How I Found ATM with Cash Near My Home

The recent bold initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demonetize the high value currency has received mixed response from the nation. While some have hailed the decision, some have criticized it as well. Will this surprise move by the government will meet its objective of curbing black money, corruption and tax evasion in the long run? Well, we will have to wait and watch.

But what is the reality for the common man? How has this move affected the life of ordinary people? How is this initiative faring on the ground?

It’s been exactly a month since the government’s decision to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and its still a struggle for the common man.

The queues outside the ATMs are yet to die down and the scenes inside the banks are still chaotic. While most of us have moved to cashless transactions for most of our needs but still we do need cash! And I have realized that getting our hard-earned money in our hands was not easy.

My father after standing in a queue for 2 hours had to come back empty handed simply because the ATM ran out of cash. A few friends had to skip work to withdraw money from the ATMs/bank. My sister fell sick after standing in the sun for 3 hours. The long serpentine queue outside my bank’s ATM, made me do an about turn and I simply walked back home. A few days ago, to avoid these queues, my husband and I went to the ATMs near our home at 5.30 am. It was heartening to see not a single soul at that hour near the ATM, but soon our smiles vanished when we saw that the ATM did not have money and the scene was repeated at 3 more ATMs. Words fail me to explain the irritation and frustration I felt at that time. I wished we knew about the ATMs with Cash in our area. And then I got to know about Find ATM with Cash on Money View App. (I wish I had asked for more that day!!)

Find ATM with Cash feature on Money View App gives the location of the nearest active ATM to withdraw cash. This feature of finding the active ATM is possible because of crowd-sourcing data from the vast user base of more than 5 million spread across 200 cities in India. And this makes it one of the most comprehensive ATM tracking solutions available at our fingertips.


All you have to do is to download the Money View app from Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app, click on – Find ATM with Cash and you can find a usable ATM nearby before heading out. This will save a lot of precious time and effort as you can zero in on the right ATM to visit.

You can also find active banks, petrol pumps, Big Bazaar stores as well as Inox multiplexes which are dispensing cash through the Money View app.

If you happen to be on a desktop you can again check out Find ATM with Cash page to find the ATM closest to you.


With Find ATM with Cash on Money View app, you can say goodbye to long queues and irritation of finding a cashless ATM and say hello to ease, comfort and smiles and of course your hard earned money, right in your hands. 

FreeCharge – Fast, Convenient, Useful & Secured

Mobile payment apps are leading the change in mobile commerce. Mobile payment is generally refer to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods.

FreeCharge is India’s No.1 payments app. Customers across the country useFreeCharge FreeCharge to make prepaid, postpaid, DTH, metro recharge and utility bill payments for numerous service providers. Recently, FreeCharge launched its wallet in September 2015 and customers are already using it to pay across all major online platforms and offline stores like Shoppers Stop, McDonalds, Cinepolis, HomeStop, Crosswords, Hypercity and even for E-Rickshaws, the list is growing by the day.

At FreeCharge, 300 odd people in the Mission Control team are working round the clock to deliver consumers first class experience. The Mission Control team which includes SRE, Dev Ops, cloud automation, cloud security & IT, the marketing group, the Analytics team, QA, The Design Mafia (UI & UX), the product managers, the payments team, the technology team, the mobile team!

FreeCharge provides the following benefits:

Simple and Convenient User Interface and User Experience

The fundamental principles that dictates UI/UX strategy for FreeCharge is ‘No typing only tapping’ and that the transaction should happen in less than 10 secs. The emphasis is on ‘faster checkouts’ in anything and everything consumer does in relation to payments.

I tried recharging my  phone in less than 10 seconds, yes, you heard it right!

There are additional features like ‘Bill Payment Reminder’ and ‘Auto Pay’ that have been a direct outcome of the fundamental principles mentioned above.

High Security

FreeCharge has all systems that are in place – so that consumers can have a secure payment experience.

