The Truth


She had suppressed it and left it unspoken for years.

After all, what’s worse than wanting something badly but knowing that you can never have it.

She had pushed his memories to the inner depths of her heart, her secret place where it lay hidden, crumpled and wounded.

When she did bring it out on some lone days, the wounds of the past refused to heal and continued to bleed her from within.

And then she saw him after years. Their eyes met and locked.

It hit her suddenly and she realized that she could no longer hide the truth.

Linking it to Write Tribe’s 100 Words on Saturday : she realized that she could no longer hide the truth.

Write Tribe : 100 Words on Saturday

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35 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. this one hit the cord .. beautiful

    Ki hall hai tera mudat pichon takri hain
    main v Badliya howanga par tu v vakhri hain
    dooron-2 takda reha bula vi nahin sakia
    main kam dil jeha tere nede aa v nahi sakia
    likh ke tera naam mein sajde karda rehnda san
    tu mera naam likh ke kade mitaundi c k Nahin


  2. Hmmmm- wonder what happened, that made her hide that strong emotions..? Love how you have described her Shilpa … and of course hoping they had a happily ever after:)

  3. Loved the way you brought out the turmoil in her mind Shilpa…That is the boon or bane of truth, it cannot be hidden for long…sooner or later truth finds a way out.

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