Thursday Challenge – Wet

It’s a Wet Thursday today!

Last year, while we were waiting for our lunch at the rooftop restaurant of our hotel in Mcleodganj, suddenly it was all dark and in a flash of a second, it started raining heavily.

Aaryan and his friends, immediately rushed onto the terrace. The boys had a wonderful time by getting soaked in the torrential downpour, all the while running around and jumping on the rain drops.

The fun of watching the kids play in the rains along with the smell emanating from the wet earth and the fresh lush green look of the trees around, brought happiness and smiles on everyone’s face.

Thursday Challenge : Happy

Happy he is, when he swims.

When we enrolled Aaryan for swimming classes in 2006, during a summer camp, for the first few days, he would just sit outside the pool with his legs dangling in the water. We thought of it as an initial reaction to water. But when it went on for 10 days, the coach suggested that I join him in the pool too.

And when I started learning swimming along with him, he was relaxed and picked up swimming faster than me!

It’s been 5 years now, and needless to say that he is a near pro. Of course his focus is more on jumping, diving, splashing water or throwing goggles from one end and swimming underwater to get them!

Now that we have a pool in our building complex, he is having a gala time with his friends. Not a single day is missed at the pool and is ready with his bag much before the appointed hour, everyday!

Swimming makes Aaryan truly happy!

Thursday Challenge : Pets

Before Pepper

KG : “We have had 8 dogs at our place (his parents’ home) and I know everything about dogs. Would take them for walks, bathe them, have taken them to hospitals, have handled the new born pups to even ferocious ones and have assisted when ‘Laila’ was giving birth to her 6 puppies”….

SG : “We have had a Pomeranian (at my parents’ home). She was a sweet lil’ dog. A real friend, not much of a demanding pet, rather a quiet member of our family”

AG : “We should have a dog at our home, I love them. When will we have one?”


One fine day in April 2006, Pepper, a month old Dalmatian enters the Garg family. A cute lil’ baby, loved and pampered by all 3 of us.

Then a month later, he fell ill. It was the hot weather, the vet said. The whole of May passed in taking our new baby to the hospital for shots and drips every morning and evening, feeding him with a syringe, because, he was too frail to eat on his own. And since we couldn’t tie him with the leash, he would roam around anywhere in the home and thus would do sussu-potty anywhere and anytime. Of course, I did the cleaning part without a frown. His being healthy was more important than anything else. And by God’s grace, he became fit and fine.

And then what followed was….

After the initial euphoria, the men of our family got back to their regular routines.
The vast and rich “walking, feeding, bathing, and handling the dogs experience” of KG was never put to use for Pepper because he was too busy with his work, travelling or plain tired.

AG was too young to do anything of consequence for Pepper at that time… No, he used to play ball with him!

So that left me. The cute lil Pepper turned into a giant Pepper who was a WILD dog. No amount of training from a professional helped him mend his wild ways.

Sussu-potty anywhere in the home, barking incessantly and being friendly with strangers, turning our beautiful garden into a ploughed field with deep trenches, waking up at ungodly hours on holidays to let him out or running after him on the roads, when he would break free from his leash, were some of the minor aberrations!!

Finally, one day in November 2006, I met a person in a vet hospital who was looking for a Male Dalmatian as he had 2 female Dalmatians. I gave an ultimatum to the 2 men of our home and gladly gave Pepper to spice up somebody else’s life.

After Pepper

The 2 guys have never forgiven me for doing this to them. Whenever they see a dog, they talk about owning one, sometime soon.

I smile and let them day dream!!

Thursday Challenge – Beautiful

It’s a Beautiful week. And bright, attractive and colourful, in short Beautiful are our Goldie and Ginnie.

Goldie and Ginnie, our pet gold fishes, have been with us since 2006.

No, the gold fishes don’t live that long and given the feng shui belief that whenever a fish dies, it takes a part of your bad luck or misfortune. And you know, how life is!! So, many of our gold fishes have died since 2006, but they have been always replaced with new ones. So, though many fishes have given us company for the last 5 years, their name remains just the same, that is Goldie and Ginnie!! And since they don’t respond to their names like a pet dog or a cat would, anyone of them can be called by either of the names, as neither do they mind, nor do we!!

