You Can’t Know Everything


Knowledge is power! And the hunger for knowledge should be never ending. Thomas Huxley suggested, ‘Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.’

Some would like to know something about everything and some may believe in knowing everything about something!

I think, both are practically impossible, as the depth and breadth of information available today is boundless and bottomless. Is it humanly possible to follow either of the suggestions?

Some brilliant folks might still achieve the impossible but then how will they respond to this thought from Thomas Edison ‘We don’t know a millionth of 1% about anything!

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What to do When there are Too Many Things to Get Done

My To-Do list for today is longer than my arm. I am swamped with work and have so many deadlines to chase. And it is making me all panicky! I have been up since wee hours of the morning and haven’t accomplished anything of importance. I am finding it really hard to focus on one thing and am not even able to prioritize. And this is when I have a list of things to do right in front of me.

One moment, I want to do X task and I am abandoning it the next moment to look at data for a client presentation. And then there are constant beeps from my phone about the End of Season Sales SMSs, Retweet messages, Likes and Comments on a post from Facebook, emails, whatsapp messages and all this cannot be ignored, right! As I type this, the buzzer of my washing machine has gone off, which means that I need to rush to take off the wash load and put it out for drying before the Sun God goes and plays hide and seek with the Rain God! I am constantly looking at the watch, as the house help has not turned up as yet and it is way past her regular time. If she does not turn up and if I end up doing her work too, I will be seriously derailed from the work timelines.

And then, I have to write this post too, as I am co-hosting #MondayMusings with Corinne, for the first time. This post should have been up at midnight last night, but the grey cells and the fingers refused to coordinate and hence, a blank document stared at me for a long time, till I gave up and decided to sleep over it literally and figuratively!

What to do when there are too many things to be done and nothing is getting accomplished? This question is ringing in my head for a while now!

I am amazed that an otherwise organised me, believe me, I am pretty disciplined regarding my work , is struggling to get tasks ticked off from my To-Do list today! I am realizing that I have not done any productive work today. I am just killing time. I don’t know if this is one of those days or I am doing something wrong.

And then I came across, this infographic. It has 7 pointers that destroy productivity. From these 7 pointers, I am guilty of doing 5 things except for point no. 2 and 3.

These are simple things, and I am aware of all these time wasters, but still till I got nudged and shaken by this infographic, I couldn’t bring myself to unplug from the social media, and mute the distractions from phone and stop being a multi-tasking diva.
Marketo-Killing-Time1Image Courtesy : Source

Aha! Avoiding these simple time wasters made me complete this post in record fifteen minutes.

As you chew and digest these productivity killers, I am off to  annihilate the tasks in my list!

You all have a productive and satisfying week ahead!

What do you do when there are too many things to get done? Share your tips and experience!


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Today, I Will…


I turned the knob and opened the door, but it refused to go any further. I pushed harder and heard something crack with a snap. All the drawers were open and things were spilling out of them. I couldn’t walk without stepping on clothes, charging cables, cans, shoes… As I made my way around the workout gear, I toppled the overflowing wastebasket.

When will I learn, I sighed!

I could close the door and keep out.

But No… Today, I will not wait for mom to clean up.  After all, this is my circus and these are my monkeys! #FeelingDetermined


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Little or Everything #MondayMusings

I discovered Dr Seuss’s books pretty late in life. I just can’t believe that I had not heard about his books when I haveThe Cat in the Hat been an avid reader since I was a kid. I am still not able to fathom, why I never saw his books in our school and club library which had impressive collection of books. And then, I never came across his works when I was making Aaryan read books appropriate for his age. And this is when I have been buying books for him since he was a toddler!

When JK Rowling wrote, “I expect what you’re not aware of would fill several books, Dursely”, she actually meant it for me! As I was beating myself up for not knowing about this best selling author all these years, I realized that we cannot possibly know or be even properly informed about the majority of subjects in the world. In fact, we are all ignorant about so many things. The information available today is so vast, its depth and breadth boundless and bottomless.

