10 Reasons Why You Must Buy a Term Plan

In India, Insurance is still considered an expense rather than a necessity to secure financial stability. But an adequate insurance cover helps and protects during a financial crisis. Term plan insurance is the most basic and useful form of life insurance.

Term plan is a life insurance policy where the insured pays a premium at regular intervals (quarterly/bi-annually/annually) and the insurer agrees to pay the beneficiary or the nominee the sum assured in the event of the insured’s premature death during the policy term.

Term Insurance gives the protection to you and your family to survive the lows of life like a serious illness or an accident or anything that derails your plans for the future. As soon as you start earning, you must buy a term plan. Here are 10 reasons why you must buy a term plan…

1. Provides Financial Security

Pure term plans are not an investment option, but a means to financially secure the lives of the family in the unfortunate event of death of the insured. It’s best to revise the insurance cover from time to time to meet the changing needs. 

2. Low Premium

The premium for a term plan is relatively lower as compared to insurance plans. It provides only life protection plan and no ancillary benefits or investment element is attached.

3. Timely Payouts

Generally, claim rejections are lower if the policy has been active for 10 years or more. This is also due to the simplicity of the policy, so there is little to debate and hence the claim can be paid up easily without any hassle.

4. Fixed Premium

The premium amount paid for term plan life insurance are fixed and do not vary with time unless there are any changes in the tax laws.

5. Early-Mover Advantage

Term plans give you higher benefits if you buy the insurance at an early age. The earlier you buy the insurance, the lower the premium you have pay. As the premium for term insurance increases with advancing age, it is better to buy a suitable plan as early as you can so that you have to pay lower premium.

10 Reasons Why You Must Buy a Term Plan

6. Tax Free Death Benefit

Term plans like many life insurance policies offer tax free death benefit to the nominees of the policy holder. As the premiums are paid with money for which you have already paid the tax to the government, no further tax is levied upon the benefit amount. There may be exceptions though.

7. Riders Can Be Added

Some term plans allow you to add riders like, accidental death cover, critical illness rider or specific disease riders etc. Riders are the additional benefits that come with a nominal premium. With these riders the nominee is liable to get a higher assured sum.

8. Income Tax Benefits

In respect of premium paid, you can avail a deduction of up to Rs 150,000 per annum under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. Also, the death benefit paid to your nominee (in case of unfortunate death) is tax free under Section 10 (10D) of the income Tax Act 1961.

9. Longer Term Life Cover

Term plans can be taken for a long period of time. Generally one can take a term up to age 70-75; however, some companies allow taking the cover up to age 99 as well.

10. Living Benefits

Most term plans come with living benefits and allow you to access a significant portion of the death benefits while you are still living. The purpose of the living benefits rider is to allow the policy owner the opportunity to use his or her life insurance benefits early in the case of serious injury, terminal illness, or other debilitating medical condition. Serious illnesses and injuries could affect your ability to earn an income. The living benefit allows a policyholder to offset this issue by accessing life insurance benefits prior to death.

Term plan offer a lot of benefits along with freedom from hassles and worries by securing the lives of your loved ones. So, buy one today!

76-YO Harjinder Singh Runs Delhi’s Only ‘Auto ambulance’ #WATWB

Harjinder Singh’s auto looks like any other auto seen on the roads of Delhi, till you look at its rear.

Free Ambulance for Injured in Road Accidents is written in bold and red.  This 76-year old runs what is perhaps the only auto ambulance in the city and it has been in service since 1978. He helps road accident victims in Delhi by taking them to the nearest hospital free of cost.

While plying his vehicle as a regular auto around Delhi, Singh has helped save hundreds of lives. On an average, he helps one victim a day. Recognising his social service, the Delhi Traffic Police made him a traffic police warden and issued multiple certificates of commendations as well.

“I feel it is a matter of privilege to serve people. If I can take someone to the hospital on time and his life is saved, my purpose is served,” he shared with The Hindustan Times.

When I asked what the source of his deep commitment to the community was, Singh shared, “I remember the time when there were floods in Delhi. I, as a part of the Sikh community, I got together with many others and did seva (service) wherever I could. Though that relief work got over after a few days, but my desire to continue to help people did not. So, around that time, I started the free auto ambulance service.”

