference or at a meet… just create a live newsfeed with your Tweets of course with your expert comments. ‘Dhoni in pain..he’s out..CSK still in!! RR great catch!!’ ‘CSK while stranded on a rooftop, was waiting for Dhoni’s helicopter to rescue, it crashed. Haar ka Shubhaarambh
  9. No Tweets just conversations : Yes, there are people who believe in the power of a conversation. The Phone, WhatsApp, BBM, Gtalk, FB Chat are passé and Twitter is the place to have long conversations.
  10. Narcissism: You love yourself and people love you too or that’s what you believe, so promote yourself on Twitter ‘Andheri folks, I’m here at Shopper’s Stop. Drop by and say hello’. ‘Yayy, I now have 1000 followers’. ‘Kisi ke paas Dominos ke online coupons hain to de do please’ or simply keep changing your profile pictures every few hours!
Which is your favorite way to use Twitter?
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Ten on Tuesday – 27

cooltext468162920Ten Things about my Recent ‘Encounter’ with  Auto-wallahs in Jaipur

  1. Recently, TOI conducted a series of workshops in our city and Photography was one among them. I immediately grabbed the opportunity to learn the tips and tricks of photography. The learnings and the experience of this workshop deserves a separate post, but this one is about the auto drivers, whose services I used to go back and forth the workshop venue.
  2. Some 50 meters away from our apartment complex, at the end of the road, there is this auto stand where 7-10 autos are parked at all hours of the day. During the day time, you will find them sitting in one auto and chatting away to glory. During the evenings you would see them huddled together around a small fire.autorickshaw-4-stroke
  3. You ask them, “Bhaiya, Tonk Road chaloge?” (Will you go to Tonk Road?) and the Act 1 of the drama begins. Half of them would turn away on hearing the destination, as if you are asking them to drop you on the moon. And this reaction is when your destination is in the centre of the city, which is a place buzzing with people and activities from morning to night and you are asking them to take you there at 10 am and not 10 pm!! The remaining 3-4 would push each other to take the “savari”. Listening to them say , “Tu iss savari ko leja” (You take this passenger) fills you with disgust.
  4. Reluctantly, somebody would agree and then Act 2 of the drama begins. You ask, “Kitna loge” (How much will you take?) And he says an amount which is twice the regular fare. You argue that you go daily to that place (even if it is the 2nd day of commuting to that place) and the fare is Rs 80. They turn back and go back to their conference room aka auto and continue with their agenda of the ‘meeting’. You leave the place and start walking on the main road and a few minutes later, an auto stops, you discuss your destination and the fare and surprisingly, these auto drivers always ask for a Rs 10 or 20 more than the ‘actual’ fare and agree to your ‘Rs 80’ immediately.
  5. Why you have to haggle about the fare is because these autos never go by meter, though they would start it as soon as you sit inside one. Their point is that the meter rate card is an old one and the price of diesel has increased. I wonder, if some action can be taken against them for not going by the meter!
  6. How does one arrive on the agreeable fare when the autos never go by meter and you are travelling by an auto after years! On the first day, you ‘interact’ ie do a market survey with 5-6 autos drivers and ask them the fare for your destination and then refuse all of them, one by one. After this interaction, you take the average of all the fares and arrive at an amount which could be the ‘right’ amount. You stop the next passing by auto and tell him what you will pay and voila! he agrees on the fare!
  7. The auto drivers in Jaipur city have to wear a blue shirt. Most of them never wear it before the start of the journey. Somewhere down the road they realise that the traffic cop would be visible, so they wear it over the clothes they are wearing and in turn either slowing down the vehicle or manoeuvring the vehicle precariously with one hand and using the other one to wear the blue shirt.
  8. Some of them drive at a break-neck speed, irrespective of the road. The traffic, the potholes, the speed-breakers just don’t mean anything to them. On a busy road, they will manoeuvre the auto so dangerously and sharply that you keep swaying to and fro on the seat. The jump over the potholes and speed-breakers ensure that all the contents of your stomach churn on their own. I wish there was some way of telling the muscularis externa in the stomach to take some rest and not to churn the food as the auto driver is helping to do just the same!
  9. Kumar Sanu would be proud of himself and would smile smugly to know that ALL the auto drivers (who have music systems in their autos) love him dearly!  After ages I heard so many popular songs of Kumar Sanu with jhankar beats.
  10. Since these autos never go by the meter and the fare that you agree upon is a round figure and that too in denomination of 10, still these guys never have change. The fare is Rs 80, you give Rs 100, and Act 3 of the drama begins… they put their hand in that pocket which has no money and with a sorry face, they say, “Sorry madam, change nahin hai”. Now, where you stop is a corner of a traffic junction, and the only shop that you see is a pan shop which is also a few meters away. You try to get the change from the paanwala and he refuses without even looking from whatever he is doing. Mind you, it is your responsibility to get the change, not the Auto driver’s! And since you can’t be asking for the change from any passer-by (who will definitely refuse too), you part with your 100 rupee note without getting the change! A six day workshop and traveling exactly a dozen times in the auto, my travelling expenses were more than the workshop fee!

