His Drunken Wife

Title: His Drunken Wife31180564
Author: Sundari Venkatraman
Number of Pages: 101
Price [INR]: 120 (Kindle)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

His Drunken Wife is the ninth book authored by Sundari Venkatraman and is the Book#2 in the 5-novella series Marriages Made in India.

The characters of this book were part of Sundari’s  earlier novella, The Runaway Bridegroom. In His Drunken Wife, Mr. Perfect Abhimanyu falls in love with Shikha , the rebel. It’s love at first sight for him while for Shikha, Abhimanyu doesn’t figure on her list anywhere.

When Shikha gets to know that Abhimanyu is rich enough for her, she accepts his marriage proposal. But it’s all one sided love. And it’s all from Abhimanyu’s side while Shikha continues to act rash and randy. She is addicted to alcohol and continues to drink unabashedly even on their weeding party.

And then Abhimanyu sets out on a honeymoon to Thailand with his drunken wife…

I was amazed to read His Drunken Wife for this book is so different from Sundari’s regular stories. The story did not have the regular sweet, strong and virtuous heroine. Shikha, the main protagonist is bold, quick-tempered, headstrong and has all the traits that made me dislike her. It took me a while to warm up to her. I wondered what made the charming, rich and intelligent Abhimanyu to marry her. But when love strikes someone like lightning, so powerful and intense it can’t be ignored. As bedfellows go, there couldn’t be a less compatible pair, but they had some amazing sizzling chemistry going on between them.

I liked how the characters developed as the story progresses. Shikha’s devil-may-care attitude and alcoholism is understandable once her past is known. The husband who cooks for his wife and who is patient and understanding too, ooh, it’s not at all difficult to fall in love with Abhimanyu. The writing is crisp and lean as always. The pace of the story is fast which makes His Drunken Wife a quick read.

Check out His Drunken Wife for a quick sizzling read.

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Dawn at Dusk

Title: Dawn at Dusk 32931077
Author: Gaurav Sharma
Publisher: Petals Publishers
ISBN: 978-93-85440-30-4
Number of Pages: 184
Price [INR] : 175
Genre: Fiction

Yet to go through an ordeal, the millionaire scion Aradhaya is much cossetted only-son of Talukdars. Suddenly, his life gets upended when he loses his parents and is deceived by the girl he marries. In his attempt to overcome, he falls for Sambhavi, who is a renowned writer and professor, because he sees her as the shadow of his mother.

Sambhavi lays her condition. Aradhaya gives up too soon. Distraught, he leaves his house in search of peace and starts a life of a recluse among the people with little means and ambitions until his love for Sambhavi guides and inspires him to do something extraordinary. What does he do? What course does his life take? Does Sambhavi accept him? Let’s hear Aradhaya’s story…

Dawn at Dusk is Gaurav’s third book, the first two being Love @ Air Force and Rapescars. I have read both these books and quite liked them. When I picked up Dawn at Dusk, my expectations were high.

Dawn at Dusk has an unconventional story of a millionaire Aradhaya who falls in love with Sambhavi, an award winning writer, social worker and lecturer. Meera, Sambhavi’s adopted daughter is in love with Aradhaya as well. Sambhavi who is 13 years senior to Aradhaya, wants him to earn his love for her. To prove himself, Aradhaya takes up a project to empower and uplift the lives of people in a small hilly village. Does that help him unite with the love of his life? Well, you will have to read the book to know that.

But here’s what I think of this story. I liked the plot of this unusual story. There’s something novel to look forward to. The classroom conversations between Aradhaya and Sambhavi are pretty profound and give you a lot to ponder on. The discussions on spectrum of silence, the difference between love and lust, love and sex, emotions and writing are interesting and insightful. The dialogues between characters are realistic and lively and they help build the characters and advance the story smoothly.

The first part of the story which is about Aradhaya and Sambhavi’s love, life and loss makes for a captivating reading. The second part which deals with Aradhaya’s move to Shyamal Taal where he works on an entertainment park is a bit sluggish. It deals with the details of the development of the park and has no mention of Sambhavi or Meera. This part of the story did not impress me. Aradhaya’s vision to do something for the people is a noble thought but he makes it come true with his father’s money. That does not prove his worth, in fact his contribution to the project is not inspiring enough and this is when Sambhavi  had told him, “Presently your identity is not your first name but your surname. The esteem that Talukdars enjoy is the fruition of your father’s hard work. What have you done in life? Do you want to reap what he sowed or want to do something that would be yours and only yours attainment?” Also the ending seems to be a bit hurried.

