UBC Day 31 : The UBC Journey from A to Z

Create a short story, a piece of memoir or an epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

I saw this prompt on Shilpa Sharma’s blog and was inspired to share my month long UBC journey in this fashion. Here we go on our UBC Journey…

And finally the Ultimate Blog Challenge is coming to an end, today.

Blogging everyday can be pretty challenging especially when one is travelling and has hectic schedules.

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful, said somebody!

Do you agree with this? abc-blocks

Each day, grey cells were assigned the task to think differently and come up with new post ideas.

Fun it was… thinking, writing, reading, commenting… the activities that dominated our days.

Good friends, Smita, Little Princess, Kajal, Hema, Chicky Kadambari, Shail, Bhavya, Reema Sahay, Rashmi gave company and we were so glad to take this challenge together.

However, the journey became more fun when Richa, SuKu, Deesnitch, Kalpana, Kathy… joined in too.

It was fun meeting and knowing new bloggers (new to our existing network), their writing styles, their stories…

Just when we thought, we would run out of ideas, prompts from the Write Tribe, Blogadda WOW, Indiblogger contests came to our rescue.

Keep Blogging’, ‘You are doing a great job’, ‘A few more days’… morale boosters like these from fellow bloggers made us happy, motivated and energised to do our very best.

Lovely Corinne gave us a platform on the Write Tribe to interact and share our daily posts with the fellow UBC participants.

Meaningful and motivating conversations in the comment sections of our blogs gave us a high.

Nevertheless, there were a few who dropped out of the UBC after a few days.

Oh! That’s a given… happens all the time.

Praised they should be though, as they at least made an attempt to challenge themselves.

Quest to challenge self, to grow, to learn, to experience newer horizons should be the mantra, I believe.

Reading a chapter of Radha’s story everyday on Richa’s blog kept us on the edge of our seats as we waited with bated breath for the next turn of events.

Stories and anecdotes, garbled and stimulating thoughts, pictures and videos, poetry and prose, a huge variety was up on the blogs to enjoy and savour this entire month.

Thanks are in order to all you fellow bloggers and readers, as well as to…

UBC hostesses Michele Scism & Michelle Shaeffer, for this…

Very enriching and exciting journey

Well done, mates! I mean the…

X-Chromosomal tribe which dominated this challenge!

Yes! We have all the reasons to celebrate our success!

Zest is what I feel today and I am sure you feel the same too. 🙂



Image Courtesy : Google Images

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74 thoughts on “UBC Day 31 : The UBC Journey from A to Z

  1. loved your closing post..this is too good 🙂
    and I m amazed that despite travel and busy life you are able to write every singel day..Well done 🙂

  2. Whoa! what a creative post!! i almost never missed a post.

    Each post was interesting . None seemed like a filler, not even y’day post. Great work, Shilpa. Two thumbs up to you:)

    BTW liked your Q line – Quest to challenge self….. motivating and best line of the lot.

  3. What a fab idea Shilpa! No wonder you were all excited yesterday 😀 😀
    As the UBC is done, its one more feather added to your cap 🙂 Hope there’s another challenge soon 😉

  4. You always amaze me and with this one as well, you did! This one reads exactly like in my mind. I loved interacting with you and others this month…Let’s hit August with equal zeal!! Stay tuned 🙂 *hugs*

  5. with all that build up yesterday, it was definitely worth the wait!! Loved the way you signed off the month and the challenge!

    through rain and shine,
    through the good and the bad,
    we sailed through it all,
    together, I’m glad!

  6. what a lovely way to end the UBC . but wait this is just the beginning and many more to go along. The A-Z of the UBC challenge is written in a lively manner.nice reading your posts, Shilpa..