FreeCharge has built its own (in-house) risky transactions management platform and has a dedicated risk & security team that looks at patterns so that they are always ready to respond to any and every kind of fraudulent actions possible. The platform has been built purely on the basis of Indian data and not global data – which makes it even more robust and trustworthy.

The passwords of users are never stored in the FreeCharge system. All passwords are encrypted using one way non-reversible keys which makes it impossible for abuse. FreeCharge has actually assigned every single bank account of the country to pin codes and have a database of risky transaction pin codes.

The eye opening fact is that in terms of risky transactions FreeCharge is at 1/7th of the Indian benchmark which is better than many top financial institutions.

The systems at FreeCharge are designed to study 500-600 parameters of the mobile phone and over time have become robust to raise flags when a suspicious transaction are recorded. For example, recently when there was an attack on Yahoo, Freecharge reached out to all its users who have a registered Yahoo account and made them to change their passwords.

A ‘lock-out’ can happen if a consumer tries beyond ‘x’ times to login and is not able to login.

FreeCharge has deployed a number of proprietary technologies to deliver best in class security. It is compliant with all major security standards such as PCI-DSS compliance. The wallet has very stringent protocols on wallet velocity, device fingerprinting, device encryption and identification and hold limits which are designed to trap and eliminate fraud. 

The proprietary technology ‘On-the-Go-Pin’ (OTP) fulfils the RBI’S mandate for two-factor authentication and does not require even a single additional investment by retailers or a customer, making the transaction secure, swifter and in less than 10 seconds!

Security is the number 1 priority at FreeCharge! It has been voted as India’s most secure start-up and the 2nd most preferred wallet.

There are also various features in the FreeCharge app like WhatsApp money through FreeCharge, Speed Pay etc.

An upcoming feature, ‘AutoPay’ was also introduced. Users can now activate AutoPay and completely forget about their recharge and bill due dates. Also, the category of ‘donations’ was introduced wherein users would be able to donate money to various NGOs using the FreeCharge wallet and also get the certificate to claim tax exemptions.

Since Credit Card theft and Account Theft are commonly seen, team at FreeCharge is performing high level fraud checks to minimize and tackle these attacks.

Prompt Customer Service

Most of the customer queries and complaints are addressed within 20 minutes that they came in throughout 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week.

FreeCharge is relentlessly working to give consumers the best digital payment experience in the most secured way.

Do you use FreeCharge? Which is your preferred Mobile Payment App?

Xender Launches New Version

Our smart phones are our lifelines. And that’s because of their ease of use, portability, accessibility, multi-functionality. We click pictures, record videos, store songs and movies, work on documents and presentations on our smartphones.  All these files and folders need to be transferred from one phone to the other or from phone to PC and back again.  

Xender is one of the best apps for moving files between your computers and devices and sending them to your contacts. It allows users to share any type of file, at any time, without any mobile data usage. Xender supports Android, IOS, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring with over 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed. Xender currently supports over 22 languages including English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai and Bengali.

Recently, Xender, has announced the launch of its new  clip_image002version – with comprehensive functions and better user experience. Xender has maintained a leading position as the world’s fastest, most convenient mobile sharing tool at zero cost.

Xender offers seamless transmission between Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows PC and Apple MAC system. Xender was launched in 2013, the current global cumulative user 330 million, India has more than 110 million users, and hopes next three years, the global cumulative users reached 800 million.

Installation Size Reduced

The new version of Xender has been reduced to 4.5M which gets further compressed in the absence of Wifi. Sharing of Xender is now more rapid and convenient.

Interactive Management Made Convenient

Xender does not need a USB connection or PC software installation. It can be used to transfer files anywhere, anytime – from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps or any other file types of unlimited file size. Xender also allows users to view, move or delete files received and even to make a backup copy whenever needed to clean the phone storage.


No Replacement Trouble

You can also switch mobile data like contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files from your old phone to the new one in one simple step.


Friendly Design
Xender satisfies all operating needs with functions related to transfer of files: opening, installing, uninstalling, deleting, viewing etc.


