Driving Me Crazy

Have you read Driving?? Me?? Crazy!!

Despite understanding and believing my P&C (Potential and Capabilities), I enrolled myself once again in a D-School. A professional D-School this time and that’s Maruti Driving School. Yeah, from the makers of our very own Maruti 800s, Zens, Altos, Esteems, SX4 et al.

No, it was not some divine intervention that led me to this school, but a bit of this and that.
This and that?? Oh…the irritation, the fear, the push, the sudden realization…
The Irritation… at the driver taking leaves and me missing my swimming at the pool for many days. I hate missing my swimming time!
The Fear… ok…this was instilled by a friend… she had an incident to tell… her hubby needed medical assistance in the middle of night and despite 2 cars at home but no person to drive them, she had to take her hubby in an auto-rickshaw (and the harrowing task of finding one!). And after that she learnt driving. And I got sufficiently scared with this. God forbid…but…
The Push… from another friend. She had a similar story… learnt twice…drove around in colony… then abandoned it completely, then learnt again and is now a good and a safe driver!
The Sudden Realization… that, Driving is no big deal, (look who is talking!!) the old as well as the young, all are zipping past in cars on the road and it’s just the ABC and a bit of this and that! I CAN DO IT.

So, with grit and determination I entered The Maruti Driving School. Now, this is a very professionally run institute. They give you a printed day-wise schedule which has 4 Theory Classes, 4 classes on the Simulator and 12 Practical Classes.

I was the star student in Theory classes… taking notes, asking questions and answering them too. Reading the study material at home and using the CD-Rom too!! None of my other batch mates did so! A classic case of ‘Kano main Andha raja’!! (It’s significance you will realize later)

I was an ok-ok student in the Simulator classes. Simulator is not a video game but has a feel like it. The response time needed there is much faster as compared to that needed on the roads, practically. I guess, my 8 year old kid would have done better at it courtesy his proficiency in playing games on PlayStation 2.

And now the Practical Classes…

But before that, let me share that I have mortal fear of traffic. I get a feeling that all the vehicles are gonna bang with me and it is all the more intensified when I am on the Driver’s seat.

Well, the training on the roads as nerve-wracking and amusement rolled into one.

  • Like, when in traffic, I was muttering something under the breath and the Instructor was quick to add, “Don’t use your mouth, use your hands and legs!”
  • At one point of time, I told the Instructor, “I don’t think, I’ll be able to drive, ever”. To this he said, “No, Madam ji, aap se bhi dull log car chala lete hain” (No Madam, even people who are more dull (dumb) than you, drive the car!).

When I told about his above statement to KG and a friend, they both were very exasperated and would have whacked my ‘Sir’, if he was around. But I pacified them saying that he was motivating me! And it actually motivated me!! 😀

  • The big sigh of relief whenever it was time to park the car after the class, sometimes it made me wonder, as to what am I doing here?? And of course, it amused the Instructor.

Under the Instructor’s able guidance, any how, I passed the practical exam and  while the 100% score in the theory exam was courtesy me.

And, it was now time to practice it on our own car. And the people at the D-School clearly instructed, “NO driving with Hubby till you are confident”.
So it was our Driver, who was the accomplice of Madam’s trials and tribulations with the car.

So, religiously every morning, the driver drives the car to a relatively traffic free road and then it’s my journey to take on. Its been more than a fortnight now, and…

  • I feel confident only on traffic free roads. 
  • As soon as I reach a cross road, I know one has to use Clutch and Brake, but I focus only on the brakes and the car stops. And then to get it moving, I know, the clutch has to be released till the biting point and then accelerate. So many vehicles honking from all sides just make me brain dead and I cant get that biting point right and the car never moves and every time, EVERY TIME, I reach a cross road or a round about, I have created a traffic jam. Then, I move out and the driver has to drive it to the safe haven. And let me tell you that all this embarrasses our driver!
  • One day in a fit of confidence and insanity I told KG that I’d take him for a long drive, when I am ready. And I know that he’ll have to wait for a long time for that!
  • Everyday, I practice and practice my weak point of stopping and starting the car on a traffic-free road. And I do it well. But as soon as I reach the traffic area and its time for action, my brain goes on a vacation and you know what happens then.

While my heart head says, I don’t know who amongst the 2 says what, but somebody says that driving is not my cup of tea, but I am still practicing. I don’t know, whether I should give up or keep trying. I mean, if I had that driving gene in me, I should have overcome my fears and be a good driver, if not an expert, by now. Here, I am like a juvenile, driving expertly on EMPTY roads and stopping like a lunatic in the middle of seas of vehicles on the road.

Theoretically I know the ABCs of Driving, but practically, I falter at the C!!

What say you…Should I keep trying and some day, some far far away day, I’d learn or give up with immediate effect??