The satisfaction of helping someone in need and gratitude shown by people keeps him going throughout the day.

“In so many cases, people die on the road just because they don’t get timely help. People stand and look at them dying. I don’t want to be one of them.”

The autorickshaw that Harjinder drives has a first-aid kit that contains all the emergency requisites like bandages, antiseptic lotion, cream for burns etc. He has done a course in first aid to provide assistance in times of crisis.

People like Harjinder Singh are making this world a better place to live, through their little but commendable efforts.

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5 Reasons to Stay at a Boutique Hotel

Few months ago, I was looking at hotels in Goa. After scanning through various properties, I chose a boutique hotel, The Cape Goa. And believe me, I have become a boutique hotel convert and would prefer them over regular or large chain hotels, anytime. As a frequent traveler, for me a hotel room isn’t just to freshen up and rest for a few hours, but is much more than that. Boutique hotels truly offer rich traveling experience. And if you look at reviews on various websites, you will notice that boutique hotels always have superior reviews. But, what is a boutique hotel and how is it different from any other hotel.

According to the definition by USA Today, “Boutique hotels are characterized by their intimate atmosphere and idiosyncratic style. They distinguish themselves from larger chain hotels by offering personalized attention and styled accommodations which play on a motif.”


If you’re looking for a hotel for your vacation or a business trip, here are 5 reasons to choose a boutique hotel.

1. Wow Factor: Everything about a boutique hotel will impress and dazzle you. The architecture, design, décor is unique and may be quirky or chic, modern or contemporary or historic or plain homely. Everything is unique and luxurious and will truly delight and surprise you.

2. Signature Dining: Food is love and life for all of us. And a boutique hotel invariably has an outstanding restaurant that draws the local crowds too.

3. Personalized Service: At a boutique hotel, you’re not just another guest. Since, there are only 5-50 rooms on an average, you can be assured of not just amazing customer service but amazing personalized customer service. They believe in tailoring to your personal preferences and you always feel like you are a special guest.

5 Reasons to Stay at a Boutique Hotel

4. Pet Friendly: It can be hard to leave the four-legged family member behind when you go on a holiday. But not anymore. Unlike traditional hotels, boutique hotels have fewer restrictions and rules and they welcome pets with open arms. Some even provide doggy beds, so that the entire family can have a comfortable stay.

5. No Two Stays Are the Same: Each boutique hotel offers unique experiences and services. With warm and personalized services, you will be buzzing with exclusive experiences. Even in one boutique hotels, different rooms have radically different aesthetics and arrangements, so you may return back to the same hotel and discover something that you hadn’t experienced before.

Have you stayed in a boutique hotel? How has been your experience? Do share in the comment box below!

8 Foods To Eat For A Healthy Glowing Skin

Skin care must be good enough to eat! – Joanna Runciman

Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. A healthy skin shows how healthy you are on the inside. Sure, lifestyle habits and genetics play an important role in influencing your skin but that doesn’t mean that a healthy glowing skin is unachievable. You have heard the old adage, beauty starts from within. Eating food that feed and nourish your skin can give the much needed boost from within. With the right balance of foods which are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, collagen, amino acids, good fats, a healthy and glowing skin can be all yours. Here are 8 skin loving foods that are a must in your plate.


Tomatoes are the best sources of vitamin C and carotenoids like lycopene. Lycopene, an anti-aging antioxidant, protects the skin against damage from the sun and helps to prevent wrinkles. The pulp of tomatoes also helps tighten pores and prevent pimples since tomatoes are acidic in nature. Research suggests that lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body when it’s cooked, so add tomatoes in your soups, stews and sauces.


Papaya has super healthy enzyme papain  and chymopapain that help in skin repairing, exfoliating and hydrating. When applied on the skin, these enzymes dissolve pore clogging fats, removes blemishes and cleanse the skin. Eating a single cup of fresh, ripe papaya gives 144% of daily value of collagen-strengthening vitamin C.


Beetroot has a cleansing impact as it makes the blood clearer and fights free radicals. It is loaded with iron, potassium, magnesium, fibre, phosphorus and the vitamins A, B and C, all of which are very good for skin. Beetroots prevents signs of aging, reduces pigmentation and blemishes, moisturizes dry skin and promotes hair growth. So have a glass of beetroot juice or eat it as a salad or apply the pulp from the juice of your face.