Goldie and Ginnie are wonderful pets. It’s so refreshing and relaxing to see them dance around in their bowl. Watching them is always a pleasure. And the bestest thing about them is that they are so low on maintenance. Just a feed in the morning and a weekly water change of their bowl, that’s it!!
No waking up at ungodly hours or even in rains or harsh winters to take them out for sussu-potty, and they never chew your favourite slipper or bark unreasonably.
You don’t have to take them to the vet for vaccinations or buy accessories and special food that costs a bomb.
Your home is free from tufts of hair and they are certainly not messy while eating food!!
They never attack or scare anyone and none of the neighbors complain about them.

I can go on and on talking about our Goldie and Ginnie, but to sum it up, they are the most beautiful friends we have at home… silently adding joy happiness and peace in our lives.

Oops, I noticed just now, that the next week’s Thursday Challenge is on Pets!!

Thursday Challenge – Spring

It’s Spring in Jammu and Kashmir now. The spring season starts in March and lasts till early May.
Last weekend, I had the pleasure to be at Patnitop which is a hill station near Jammu.

This view from a small hill gives you the blissful feeling of peace and tranquility. Surrounded by lush green forest and tall pine trees are the JKTDC Huts. Well furnished rooms with working kitchen  beckon you if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday. One can indulge in reading a good book under a tree or long walks, trekking or pony rides at any time as the weather is very pleasant, with a slight nip in the air.

Ah, miss this serene place now that I am back in the hot and sultry weather of Jaipur!

Thursday Challenge – Happy

Birthdays and Cakes go hand in hand, we all know that! And our birthday parties are no different. But what is different in our birthday parties is this….

  … the smearing of the cake on anybody and everybody!! Somebody has to start it and then it’s a chain reaction! Everybody would like to dirty soften their hands in the creamy cake and spread the cheer. It was my birthday, in the pic above and see the happy guys in KG and RB.

 Here, in this picture above, KG’s office guys, not only applied the beautiful and yummy Black Forest Cake on this face properly like a face pack but also decorated him with flowers from the bouquets he received and sure there were lots of happy smiles.

And here, KG was not even given an opportunity to remove his spectacles!! Some happiness it gave to everybody around!

So what if the hair has to shampooed immediately and the clothes have to be changed, so what if the kids pester for wanting to eat some more cake and the wife has to take special care in washing the smeared clothes,…  All Izzz Well, as long as we get that Happy feeling!

PS: Inspired by Sangeeta’s Thursday Challenge pic and comment! Thank you Sangeeta! 🙂

Thursday Challenge – Soft

It‘s Soft this Thursday and these are the Soft cakes that we have had for Aaryan’s birthday over the years. Every year, it has been the cartoon character which had taken his fancy at that point of time. Of course, the first year which marked the first birthday has been our choice!!
(Click on the picture for a better and clear view!)

And as is evident, 3 cakes are missing. One cake picture is very blurred, the second cake pic is not opening, the file has got corrupted and the third one… well there is no picture!! I mean, there are a hundred pictures of the party but none of the cake!! I can kick myself for that!!

So go, on and have a bite, they sure were soft and yummy!!

Thursday Challenge – Green

Yesterday, while shopping at Easy Day Store (A Bharti Walmart Retail Supermarket), which happens to be on the ground floor of our apartment complex, an idea was born…

After keeping all the grocery items back home I rushed again to the store with my Nikon SLR camera. Got a few curious looks… ignoring that I met the store manager and told him about my POA.

While, he liked the idea but due to policy issues, would not allow me to click pictures inside the store. And then he himself suggested the solution!
A beaming me, gladly went ahead to do the needful.

Borrowed the stool from the Mehndi fellow who sits outside the store and displayed all the goodies on it and voila… the stage was set!

Presenting my Green pic…

… the various brands which are green in colour or packaging!!

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