  • Sliding Mass Map : Connect two mobile phones and browse photos at the same time. Smoothly share photos with just a slide
  • Search : Use the search function and search for any file
  • Hidden Files : Protect your privacy and hide anything from prying eyes

You may Download Xender from Google Play.

Which app do you use for your file sharing needs? Do share about it in the comment box.

It’s Easy at

You have an awesome product or an outstanding service, but that’s no longer enough. You need a platform that enables you to get seen and heard. In this digital age, there is no shortage of places to sell your product, but that’s akin to getting yourself heard at a crowded, loud party with music blaring in the background.

Whether, you have turned your hobby into a business or have products or services that cater to a small niche or are thinking of exploring more avenues to sell your product or you already have an online presence but want to explore where else your product could be seen, you need to be noticed and seen. And is that platform that gives you just that!

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, ezebee.con is a cloud-based, social-commerce platform that’s a free online marketplace. It offers business owners worldwide free access to their own website including an international marketplace to sell directly to online buyers. And that allows the young entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience and new customer pockets.

IMG_0514 is an up-to-date technical platform, latest social-commerce features and a clear “mobile first” strategy. You can find DIY products, jewellery, women’s fashion, careers and jobs, home and living, vintage, gift ideas, art, accessories, real estate and housing, beauty and wellness, bags, baby and kids, house and garden, material and supplies, multimedia and electronics, crafts, mobile and pad, food and beverages, workshops and courses, paper and stationary, books and much more on this platform.


Some of the key features of, that I found interesting and novel are…

  • Pin option: Pin products from other websites, in a similar way to Pinterest, and then users will be redirected to original website when clicking on this offer in the marketplace.
  • Chat & Buy system: When you want to purchase an offer, just click on ‘chat & buy’ to talk directly with merchant. This means users can negotiate shipping options and prices.
  • Internal currency: EZB Coins enable users from all over the world to swap products without the use of money. This makes it fair for trade between countries, such as India to Europe, USA or else, and means sellers can make a fair living.
  • Import option: Import products to from any other website simply by pasting the link into the import bar and all the data including image will be uploaded in seconds.
  • Technical Platform: mobile first and full responsive, graph-based search engine, tag-based product segmentation, algorithmic business logic, fast and easy csv-import functions for big data and product uploads
  • User Interface: responsive product wall based on search history per user
  • Merchant features: free web-shop/page builder, chat-to-buy and payment wallet, unlimited bandwidth and product uploads, boost-function (equivalent to facebook), product scraper, automatic sharing functions


Create your online shop for free and in minutes at for more visibility, better amplification and connect and engage with your customers like never before.

Recovery from a Crash

We have more or less moved towards a paperless work environment. With almost everyone having access to a computer or a laptop and a smart phone, use of paper is on a downtrend. Going paperless, not only decreases our environmental footprint but also clears clutters from offices and homes and of course, saves time from hunting through stacks of papers or files.

Data on our computers is all we own. Right from the official communications to personal emails, work projects and presentations, photographs from our DSL cameras and smart phones, invoices to receipts, all are stored on our computer systems.

What would happen if we were to lose all this data unexpectedly. I am sure the mere thought of it would give us nightmares. But we may lose data due to…

  1. Computer crashes – This is catastrophic and always happen when you least expect it.
  2. Computer viruses and malware –Malicious viruses can corrupt files, disable computers and damage data.
  3. Mechanical damages of hard drive – Hard drives of computers are the most fragile parts of computers and can fail suddenly and without warning. How dreadful it would be to lose data which you have generated and stored for years.
  4. Physical computer damage – Spilling drinks on your laptop or sudden voltage fluctuations, accidentally dropping of laptop can damage system and data.
  5. Accidental deletion of data – This often happens when you perform a ‘Select All’ + ‘Shift-Delete’ operation without individually checking everything.
  6. Theft – Yes, that happens too, especially during travel or in a crowded place.