How has been your experience with the Auto-wallahs in your city??

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Ten On Tuesday – 26


10 Excuses Reasons  Why Couldn’t I Write a Nice Post Today
  1. I am plain lazy. I guess, it’s the weather. Now, this is a wonderful excuse…blame it on the weather. Oh, by the way, there is a song by the same lyrics!
  2. I am thoroughly uninspired. Everything is regular around me at the moment. That reminds me of something I read somewhere… when our life is regular and routine, we crib about it and when our regular life is disturbed we yearn to go back to our comfortable boring life!
  3. I wanted to write something spectacular, though I haven’t written anything spectacular for a long time now. Also, I have no clue about what I want to write
  4. My Google Reader keeps adding new blog posts every 10 minutes. I am happy reading what others have written. And let me tell you, that bloggers are an extremely talented lot. Everybody has a different or a new viewpoint on everything! Pretty impressive that is, now!
  5. My maid is taking leave tomorrow and I am worried about the work load that I will have tomorrow at my hands.
  6. I have more important things to do like daydream about the future and the very next moment get daymares too (yeah they are nightmares seen in broad day light!). Then, I also need to help Aaryan to understand the instructions of the new game that he has downloaded. The clothes need to be taken inside from the clothes drying rack otherwise the dew will dampen them…
  7. There are too many distractions at the moment… Aaryan’s Angry Birds are making angry noises on his Tablet, there are sounds of elephants trumpeting on television which no one is watching at the moment, KG is making some weekend plans over the phone with a friend and my ears are getting pulled in his direction, the honking of the cars on the street outside…
  8. Taking time to write makes me feel guilty. I get a feeling that I am neglecting my child. Though my child is having a rocking vacation. This is exactly what he said in the morning when his boarding school friend cum bunk bed partner from Kolkata called.
  9. I am not well. (Gosh, this is sounding too dramatic even to my ears!) A rash has developed on my forehead. The doctor said, it’s an allergy and now it has caused swelling on my forehead and nose too! No pain and no irritation but whenever KG is looking at me, he has a worried look and Aaryan is quick to point out my new grey hair and dark spots too!
  10. My grey cells are exhausted, in other words, my brain is progressing towards… umm… towards… Oh, my grey cells are exhausted. Period.