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22 thoughts on “Driving Me Crazy

  1. Well,
    Driving’s easy but not on Indian roads 😀
    But do continue, it’s just like smoking, doesn’t get u in the start and u can’t get out of it in the end 🙂
    Go Shilpa Go!

  2. Don’t give up now! I am sure you will get the road confidence soon! Just a matter of time – just keep practicing with your driver and am sure you will be driving perfectly soon !

  3. I feel confident only on traffic free roads.
    U r a great driver…:P

    “No, Madam ji, aap se bhi dull log car chala lete hain”
    Aapse bhi dull…O_O u sud have whacked him…:P

    Theoretically I know the ABCs of Driving, but practically, I falter at the C!!
    Its just one letter, a piece of c-ake…:P

  4. oh, no, no! you shouldn’t give up. It takes time to get that confidence. Keep going at it, and one day you will find yourself confidently whizzing past other drivers.

    It’s the same as driving a cycle. You just need to get comfortable with it.

  5. I think you need some ‘push’ classes than the driving once 😉

    You’ll be just fine..keep your fears and presumptions aside and see..you’ll be a different person altogether driving safely.. 🙂

    Good Luck dost 🙂

  6. Shilpa, rehne do..trust me on this..there are certain things which are not meant for us..like dancing is not meant for me..why to hurt ourselves in proving that nothing is impossible?

    if you are very much determined; you will learn it one day..but don’t do it out of ego or determination..

    best is – there is nothing wrong in giving up 😀 😛

  7. You know, I can give u a suggestion…u must try it. When you driving on heavy traffic road, put on some light music which will isolate all the noise from outside. It is probably the noise which is making you nervous…try it…u never know!!

  8. You’ve conquered most of your fears already…you are already driving Shilpa (just see that)

    See how far you’ve come from where you started.
    You already successfully did the training and are now simply practicing.

    Make yourself remember you are already confident at driving be it on free road or with traffic (doesn’t matter).

    Don’t worry about the honking, just keep going.

    If the sound of the traffic disturbs your calm and confidence, roll up the glasses, have the aircon on and stay focused on the road ahead.

    The others are driving just the way you are, you are ahead of them so you have to go first. Don’t be distracted by impatient drivers.

    Good luck girl you are doing very well indeed!!

  9. After all the classes and the aided practice is over, just take the car on your own…you may stop in the middle, people may shout at you,laugh at you, run off the road seeing you drive, you may need help…but that is when you will really drive
    10 years back at a jam packed railway crossing, my car stopped and I knew i couldnt go on…people were honking and grinning…I looked out and a young man on a bike put his index finger to his chest…I said yes and got down and walked to the other gate…he drove it down for me…i said thanks and it was done…my ears were red but my confidence, high…and now I help others

  10. Don’t give up sis, “if they can, why can’t we”.. keep that attitude and keep your practice going on.. I have seen such dumb ones driving here on UAE roads and I am sure you should be far far better than those ones ( NO I AM NOT DOING THAT WHAT YOUR INSTRUCTOR DID ). I am just saying when dumb ones can, so why can’t the smart you 🙂

    Good Luck sis..

  11. I think you are doing great! I have completed all my classes and even got the licence from R.T.O. But…I am still waiting my husband to aprove my driving and give me permission to drive a car!!! And it is driving both of us crazy!!

  12. Theoritically, practically, scientifically.. You are nearly there !!!:) I don’t mind egging you on every single day but don’t stop driving. Keep at it. I can assure you in 3-4 months time (maximim), you will be much more confident. In my opinion, driving is an essential skill. Go Shilpa! You can do it. Its just a matter of time before it becomes as easy as swimming!!:-) Aap convince ho gaye ya main aur bolon?

  13. arre bhai…don’t give up…
    Would suggest you to do more driving at night with hubby sitting next to you.

    At Night traffic is less and you can practice more on your errors…

    All the best 🙂

  14. heehee made a wonderful read! So finally a driver in Martuti D-school certified your IQ 😛 😀

    Don’t give up 🙂 From car phobia you have come so far to drive car in traffic free roads – ofcourse there would have been one or two cars even on those roads right .. so it is just few more cars that makes a conjestion 🙂 you can handle it slowly. Never give up Shilpa, waiting to see your post on sucessfull break-free journey in a traffic road and a long drive with your hubby 🙂

  15. Cheeks….i am rolling with laughter…..and u better not show me ur driving skills….i might just DIE laughing….!!!!!!

    Good luck to u and ur driver and all on road when u drive……

    and honestly i really hope for and wish u to overcome this silly fear

  16. As far as i see it you are already driving..Only thing is shed your fear on the road, nobody is going to bang your car. You just have to think that driving is easy, dont think of it as a monsterous task. ATB

  17. No question of giving up. If someone like me can drive I’m sure anybody can.I think you’re just nervous…I liked the idea of driving expertly on empty roads and stopping in the mist of a traffic. ha ha! Laughing at oneself is the best ting one can do in such a situation!

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