Sadly, I have experienced no. 1 and 2 and have friends who have suffered the loss of data due to no. 3, 4, 5 and 6!

God forbid, but if your hard drive has crashed due to any of the above mentioned reasons and you no longer have access to your critical data files, what will you do! I mean apart from panicking that is!

Well, relax and stop panicking. Help is now available even for this nightmarish episode.

Most people regularly back up their files to their computer hard drive, but in the event of a total computer breakdown this activity is futile.  Saving data on an external hard drive, or a large-capacity pen drive is another option. However this method is only as secure as the device you’re backing up to. This storage device can also get damaged and result in data loss. A safer and more effective method of securing files is online backup. In this case, despite best intentions, you may forget to update your files as often as you should, leaving a large amount of recent work unprotected.

A more safer and efficient way to recover the loss of data is available in the form of Data Recovery.

Data Recovery is the process of recovering data from damaged, corrupted or inaccessible secondary storage media and operating systems that has been lost by either hardware failure, human error, software bugs, a virus or a natural disaster. The Data Recovery software, can recover lost or deleted data from your hard disk or external drive. The scan engine of the software is so powerful that it can retrieve any file you ever lost and with the efficient search option, finding any specific file is extremely easy.

  • Recover Documents, Photos and 300 other file types
  • Efficiently scans more than 2TB of data
  • Recover files with an advanced find option
  • Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac, Linux, Novell and Unix Data
  • Supports NTFS, FAT and ExFAT file systems
  • Memory Card Recovery : Contacts, files, songs, videos, images saved on phone’s memory card can be recovered too
  • Brings back lost or deleted volumes
  • Resurrects corrupted hard disks : Hard Disk Recovery is another feature of this software. File Recovery tool can easily undelete files from your corrupted pen drive, hard disk, memory card and even your camera’s memory. It also supports several types of memory cards including CF cards, Flash cards, SD card (Mini SD, Micro SD and SDHC card) and even Mini Disks.
  • Sorts your files exactly the way you want : Filtered Tree option to make it easier to get back those data in the most possible sorted order

When my laptop crashed, I used the services of Stellar Data Recovery. Stellar Data Recovery is a leading information technology company that has revolutionized the concept of data recovery with smart, simple software and services. Their data recovery, repair and system optimization tools help us by bringing back the loss from catastrophic data loss situations. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Stellar has been serving the various data recovery needs of this part of the globe. With offices in USA and Europe, Stellar Data Recovery has further expanded its reach. The data recovery labs in the Netherlands and India are one of their kinds. Apart from hard disk recovery, RAID recovery they also specialize in Memory card recovery services.

The bottom line is that the data on our computer systems is valuable and it is imperative to take steps to protect the information stored from sudden loss.

Connect Meaningfully with Affimity

Everyone has friends on social networks who post too often and flood the news feed with annoying memes, take too many selfies, post hundreds of pictures of their babies, dogs and cats, ask for power and what not for their online games, share the same post in a hundred different groups and then share random updates all throughout the day… All you see is a lot of clutter and noise on your screen. And it makes you go arghh to ughh to a yawn to a face-palm in a matter of a few seconds! Sounds familiar!?!

Well, we all know that it’s because that most of the things shared by your ‘friends’ do not interest or appeal to you.

What if your social networking feed consisted of topics that are meaningful to you? What if you connect on a social media with like minded people, people who share your interests or passions?

Well, you now have a social networking site that addresses just these concerns.

Affimity is new social network, re-imagined as a collection of interest-specific social channels. It is actually like the television of our current times. Remember the time when we had a few TV channels that had all types of programs on them. And now we have various channels that are interest-specific viz entertainment, news, travel, food, history, comedy, children, saas-bahu sports, and Hindi and English movies etc.