It is interesting to see how the author’s writing has evolved over a period of three books. That’s awe-inspiring and truly commendable.

Pick up Dawn at Dusk for some unconventional and thought provoking reading.

We Will Meet Again…

Title: We Will Meet Again… We Will Meet Again
Author: Tarang Sinha
Number of Pages: 161
Price [INR]: 90 (Kindle)
Genre: Fiction

We Will Meet Again is the story of Paridhi, a mass media student in Delhi. Life for Paridhi is all about course assignments, lost pen drives and urgent submissions. Harried and running against an unexpected deadline, she bumps into Abhigyan, a young, good-looking, wealthy young man – every girl’s dream. This meeting however isn’t one bit romantic. She meets him again at her best friend’s wedding. While he is clearly falling for her she is rude and angry and rebuffs him all the way. However, Abhigyan is not one to give up easily. Can Paridhi really trust Abhigyan? Will a blissful breeze of love ever kiss her heart?

We Will Meet Again, is a realistic story with believable characters. Paridhi and Abhigyan start off on a wrong foot. As their paths meet again, Abhigyan finds himself falling in love with Paridhi, while Paridhi because of her past baggage stays distant and aloof. Abhigyan is accepted by her family but Paridhi finds it hard to trust him. Destiny binds them together but all is not well between them.

I believe that if the characters and/or the story bring out a strong emotional response from me as a reader, the author has succeeded in her/his efforts. In this debut novel by Tarang, I found Paridhi a bit annoying. She was self-absorbed, stubborn and unlikable for most part of the book. Abhigyan on the other hand was smart, strong and attractive in his actions as he focused on caring for Paridhi and her family and I quite liked his character.

I believe that a bit of conflict is needed in a story, but if in a romance one has to trudge through a lot of relationship angst until closer to the end, then it’s a bit of a dampener for me. I wonder, if it would have made a difference in the story if it was known why Abhigyan fell in love with Paridhi when she thwarted all his attempts to woo her.

I loved the relationship Paridhi shared with her sister. The descriptions of her hostel life, room mates and her home in Kanpur are slice of real life. The writing in the book is simple and honest. The pace of the story is just right to keep the reader involved in the story.

We Will Meet Again, is a light breezy ‘enemies’ to lovers story. Pick it up for it’s an enjoyable read.

If We Were Having Coffee… 10th December


If we were having coffee, I’d suggest that we walk to one of the cafes that are near our hotel here and select the one that has outdoor seating. We have been passing through these cafes every day and I quite like the stylish yet simple ambience of the cafes lining the busy road. I like the quiet on the roads despite traffic and people going in and out of the big brand stores, cafes and offices. The weather is perfect for sitting outside with that hot cup of coffee. Yes, the winters have officially arrived here in Kuwait. So, how have you been? Hope you had a wonderful week.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am not missing home as far as the food is concerned. I have seen that meal time at a new place can be thrilling and it can be downright frightening as well. Though I have strong preferences about my food but I am willing to try almost any new food at least once. So, I am missing no opportunity to eat the Kuwaiti and Arabic dishes for I believe that the best way to learn about a place is to eat your way through! I quite like the shawarmas, fatayer lahme, kuboos and hummus, warak enab, katayef and a variety of meat kebabs and sweet dishes. But I do like coming back to our Indian food. The pastas, lasagne, sandwiches, shawarmas are great to eat but are not our comfort foods. Thanks to the Chefs in our hotel, there’s roti, dal and subzi on our plates.

Recently, we were at an Indian joint and we just went crazy eating chaat, gol guppe, idli, dosa, aloo paranthas, chhole bhature, dhokla and much more. Because we were a group of 7 people, so we could order everything in sight!! It was such fun gorging on all these things which we were seeing after a long time. It was like being at home in a foreign land. Can you believe that in all the hullabaloo of seeing the food we love, I almost forgot to click pictures. The realization to take pics for the blog dawned on me pretty late!


