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Today, I’d like to showcase a blog which I admire a lot!

I first ‘met’ her through a fabulous story she had written for a contest on Madhu Rao’s blog. And then our path crossed, when we were in the same team for a contest, Bloggers Premier League (BPL) hosted by Cafe GingerChai.

Since then I have not missed reading her single blog post!

She has a great taste and style and is incredibly funny and a humorous writer. I admire her writing style which is very limpid, her stories touch a chord and her observations of life around her are vivid, wise and witty. Her book and movie reviews are informative and spot on. In short, her posts are always entertaining, informative and interesting.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to showcase Vinita Kherdekar aka Lazy Pineapple on my blog.


Well, she is neither lazy nor is her blog about pineapples. It is fruity and tangy….a treasure trove of humor, fiction and other nonsensical stuff to entertain us.

These are some of her posts that I loved and enjoyed.Vinita

Mother’s Day Special

NRI Ki Jubaani – When a NRI returns… Observations and Experiences

Things I learnt from Google and Facebook Chat

The Bleeding Heart

She also hosts Caption Contests every Wednesday which has some unusual pictures and receives hilarious captions from the readers.

Currently, her blog is on a hiatus as she is recuperating and will resume back to active blogging as soon as possible.

Do check out her blog and share some love 🙂

Linking it to Write Tribe Festival of Words – 3 : Day 2 : Blog Love


Which blogs do you love reading?

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38 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. Love the name Lazy pineapple 🙂 this challenge i s great and is bringing us in touch with some wonderful bloggers and their posts. Loving it.

  2. It’s amazing what a little world in itself blogging is. Just an icon on our screen and yet we feel we know that person as much as, if not better than, a real friend. Keep writing!

  3. I used to read Lazy Pineapple before and somehow lost the link !
    Thank you for re-introducing me to her blog. she is a fabulous writer 🙂

  4. Oh I love Vinita and her blog. I hope that she gets back to active blogging soon. Lovely seeing her featured on your blog, Shilpa. I know how thick the two of you are :-D! And, it is wonderful seeing these friendships.

  5. Thanks Shilpa for featuring my blog. I feel so honored and touched by this gesture. Even though I have never met you..our friendship goes stronger with each passing day and I really treasure it. Thanks for being a part of my life and making it brighter. I plan to hop over and meet you soon.

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