8 Foods To Eat For A Healthy Glowing Skin

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta carotene which is an antioxidant that turns into vitamin A in the body. It also contains vitamin C, which is both an antioxidant and vital in the production of collagen. Collagen is the main component in the skin and other connective tissues, including hair and nails. Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals and vitamin A deficiency which is a huge reason for dull, dry skin. One 1/2-cup serving (100 grams) of baked sweet potato contains enough beta-carotene to provide nearly four times the RDI (Reference Daily Intake) of vitamin A.

Red and Yellow Bell Peppers

Bell peppers contain of beta-carotene and vitamin A, C and K— both of which are important antioxidants for your skin. One cup (150 grams) of chopped red bell pepper contains the equivalent of 92% of the RDI for vitamin A and 317% of the RDI for vitamin C. These help smooth out the skin and lighten the appearance of any dark spots caused by the overproduction of pigmentation. They also keep the skin firm and make the skin healthy and youthful.

Cold Water Fatty Fish

Salmon, sardines, canola, mackerel and tuna, boost linoleic acid levels in the body. They are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary to keep skin thick, supple and moisturized.


Avocados are high in healthy fats along with and vitamins E and C. Getting enough of these fats is essential to keep skin flexible and moisturized.

Green Tea

Green tea is known to protect the skin from damage and aging. Green tea has loads of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, both essential for skin health maintenance. Caffeine and tannins in green tea help shrink blood vessels around the eyes, making it a miracle for treating puffy eyes and dark circles. Green tea leaf fibers are proven to stimulate hair growth and that’s because of  catechins and polyphenols which stimulate cell turnover in hair follicles.

For healthier, younger, glowing and radiant skin, rather than looking in your vanity kit, try adding these eight foods to your diet.

You’re never too old to become younger. – Mae West

7 Secrets to a Stress-Free Air Travel

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Most of us love traveling to step away from the daily grind. But the act of traveling to the destination can be pretty stressful. Navigating through the airports and getting on the flight can make you lose your mind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today I am sharing some of the things that I’ve learned over the years, to keep your next flight truly stress-free.

1. Be Organized: Set aside some dedicated time to work on travel planning. Make a checklist of all the things that you need to do before your trip. Keep all your flight booking and travel documents, maps, guides, wallet essentials, healthcare items, entertainment items, snacks, electronic items and their chargers along with your travel essentials but remember to travel light.

2. Arrive Early: Plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours before a domestic flight or 3 hours before an international flight to avoid the stress of traffic, long queues, and unforeseen circumstances. If security makes you anxious, remember that the long lines and extensive searches ensure that we all fly safely and the inconvenience is a small price to pay for a safe flight and peace of mind.

7 Secrets to a Stress-Free Air Travel

3. Never Book a Middle Seat: Yes, even if two of you are traveling together. There is usually very little leg room and an armrest that may get claimed by your co-passengers. I feel claustrophobic in the middle seat. An undesirable seat can affect your trip in a negative way so making the effort to know where you’re sitting before you board the plane is pretty important. Either select the two aisle seats in the same row or a window and aisle seat; if you are lucky, you may have an empty middle seat in between you!

4. Follow All Security Protocols: Getting through the airport security is probably the most time-consuming and stressful part of the air travel process. It makes sense to be prepared well before you get in line. Know the hacks that will help sail through the security gate.

5. Relax in the Lounge: You’ve navigated through check-in and security successfully and now it’s the time to relax in the airport lounge. I always look forward to my flights to Mumbai for I love the lounge at the airport. The lounges give you time to relax and escape from the buzz at the airport and enjoy the complimentary food, drink, internet and lounge benefits like comfy chairs, big screen TVs, magazines and newspapers. This is a perfect place to unwind and mentally prepare for the next stage of your trip.

6. Engage Yourself: Once you have boarded the flight and are comfortable in your seat, do something to keep yourself busy. I prefer to read, watch a movie, listen to music or play a game on my phone. In fact it’s the best down-time, as there are no calls, no emails and you can just sit back and relax.

7. Get Some Sleep: Sleep is the best stress reliever. So catch a few winks so that you are recharged for your next step of the travel.

Do you have a tip for stress-free travel that you’ve found makes your vacation easier? Do share in the comment box.