As these thoughts were beginning to comfort me, I read a contrasting thought from Blaise Pascal. Yes, the gentleman who gave us the famous Pascal’s Law and Pascal’s Theorem. He believed in Little of Everything.  He said, as we cannot be universal by knowing everything there is to know about everything, we must know a little about everything, because it is much better to know something about everything than everything about something.

For me, this Little of Everything seems to be a scary and a tedious proposition at this moment, so, I’d like to console myself that we cannot know everything and it’s better late than never.

And I have digressed so much. Coming back to Dr Seuss, it was only recently, when I found a review article on one of his books that my interest was piqued. I scanned the web and found a few ebooks and enjoyed listening to an audio book too. And now, I cant wait to read all the 46 books that Dr Seuss or Theodor Seuss Geisel has written.

Dr Seuss’s books not only have imaginative characters and fantastical rhymes but great inspirational life advice too.

Today, I came across this infographic which has some inspiring quotes from Dr Seuss to help perk up our week . Enjoy reading and soaking in the wisdom.


Image :  Source

Have you read books from Dr Seuss? Do you believe in Little of Everything ? Is it actually possible?

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Stranger in the Park


I noticed the old man sitting on a park bench sobbing his eyes out.

I looked around and saw a woman near him look at him briefly and then turned the other way, like she didn’t see anything, while another man was visibly embarrassed.

I just wished I could take away his pain. I think he must be truly sad to cry in public.

Wonder, what has distressed him. On second thoughts, I don’t need answers, I just want to comfort him.

So, I got up and sat near him, till he smiled, looked into my eyes and petted me.




IMG_2593 (1)

Image Courtesy : morgueFile

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Be There


Behind her she heard laughter. IMG_8956

Her throat constricted and unshed tears stung her eyes as she rushed out of the room.

She felt his presence as he sat down beside her on the concrete step.

He didn’t speak, and neither did she.

She met his gaze and saw a look of understanding and genuine concern.

And suddenly the dark clouds lifted and a ray of sunshine brightened the dark corridors in her heart.

Yes, sometimes you need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything , but just to let you know that you are supported and cared about.

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What Comes First – Success or Happiness?


Often we say, “I will be happy when…”

This ‘when’ could be a new job, a hike in salary or weight loss or a successful relationship…” Are we saying that the way it works, first comes success and then happiness?

Research shows that it’s the other way round. Happy people are more successful.

When you are happy, you will be more productive, creative, social and positive. And with all these success comes automatically.

Also, it’s hard to find happiness after success, as our goals keep changing.

Life is not a quest to achieve happiness. Happiness is found along the way!

I came across this infographic about happiness and success with reference to work place. But it applies to our personal life and relationships too.

What do you think, which comes first… Happiness or Success?


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A Journey into Myself


For years, I had put the blinders on, as I continued to live up to the expectations of others.

All these years as I pleased people, was I actually living?

I think, I was merely existing or was I, in fact dying inside?

They say a setback is a setup for a comeback.

Like the phoenix bird, I had to rise from the ashes and believe in myself and love myself to become a new me.

I am going to fly as high as I can, go far as I can, on a long journey … a journey into myself.


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Tough Times Refine You



Loaded with fruits of the season, I’ve been seeing him make rounds of our colony, since I was a child.

His face glows with a saintly sheen and a smile dances around his lips, always.

And that’s when his life has had more tragedies than one can ever imagine.

I once asked about how he manages to smile despite all the setbacks.

He said sagely, “You have to be knocked out a bit by life to see the point of simple joys of sharing smiles with strangers, petting a dog, uneventful days… Tough times not only define but refine you!”

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100 Words on Saturday



For years the questions that were raging inside my mind, day and night, had no answers.

Every direction I took led to a dead end.

Despite having the devil’s own luck, giving up was never an option.

The call today, connected some dots and instilled some hope in me, once again.

The detective acknowledge me with a nod of the head as I entered the tiny room.

I looked around and wondered, was it for months or years?

No one knew except for these walls which screamed of the struggle she must have gone through in captivity and subsequent murder.

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