Ten on Tuesday – 25


Ten Things about My Idiosyncrasy for Tea
Wikipedia describes idiosyncrasy as an unusual feature of a person. It also means an odd habit. The term is often used to express eccentricity or peculiarity. People around me believe that I am very fussy about my tea. While commenting on a post by Destination Infinity, the idea of this blog post took shape and form. So here we go with my idiosyncrasy for tea!
  1. I am a tea person. When I say, that I am a tea person, it does not mean that I like drinking tea all the time or I can have tea anytime and anywhere. Of course, I love my tea, but in my own special style and process.clip_image001
  2. While I don’t mind at all (in fact love) somebody cooking food for me, tea is something that I like to make myself. Even, if somebody volunteers to do the honours of making the tea for me, I firmly decline the offer. The tea that I make tastes exactly the same almost all the times (sometimes the quality of milk changes the taste), as I follow my self designed tea ceremony religiously. I add all the ingredients as per the specific measured proportions. Also they are added after a certain interval of time or temperature to give that perfect cup of taste.
  3. I drink only 2 cups mugs of tea… one in the morning and one in the evening. Sometimes when I am at home, after finishing my work, I do indulge myself with another mug. When I am out of home at somebody’s place, and it’s time for the evening mug, either the tea is made as per my instructions or is made by me or missed altogether so that I can rush back home and have my tea in my own way and mug! Having a bad tasting tea is not my cup of tea!
  4. There are so many varieties and flavours of tea. But my all time favourites are Brook Bond Red Label and Wagh Bakri!!
  5. I like masala tea only. So, with the variations in the seasons, my masalas for the tea changes too. Masala for the tea includes anything from ginger, tulsi, mint, cardamom to black pepper, cloves, fennel, cinnamon sticks, I also sometimes use the readymade tea masala that’s available in the market.
  6. I like having tea in my large mugs and these are some of the mugs that I use frequently. My current favourite is the last one in green.
  7. I do not like separate tea that is served in star hotels, CCDs etc. When I am travelling for workshops, the hotels serve tea with tea bags, I prefer going without tea and take a cup of coffee instead. Since I am a cleanliness freak, I never have tea from the roadside thadis or trains, railway stations, bus depots … Though I am told that some of these road side tea shops make amazing tea!
  8. I like my tea sweet and milky. Milk, I have realised is a big factor in making a nice cup of tea. Since we use Amul pasteurized milk. I have found that using the whole milk (Amul Gold)makes the tea very heavy and using the toned milk (Amul Taaza) does not taste that good. So, I use milk which has half proportion of Amul Gold and half of Amul Taaza. Tea made from the freshly boiled milk tastes the bestest and that from the a day old milk is not all that great.
  9. And now that the winters are setting in, I do enjoy Kashmiri Kahwa after meals.
  10. I like to have my tea in total peace. During this time, I like to sit with either my book/newspaper or laptop. I hate interruptions by means of phone calls or ringing of the door bell etc. Tea time is my time, which I cherish and love completely. I associate my mug of tea with relaxation and rejuvenation. Gladstone said, “If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you” and I agree completely with him!

Are you a Tea Person or a Coffee Person??
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Ten on Tuesday – 24

cooltext468162920Ten Types of Shopkeepers and Their Salesmen

It’s that time of the year, when everybody is out there in the market, to do what is mandatory in this season. Yes, the festive season demands us to shop till we drop and go back home with loads of shopping bags and depleting bank balance. So, you have old uncles and aunties checking the goods, you see the mothers with a couple of bags in one hand and the other hand dragging a balking child. Then there are groups of college going kids spending more time on fun and noise than doing the shopping, also there are these lovey-dovey couples who look less at the showcased stuff but more at each other and of course the regular shoppers like me. So whether you shop in the big malls or in the narrow by-lanes of the old city, you will come across, different varieties of shopkeepers. Yeah, shopkeepers, the people who sell their wares/goods to us. This post is about the various types of shopkeepers and their salesmen who enhance and enrich or wreck and worsen our shopping experience.