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I am on a reading spree and quite enjoying it. Oh, that’s also because I have to race against time to complete my Book Reading Challenge 2016 . Of the 6 book reading challenges, I am on track for 5. I am lagging behind on the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge where I had planned to read 150 books this year. I still have to read 41 books by December 31st. And that’s nearly 2 books per day. Seems difficult, but I am giving it my best shot.

If we were having coffee, what would you share with me? Tell me, tell me, I am all ears!

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How I Found ATM with Cash Near My Home

The recent bold initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demonetize the high value currency has received mixed response from the nation. While some have hailed the decision, some have criticized it as well. Will this surprise move by the government will meet its objective of curbing black money, corruption and tax evasion in the long run? Well, we will have to wait and watch.

But what is the reality for the common man? How has this move affected the life of ordinary people? How is this initiative faring on the ground?

It’s been exactly a month since the government’s decision to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and its still a struggle for the common man.

The queues outside the ATMs are yet to die down and the scenes inside the banks are still chaotic. While most of us have moved to cashless transactions for most of our needs but still we do need cash! And I have realized that getting our hard-earned money in our hands was not easy.

My father after standing in a queue for 2 hours had to come back empty handed simply because the ATM ran out of cash. A few friends had to skip work to withdraw money from the ATMs/bank. My sister fell sick after standing in the sun for 3 hours. The long serpentine queue outside my bank’s ATM, made me do an about turn and I simply walked back home. A few days ago, to avoid these queues, my husband and I went to the ATMs near our home at 5.30 am. It was heartening to see not a single soul at that hour near the ATM, but soon our smiles vanished when we saw that the ATM did not have money and the scene was repeated at 3 more ATMs. Words fail me to explain the irritation and frustration I felt at that time. I wished we knew about the ATMs with Cash in our area. And then I got to know about Find ATM with Cash on Money View App. (I wish I had asked for more that day!!)

Find ATM with Cash feature on Money View App gives the location of the nearest active ATM to withdraw cash. This feature of finding the active ATM is possible because of crowd-sourcing data from the vast user base of more than 5 million spread across 200 cities in India. And this makes it one of the most comprehensive ATM tracking solutions available at our fingertips.


All you have to do is to download the Money View app from Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app, click on – Find ATM with Cash and you can find a usable ATM nearby before heading out. This will save a lot of precious time and effort as you can zero in on the right ATM to visit.

You can also find active banks, petrol pumps, Big Bazaar stores as well as Inox multiplexes which are dispensing cash through the Money View app.

If you happen to be on a desktop you can again check out Find ATM with Cash page to find the ATM closest to you.


With Find ATM with Cash on Money View app, you can say goodbye to long queues and irritation of finding a cashless ATM and say hello to ease, comfort and smiles and of course your hard earned money, right in your hands. 

If We Were Having Coffee… 4th December


If we were having coffee, I’d apologize for postponing our weekly tête-à-tête by a day. Yes, I was bushed yesterday! More about it later, first things first… How have you been?  How was this week for you? 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I had a very interesting week. I saw Dear Zindagi in a cinema at Kuwait with colleagues. Yes, Bollywood movies are pretty popular here and they are shown with subtitles in Arabic and English. I must tell you that I loved Dear Zindagi. It was such a refreshing take on life and its issues. I loved the life lessons that it put across subtly. And some of the dialogues of this movie are going to stay with me for life.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you very excitedly that I participated in a 11 kilometer walkathon yesterday. It was a first for me. And I totally loved the experience. It was wonderful to see people of all age groups and nationalities come together for this event. Oh, by the way, men and women had separate starts and had to compete within their respective categories. There were women with kids in the strollers and women in abayas and hijab (headscarf) too.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I completed this 11 km walkathon in 2 hours and 4 minutes. And I am feeling pretty accomplished and proud of myself. The first 4 kms were a breeze and then the blogger in me came to life pretty strong as I started clicking pics en route and even chatted with a few co-walkers. That slowed my pace, but I regained my focus in the last 3 kms and covered up a bit. That’s the medal I got and the organizers sent the participation certificate with stats by email too.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about this exchange that I had with this young girl during the walkathon. She was walking with her friend a bit ahead of me and I saw the two of them picking empty water bottles which the other people had carelessly thrown around. This act of theirs impressed me and I caught up with them and said that they were doing a great job. I asked if I could click their picture. They agreed immediately. As I took out my phone, one girl mentioned, “All these people (she meant most participants in the walkathon) are not Muslims. Real Muslims don’t litter around.” Her vehement statement made me look at her again. A lot of thoughts and incidents flashed in my head in a second. I wondered, why a simple civic act had to be associated with religion?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ll have to take your leave as I have to work on a part of my presentation scheduled in the morning. I wish you a great week ahead and I’ll be looking forward to our next coffee together. Cheers ♥