Affimity which is Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity) has news feed which is categorized into different channels. Based on your interest, you can select the various channels. Currently, Affimity offers the following channels… Food, Movies, TV Shows, Celebs, Book Club, Music, Career, Parenting, Fitness, Random Thoughts, Gaming, Digital Life, Wearables, Allergies, At Home Moms, Working Moms, Tennis, Motor Sports, Football, Cricket, Bollywood, US Politics, Beauty, Swifties, Travel, DIY, Fashion, NFL Mania, Space, Everyday Science, Holidays, Lawrits, Comics, Starkids, Immigration, Insurance, India Vents, India Humour. That’s a pretty comprehensive channel list, isn’t it?


You can add your favourite channels. Once you select any channel, you will read, post and share all the Buzz, New feeds, Top Picks and Questions pertaining to that subject. The best is that you can select as many channels as you want and get info, news, recommendations and thoughts on that subject at one place.


Here are a few things that appealed to me about Affimity

  • You have control over the content in your news feed. You get to read and share info that is relevant to you.
  • You get to meet and be friends and have followers in like minded people who share your interests and passions. You can engage meaningfully with them through comments and likes. For instance, you can connect with me on Affimity on the Food, Movies, Book Club channels.
  • You can share posts of interest on other social media viz Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.
  • The mobile app of this site makes it convenient to be connected when on the go too.
  • You can post, ask a question or take a poll or upload a picture or a video on any channel of your choice. If Food is your passion, you even get a readymade template for sharing your recipe.


Affimity is a cool place to hang out with like minded people. Go on and experience it. Highly recommended.

BrainBuxa : Website Review

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. – Kofi Annan

Knowledge is power, there’s no denying to that. And it is all the more important for students. But as Samuel Johnson said, ‘knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it’. While, the former is not possible for most of us, it is the second option that we all must be familiar with. aids in doing exactly that. Yes, it helps students find all the information that they may need to educate themselves, socialize, communicate, and even employ themselves online.

BrainBuxa is an education portal where on a click of a button, the students get all the information and resources they’ll need for shaping their career and future.


At a single portal, one can all the details pertaining to:

  • Institutes : The details of various colleges and universities are listed in this section from various fields viz Animation VFX, Arts, Computers, Gaming and Comics, Design, Engineering and Technology, Fashion and Design, Hospitality, Aviation and Tourism, Law, Language and Teaching, Management, Medicine, Beauty, Healthcare and Science. So, one can select a course and search colleges and institutes offering it along with the overview of the institute and contact details.
  • Results : Brainbuxa has tied up with various colleges and universities and universities to publish results and notifications online. Results of the exams are listed month wise. What’s best is one can get SMS alert when the results are announced.
  • Study Materials : There’s a digital library on BrainBuxa where students can read and create study material online. There are lecture series and video courses on various topics delivered by professors from renowned colleges and institutes. There are over 10,000 videos and notes available to students.
  • Events : This section has events and fests listed from various colleges and institutes. You can promote events and fests on this website too.
  • Jobs : The last I checked, there were 16480 jobs and internship offers listed on BrainBuxa. One can search jobs based on company name, location, skills and job title. Oh yes, you can upload your resume too and get notifications for the jobs matching your skills, profile and area of interest.2016-01-11_19h08_14
  • Blogs : In this section one can find inspiring and informative educational blog and articles on various topics related to the field of education. Here viewers get access to the best blogs on academic issues, post their responses, and share valuable insight with top experts on the web.  One can even post their education news and articles on and get wider reach and knowledge / information sharing of their thoughts and views.2016-01-11_19h44_32
  • Ask & Answer : In this section students can post their query or technical questions and get the answers from experts. Guidance and counselling is also arranged through information provisioning and real time interfacing.

What’s more at BrainBuxa is that it provides all the information like the way we use social media. Yes, it’s all replete with notifications, alerts, call and chat features. So, basically both the social and educational life of students are integrated on one platform. Now, isn’t that cool!

Brainbuxa also provides free SMS facility for various services and updates. With more than 24000 followers, they certainly are at the top of the game.