  7. Yaar Shilpa ab tum bata hi doh..aur kitna mind ko blast karogi?Mummy ho aap inspiration ki..Pehle milte, toh aap hi ke company mein chali aati, and under your tutelage bus kissy dete stars ko.. Awefum ho yaar aap..Bus ab, modest math bano 😀

    • Haha ha!! I read your comment last night! And I am still smiling. I am imagining meeting you in person and the course and the style of conversation that would follow! 😀
      Well, Mummy to main sirf Aaryan ki hoon! 😉
      Thanks to the UBC, it was my pleasure meeting you! Be in touch and see you around! 🙂

    • I guess, X was a little tricky, which I somehow missed initially. Thanks to SG who pointed out the missed letter! Rest were pretty ok. Thanks Rajesh 🙂

  8. How exactly did you think of all this??? seriously!! this so wonderful 🙂 loved it all the way♥ … and coming across your blog was really a pleasure Shilpa…:) :)… thank you for all the comments you dropped by and also for reading my posts 🙂 🙂

    I have an award for you on my Day #31 post… please do accept it ok ♥

    • Thanks a lot, Sunita! I am glad that we met through UBC. And like you said, never say bye… it’s always see you again. See you again, soon… 🙂
      Thanks for the award… am touched <3 🙂

  9. WOW this closing post rocks!! The best part of the challenge for me was getting to get better acquainted with you and all the wonderful writers who linked in at the Write Tribe!! I can not believe we all made it, but other times I am not surprised. Your kind comments kept me going and I so appreciated them and your friendship. Looking forward to being great bloggy friends for many moons to come!


    • It was wonderful meeting you daily through this challenge, Kathy. Though, I believe we have interacted in a few Write Tribe prompts too. Absolutely, I love the way you write… let’s be in touch! Cheers 🙂

  10. Great job, Shilpa! I absolutely love your wrap up post for the UBC Challenge! You totally deserve that beautiful blue badge! What a wonderful way to recount and acknowledge those who accompanied you on the journey, encouraging you.

    What next? 😀

    Whatever it is, I look forward to it!

    Love, Vidya

  11. The month is over! You did so well! And I liked your AtoZ too. People at Plinky and Daily Post provide such prompts everyday, you can keep checking their sites if you’re interested in doing more things like this one. 🙂

    • Thanks Shilpa for sharing this prompt and the websites too!
      Hope we do some another challenge together. I know, this time your computer gave you some troubles!

  12. Quite a Wrap up..X-chromosome domination..clever thought and fits aptly. I have not followed all the posts but after reading this one am tempted to read all!!! All the best and more blogging to you…

  13. Oh this one was sooo good! I loved it whole heartedly <3. and of course I love it more because I was featured twice in it. Truly whatever you have written especially the X chromosome dominated tribe did it is superb! And well even we got to see such lovely pieces of writing from you, my best was that telegram one. I told quite a few of friends about it. In this age of super communication, one cannot fathom the romance of receiving a telegram. 🙂

    Much love!

    • It was wonderful meeting and reading you through this challenge, Richa! And now this Tribe Whispers bonding us further… 🙂
      Aww… you remember that telegram, so sweet!! 🙂

  14. Congratulations Shilpa for completing the challenge. I have to be honest that I have’nt been regular in reading your posts in the UBC challenge, due to some changes in my home schedule. But as usual whenever I read your post, you have something different to offer. Enjoyed the last post of UBC.

  15. Congrats Shilpa. I did manage to read as many posts as I could. May have left a couple but awesome effort . Great job. Frankly it never stepped into monotony or boredom, you managed to keep all posts interesting and lively! Superb.

  16. Wow so you finally completed the challenge. That’s great 🙂 Congratulations. I wish I had that much dedication.

    I am going to take part in the next one for sure.
    It was wonderful to read your posts for the challenge. Keep blogging…

  17. You need to tell me the secret of posting everyday. How do you do it? And to top it, with such posts which certainly need much thought. I write a post, and when I go back to write the second one, usually 5-6 days are already gone!
    P.S. I’m still joining for October, God willing 🙂

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    • Thank you Kadambari and thanks from Shilpa Sharma too. 🙂
      Oh you can do it too!! Try it… as Kareena says in Limaca ad… ‘Thodi Pyaas Bhadao!” 😀

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