Finally…The Finals Are Over!!

Woohoo! My exams…errr… my kid’s exams are over!!

For him, though, it just means a bit lot more time to play with his friends and a lil’ less restrictions on watching cartoons on TV and may be no homework for some 10 days.
But I am happy, elated, relaxed and free!!

Ah! It’s not easy, when your 8 year old has exams. Because for him, the exams still don’t mean a thing. And everybody around including KG believes that it’s a good thing, coz in later years… you know what’s gonna happen!!
But being a mother, it’s a bit difficult to take the exams of even Class III, lightly. And at least somebody in the family has to be serious, about exams, I mean!

Last Thursday, I wrote the questions in a notebook for him to answer. After half an hour, he comes and tells me, “You have given a lot of questions for me to answer. Ma’am gives just 5-6 questions!”. My explanation for making him write all the answers didn’t convince him at all! He left sulking, to finish writing, while I was dilemma personified!

Then, the other day, I was explaining him the concepts of curved faces and curved edges of a Cube and a Cylinder. To explain it better, I grabbed his Maths Note Book and drew the Cube and a Cylinder, all the while talking and labeling the various faces, edges and corners of the two figures in the note book.

As soon as I finished doing my part, I looked up to see, if he had done his part of listening and understanding!! And I see, big tear drops rolling down his cheeks. A bit ‘taken aback’ me, asked him the reason for crying like that. And with a tearful voice, he said, “You have spoiled my School’s Maths Note Book, now Ma’am will scold me!”

Ah…my naive lil’ kid!  And the next 10 minutes were spent in explaining about final exams, new class, new books and note books, … blah…blah.

So, today, I heave a huge sigh of relief, coz finally the finals are over!!

Of course, this is short lived, coz in a month and a half, it would be time for the next class’s CCE-1(Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation-1)!!