  1. The No-Nonsense Guy : You ask for a product X, he shows you the product X. He does not believe in much customer interaction and just talks to the point. Try asking him for some discount, (Oh, how much we love discounts and freebies), he will not look up from his bill making process. You grab the bill hungrily only to find the product is being sold to you at the specified rate only!
  2. The Super Salesman : You want to buy just a shampoo. “Ma’am, for your damaged hair, this conditioner is a must use. You should try this. Don’t you use a toner for your face, your pores are all big and gaping. This is best toner for your skin type. Use it and you will thank me for this! This is the latest range of eyeliner which Kareena is promoting… You go to his shop to buy one product and you come back with three!!!
  3. Totally Indifferent :  You say, “Bhaiya aur dikhao… Do you have this design in pink?…” He acts as if he didn’t hear anything. This is despite when neither you have rejected a  dozen options nor you are asking for some silly piddly thing! You look around yourself for the object of your desire and tell him to show ‘that’ piece and grudgingly he will take it out. Such a passive approach is so sad and a big mood (shopping mood, I mean) killer! A walk-out is the bestest option here.
  4. The Brothers : Ok, you address the shopkeepers as ‘Bhaiya’ and a few are ‘Uncle’’ too, so naturally they call you ‘Sister or Didi! In Jaipur, some even call you ‘Bhabhi ji!!’ There was this guy who once addressed me as ‘Small Sister’(yeah in English only), I tried to rationalize, he must be influenced by The Big Brother!.
  5. Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera Hai : But Jo Mera Hai Wo Mera Hi Hai! You buy a thing which costs Rs 1999. You pay Rs 2000 and wait. But they close the cash counter firmly and move ahead to wait on the next customer. Go ahead and judge me but I am talking about THAT one rupee. Just think what that One Rupee of YOUR hard-earned money does to the shopkeeper’s account. Suppose a shopkeeper does not return this One Rupee (and you know that almost all the brands are priced which end with the magical no. 9, so you have prices ranging from Rs 49 to 99… 199, 299, 399…) to 50 customers in a day, his daily earnings would be Rs 50, and monthly earnings would be Rs 50×30 days= Rs 1500 and look at the yearly earnings from YOUR ONE RUPEE, Rs 1500×12 months = Rs 18000!! Think about it, the next time!
  6. The Snails : Working in slow motion is what they do. So, whether you have all the time in the world to shop or are in a tearing hurry, these shopkeepers just cannot work fast to even save their lives! Some of the guys who pack gifts are slower than the snails too!
  7. The Big Talkers : They greet you warmly, they ask you questions, they suggest a lot of options, they even compliment you, and can talk to your 1 year old too… in short, they do not keep quiet even for a minute. Sometimes, it’s ok to listen to all the blabber and at times it’s irritating too.
  8. The Hard Sellers : Perfect in their product knowledge, they rattle the feature, advantages and benefits of a product with great panache. You ask any query, they have the answer, you try to find faults, they know how to handle that too. Persistent and confident, they know how to close the deal quick. 3 years ago, when I wanted to change my laptop, after all the research and comparisons, I wanted to go for Dell, and this shopkeeper convinced us to buy Acer. We bought it but somehow, I was never proud of my Acer Laptop!
  9. Always Missing : These are the shopkeepers who are never at their shops. You always have to wait outside, look here and there and hope that they see you standing and came back to their workstations ASAP. The courier guy next to our office and the aquarium guy from whom we buy our gold fishes are NEVER at their respective shops.
  10. The Troubled Ones : These are the guys who are angry, frustrated about something in life, so they vent out their irritation, anger at the unsuspecting customer. A nasty comment or an irritating look is what you get from them.  Thank You Jack and Destination Infinity for contributing to this category. Truly appreciate it.

Ten on Tuesday – 23

Posting on a Wednesday, though! cooltext468162920

Ten Things I Don’t Want to See/Read on Blogs

We all love our blogs as much as our babies! It’s our very own personal space where we Communicate, Connect and Comment. In doing so, we connect with a lot of blogs. While, I enjoy my time in the blogosphere, as there are a lot of things that I observe, absorb and soak, however there are a few things, I wish I don’t get to see or read on the blogs…