With their huge database, BrainBuxa is truly the one stop information portal for students, as it helps to make an informed choice. It provides accurate and instant educational information on the courses offered at various colleges and institutes all across the country, study materials and informative articles. It also helps them to get exam results and job placement notifications. What’s more, it is absolutely free to use, all you need to do is to just sign up at

The website has a simple layout which is user friendly and is easy to navigate. is a one stop destination for all information on education and job market, and definitely a  must-use for all youngsters and their parents too. Go on and explore and discover new way to communicate, socialize, search, employ and educate at

360 Security Lite App Review

If I were to list the things that I hate about my Android phone… well, its battery life dropping faster than the candies in the Candy Crush would top the list. This would be closely followed by apps like Facebook, which has to be checked like every 15 seconds; Instagram, where pics have to posted like there’s no tomorrow; Twitter, where the action cannot be missed for even a minute and Kindle app, well to keep you sane. These apps drain the performance of my phone at a lightening speed. And when the phone battery is reduced to a sliver of red on the screen or when it would leave behind a lazy snail in performance, gritting teeth and pulling hair become a permanent routine.

And then I found 360 Security Lite. It is a mobile antivirus and performance application for Android users.  It is available for free download on Google Playstore. It downloads quickly and takes up only 4 MB space.

360 Security Lite is all-in-one Android optimizer that Boosts speed, Cleans junk and has an antivirus too, So, it optimizes the background apps, manages the memory space, cleans junk(cache) files and extends the phone battery life, while keeping the device safe from virus and Trojans.

In the screenshot above, 34 apps (OMG!!) were consuming memory and 6 apps were draining battery. When I clicked the BOOST option…


The result…. Cool, isn’t it?


The CLEAN option scanned the phone and removed junk files in a jiffy!


The ANTIVIRUS option…


… scans for Malware and Vulnerabilities…


And pronounces the phone…


The SETTINGS can be changed as per one’s needs.


What I really liked about 360 Security Lite is that with just one tap/click, I could Boost, Clean and Protect my phone and this really helped in conserving battery life and enhancing its performance too.

If you have an android phone/tablet which runs on Less than 1 GB of RAM, then 360 Security Lite is a must-have app.

“I am reviewing the 360 Degree Security Lite App for the #MadeForIndia activity at BlogAdda.” : A Website Review

Remember the times, when we would drive around the city and visit some 5-6 shops and check the deals offered and then drive back to shop no.1 to buy the object of our desire.

Then as the technology picked up pace in adaptation and evolution, so did our acceptance for online shopping. But our desire to get the best deal and offers remained the same. So, we would check some 2-3 shopping portals by opening multiple tabs on our computer and compare the product. All this could be a bit overwhelming as sometimes, the same product would not be available on all the sites and sometimes we wouldn’t even know that some great deals were available elsewhere on other shopping portals.

Like everything else, ecommerce world has evolved too. Today we have websites that help the online shoppers to make an informed decision. Yes, these are the comparison shopping sites. These websites collect product information, including pricing, from participating retailers/ecommerce portals and then display that collective information on a single results page in response to a shopper’s search query. In this way, shoppers can compare the product specifications of various brands/models, prices offered by the various online stores on a single page and choose the merchant that offers the best overall value. 

I came across which is a new search and comparison website that aims to educate consumers so that they make a rational and fact based purchase decision. It has over 4500 listed in various categories like Books, Electronic Goods, Sound and Vision, Fitness, Health Care, Home Appliances, Baby & Kids, Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care and Tablets & Smart Phones. provides detailed product specifications, features, reviews & ratings and comparisons to enable online shoppers do their research before taking informed buying decisions.

The first thing that caught my attention was the logo. One look at it and you get what is all about. It truly represents the business that is in.


The website has a layout that’s simple and appealing, with a navigation which is easy too. A large search bar at the top of the page has an instruction ‘Search…Product, Model No. or a Brand which basically tells the online shopper that they can Search > Compare > Decide by using this tool. Of course, the instruction text goes away when the user clicks to type or activate the box.

