UBC Day 30 : Don’t Want to Write Today

cooltext46816292010 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Write a Post Today

  1. There is no internet in office. Airtel guys are taking their own sweet time to rectify the issue. And I don’t know how to use my laptop without the internet. Sad smile
  2. Of course, I can write a post at office and post it from home, but I don’t want to do that, because, I don’t want to write a post today. Smile with tongue out
  3. I have got a fabulous idea for tomorrow’s post… the last day of UBC. So, my brain cells are actually engaged there. Thinking smile
  4. No, I am not suffering from the fatigue of everyday blogging. I am just implementing a lesson I learnt from SuKu today. It is good to be a sloth sometimes! Winking smile
  5. It is raining and the view from my desk at office is compelling me to look outside than on the screen of my laptop. Smile
  6. I have downloaded a new word game on phone and bettering the score and earning trophies is more fun than writing a post. Devil
  7. The Write Tribe Whispers will start from 1st August. Richa is kick-starting it with her story and I am second in line to carry forward her story. Now, I have never written a 400-500 word story. I can think fiction only in 55 or 100 words. A 500-word fiction seems like a herculean task at the moment. Also, I feel, Hema who is third after me, would be building on my story, should get a reasonably good drama. So, I am all jittery about it.Confused smile
  8. I finally picked up a book and it is not allowing me to disengage from it.Nerd smile
  9. I will be receiving some exciting news anytime now. The anticipation of that excitement is too much to handle at the moment. Don't tell anyone smile
  10. And the last reason for not wanting to write a post today is simply because I don’t want to write a post today! Open-mouthed smile

Thank you Smita for the idea!! Smile