  1. Comment Moderation and Word Verification : word-verification-google5I know, I know, you do this to protect yourself from the spammers and their attack. But having both these things together?? If you are moderating comments then you do take care of what gets published on your blog. So, there isn’t actually the need of the very painful word verification. Sometimes, the words and numbers are so twisted that you need to try 3-4 options to get it right. I doing so, it leaves you a bit perturbed and all the pleasure and joy of reading and commenting goes away!
  2. SMS Lingo : Dis is sumthin dat I hate da most! Da wurds ritten lyk dis not only r n i-sore bt irks n irritates me 2 no end. U may say dat it is ur space and u cn rite da way you pls, but I believe that you want people to read what you write too, so, I guess, it makes sense to give your readers a wonderful reading pleasure!
  3. Painful Layout and Fonts : White text on black background or multi-coloured text in between or the curvy cursive writing kind of fonts are so hard to read. Such layouts and fonts are a big strain on the eyes and sometimes you have to squint too!! And in this process, even the brain (of course, I am talking about my brain!) fails to register the written text!
  4. LONG Posts : anti-long-post_c_552796I was reading a blog post. The beginning was captivating and the subject was interesting. A few paragraphs down the page, it lost its steam. I continued reading still and then my attention simply vanished. I scrolled down to check, how much of it was left anyways and the cursor continued to move down and down the page for FOREVER. Yeah, no exaggerating… it was a long long post!! Agree, you have a lot to share, but can that be divided in parts? Or can the post be concise and crisp?
  5. BIG Header Images : You click on a blog to read but what you see is a big picture that takes up the entire screen. You have to scroll down a bit to read the actual content! Ok, this is not much of a pain but still it would be nice to see the content first!
  6. Distracting Sidebars : Sometimes there are so many widgets on the sidebar that it gives a very cluttered look. The animated GIFs are so very distracting too! And I have never understood the rationale of having a clock on a blog!
  7. Same Same Every Day! : We don’t like to eat the same food everyday, so why do you dish out the same type of posts on your blog all the time! It makes perfect sense if yours is a niche blog! But the same rants, same cribs, same topics to discuss/share (which may be written brilliantly) all the time?? Well, I’d like to have some spice, some variety on a blog!
  8. Insipid Content : OK, this is self explanatory and of course, one can’t churn out brilliant pieces all the time! But still…
  9. Too Many Ads :  An advertisement here or a blurb there or the flashing ads or the scrolling marquee are not fun when reading something interesting!
  10. No Engagement : No interaction with the readers is a big dampener too. Well, I have improved on this one, lately, only courtesy the interactive comment format introduced by Blogger.
Despite, all this…white_i_love_blogs_detail

Ten On Tuesday – 22

 Ten Things about by Trip from Kalka to Delhi in a Shatabdi
  1. A week ago, I was travelling from Kalka to Delhi by Shatabdi. As you know, the seating pattern in a Shatabdi has 3 seats on one side of the aisle and 2 on the other side. I had a seat right in the centre of the compartment, so I had 3 seats just across my seat and we shared a big table between us.
  2. A Tamilian family occupied the 3 seats across me. The family had husband-wife, a son and a very sweet 6 year old daughter. The son sat across the aisle. One look at the wife and I knew that she was not talking to her husband!! The poor (?!!?) guy tried to initiate some conversation with her, but she simply ignored him. Ah, a fight on a vacation!!
  3. The thing about Shatabdi trains is that they start feeding you as soon as you are just about comfortable in your seat. So, in a short while the snacks arrived along with tea/coffee. DSC04727
  4. The attendant’s load of snack trays  finished just after serving the wife and the lil daughter. The girl was super excited to see her tray of goodies. But her excitement turned into panic when she saw that her Appa had not received his snack tray. She gave frantic looks in the direction of the attendant who had gone to get another round of trays. But the baby was unaware of it, it seems, so she started speaking in Tamil, and from the words Appa and Amma and her panic stricken look, I could make out what she was trying to tell her parents!! It was an amusing sight! And a moment later when her Appa got his tray, she was at peace!
  5. I could see a 10-12 year old in the next row, reading a story book. It was so heartening to see him so engrossed in his book. At first he was reading a Tinkle and then later on a Amar Chitra Katha. Passion for reading is something which I wish each child should have! DSC04734
  6. Soon, it was dinner time and this was the dinner tray. How all this tasted, I can’t say a word about it, because, I don’t eat food served in a train! DSC04747
  7. For the first time, I saw a 10-12 year old boy taking a bite of raw green chilli with every bite of food. Amazing, it was!
  8. After dinner, the husband, busied himself with his Handycam. It looked like his prized possession. But it sure had some issue as his repeated attempts to rectify resulted in some irritated mutterings.  DSC04736
  9. Children bring about such positivity and happiness around, I experienced it once again. The incessant chatter of the lil girl, Padmini (I couldn’t resist talking to her!) sometimes, with her Amma and sometimes with her Appa, at last ensured that both the parents smiled at each other. I couldn’t understand a word of what the child was taking about, but whatever it was, sure made the parents smile and they started talking after nearly 4 hours in the train!!
  10. The Indian Railways  inhouse magazine, “Rail Bandhu” had some interesting travelogues of some celebrities and I liked their caption for the series…DSC04750
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