The various categories have drop-down menus that break down top-level buttons into sub-sections. Each of the sub categories can be viewed and compared by Brands, Prices, Product Specifications. For example, if you’d like to check out Built-in Ovens, then you can compare the various brands on the basis of prices, size, capacity. The various models can be selected and compared and seen in a side by side view.

The main page has links to Review Videos, Popular Product Comparisons, Latest Conzumr Reviews and Conzumr Guides and Tips.

I thought of comparing the three models of Kindle. In one table, on a single page, I got to know the products features and prices of Kindle, Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite. Considering all the options, before we buy something is a smart strategy. With many options to choose from, it’s important to examine all features and functions of the various models and also look at cost effective option that meets our needs.

Once, I chose the Kindle that suited my requirements and budget, I clicked on the link which took me to the shopping store’s website directly and all I had to do was to follow the regular steps of online shopping. Yes, it was that simple and easy to make an informed decision with


I checked about the Boxed Set of Harry Potter series and was surprised to see the price variations across 8 online stores!

Comparing a product on helps you to

  • Research and dig a bit deeper before you shop
  • Get to know the products in the category
  • Find a good deal
  • Make informed buying decision

More products and categories on would make it a more comprehensive site for comparison shopping. The site works fine on most mobile browsers but a mobile version of the site would increase its reach. More prominent social media presence can boost the online presence of the website. will be my go-to page  for online shopping to research, compare and make informed buying decision. Do you check comparison websites before shopping online? : A Website Review

We all love a good bargain. Don’t we? While we can haggle with the local shopkeeper to give a better deal, but can the same be done while shopping online which has become a way of life for most of us! Yes, apart from the discounts offered by the seller at online stores, there are discount coupons that not only allow you to save more money and get attractive deals but help you earn more rewards too.

Few weeks ago, while shopping online for Diwali, I browsed through the coupon websites to check out good discount coupons and I came across

CouponMachine  has a simple and easy interface. The top of the website has a large search bar, which says, ‘Search Any Product… We Promise Discount’.  


The home page offers different categories that allow you to look through the site for coupons that you are looking for. The site offers a deals and coupons in various categories viz Apparel & Accessories, Baby Care, Beauty, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Furniture, Men, Recharge, Travel and Women from over 500+ stores like Amazon, Archies,, Babyoye, BIBA, Big Rock, BlueStone, Book My Flowers, Domino’s, Fashion &You, Expedia, Fab Furnish, Ferns N Petals, Food Panda, Free Charge, Go,, HomeShop18, Flipkart, Snapdeal, YepMe, ShopClues, PayTM, Jabong, Indiatimes Shopping, Zivame, Shopper’s Stop to name a few.

To get started, simply enter a store name, or pick a shopping category. You will get a page that displays all the active coupons at that time from the chosen store or shopping category.

Click on a coupon and it takes you to the website directly. Follow the regular steps of online shopping and the coupon is applied automatically to your shopping.

Alternately, one can browse through the coupons and deals shared on the home page which has some really attractive and amazing offers on various products from almost all categories. Or check out the Featured Coupons and Deals from Featured Stores which is located at the bottom of the page.



  • is easy to navigate with well-marked links. The site offers user-friendly search options and coupon redemption process is simple and requires few steps.
  • There’s a comprehensive list of coupons from all popular websites. Virtually all products categories are covered.
  • The site doesn’t require you to sign-up to avail the coupons codes and deals.
  • You can subscribe to the email newsletter if you want to receive alerts of details about the new coupons and deals.
  • You can share the attractive deals on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Excellent help and support from customer service.
  • The site loads fast and all operations are smooth and quick.


  • None that I could see

I quite liked my experience while looking for discount coupons and deals at You must check it out too. Whether you’re a thrifty shopper looking for great deals or the one looking for discounted products, there’s a deal and a coupon just for you on Now, I wouldn’t want to miss a good deal. Would you?

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