A special day…

A day which has such a unique date 20.12.2012. The best is that we will never see this date again. Though we may see the other ‘unique’ dates about which we created a lot hullabaloo on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM etc (in some other life form) for eg, 12.12.12 (will come again in 12.12.3012) or 10.11.12.(in 10.11.3012)! But this 20.12.2012 will NEVER come again! And this day, I celebrated my yet another birthday! How cool is that!!

I woke up early morning (yesterday, I mean) and opened Google, as I needed some answers from the God, (Google God, I mean) about my presentation. And I see some beautiful cakes and muffins in Google Doodle. I smiled and wondered about the person who is a famous one and shares his birthday with me and is worthy of a Google Doodle on his birthday! Glowing in the warmth of these pleasant thoughts, I bring the cursor on to the Google Doodle. And, guess what it shows… ‘Happy Birthday, Shilpa!’ It was a wonderful “Aha Moment!” Have you seen this on your birthday??

And all the talk/predictions about a rare planetary alignment that was to occur during the winter solstice, at the end of the day December 20 2012, at midnight, did not happen. So, we should not worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia! 🙂