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Modi’s Bombshell? Why New-Economy Employees May Just Shrug

Since Prime Minister Modi dropped the bombshell on November 8th that the ubiquitous 500- and 1000-rupee notes would no longer be legal tender, all India has been abuzz. Minds have raced to grasp the implications. Near the top of the list of obvious questions is this: How will Modi’s bold stroke affect the property market? 


The announcement has riveted the attention of the whole nation, but the shock waves will likely be felt more dramatically in some parts of the country than in others. In the real estate markets of white-collar job centers, the impact will probably be less of a big seismic event and more of a slight tremor.

Why? A long-term trend is underway in which properties are increasingly purchased by urban, salaried employees—and as a consequence, through aboveboard transactions. Today’s corporate employee is likely to purchase a home or investment property in a transparent manner: a down payment via cheque, with a bank mortgage for the rest. All this comes with a paper trail, clean and clear. Simply put, those who do not earn in cash, do not pay in cash. This contrasts sharply not only with the way that many of their parents or grandparents may have earned, saved, and invested, but also to the practices that are more likely to be followed by those in cash-centered industries.

White-collar, salaried employees are found today in all parts of India, but certain areas have much higher concentrations. Bangalore leads India in the new-economy job boom, whereas traditional powerhouse cities such as Mumbai and Delhi have a higher proportion of other types of income. It stands to reason that the property markets of emerging growth centers such as Bangalore would not be impacted as heavily by curbs on black money as those of more cash-driven cities.

What evidence supports this idea? The stock market offers an interesting data point: A day after the announcement, stock prices of prominent real estate developers across India tumbled by approximately 10%, but those with a concentrated presence in Bangalore dipped only half as much.

It will take weeks and even months to fully comprehend the effect of the government’s audacious measure. But as far as the property market goes, developers and buyers in India’s new-economy urban centers may watch from afar as their counterparts who have remained in a cash-based system find themselves scrambling.

This article first appeared on SmartOwner and is written by Vikram Chari, a serial entrepreneur who ran CCH USA LLC, a large real estate investment company in Arizona. He is the chairman and CEO of SmartOwner, a Bangalore-based real estate firm which enables investors to access high-value assets safely.


True Story


She could not believe that this was happening to her.

The oscillation between hope and anguish made her bite her non-existent nails.

She looked as if she were about to burst into tears when he shook his head and said, ‘The operating system of your laptop has got corrupted and you need to reformat it!”

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Tornado Giveaway : Love, Whatever That Means

Name of the book: Love, Whatever that means…
Author: Aditi Mathur Kumar

Read some reviews:

1. Arvind Passey
2. Sheetal 
3. Palak Sood 

The Story: 

Hi, I’m Tina. I work for a TV news channel. I have quirky, adorable friends and a Mr. Army Guy who seems like The One. What can go wrong?

Turns out, a lot! My boss is a pervert, the job is meh and no friend is single any more. Also, the special someone is too intense to be true. Help me, someone! 

A punch in the nose, deep romance, lots of over-analyzing, a steamy kiss and pure, crazy Tina makes this book a fun read. Laugh out loud or shake your head giggling – Love, Whatever that Means – will warm your heart.

This is the much awaited second book from the hilarious author of the book ‘Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life’ which is called the handbook for every modern day Indian Army Wife.

You can buy the book @ amazon.in | amazon.comamazon.co.uk
 About The Author  

Aditi Mathur Kumar is the author or two hilarious (at least according to her) books, a Travel Writer, a Romance and Humour book-hoarder, a Blogger, a Traveller, a Digital Marketing girl, a fanatical Army Wife, a Mother, an Overshare-r and an eavesdropper at random cafes. You have been warned. 😉

Read her two books ‘Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life’ and ‘Love, Whatever That Means’ to laugh out loud and to fall in love all over again.

 Stalk her @ Facebook | Twitter 

 #TornadoGiveaway is an initiative of The Book Club. Click on the icon to go to the event page of the Tornado .. Lots of fun awaits you 🙂
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