99 Things I Love #Friday Reflections

When I saw this prompt of writing about ‘99 Things I Love’ , I knew I had to do this. So, I started jotting down the things I absolutely love. And believe me, it is one happy exercise. It made me dig into the past and look at the present too and this kept the grey cells busy as they came up with one thing after the other. The happiness and feeling of contentment as I wrote all the 99 things I love is something that I will cherish for a long time…

Here’s my list of 99 things I love, in no particular order…

    1. My mug of tea in absolute peace
    2. Smiles from strangers
    3. A big warm hug
    4. Finishing a well written book
    5. A cupboard full of books which I call as my library
    6. Photographs that have captured some beautiful moments
    7. Watching rain from my window
    8. Quotes that inspire
    9. KG, the love of my life
    10. Food cooked by KG
    11. Empathy
    12. Conversations with girl friends
    13. Aaryan, the apple of my eye!
    14. My laptop, can’t imagine life without it
    15. My Me time
    16. Reiki for the calmness and direction it gives
    17. Being free to do what I want, when I want and how I want
    18. Dinner time with KG
    19. Aaryan’s holidays. He is coming home tomorrow for a week and I can’t contain myself.
    20. Aaryan’s letters which he writes from school
    21. Prayer time
    22. Hope
    23. A few good great friends
    24. Tough times and the lessons I learnt from it
    25. Chances and opportunities that I have got in life
    26. The love, care and concern of my parents
    27. Baking cakes and compliments that KG and Aaryan shower over the goodies I bake
    28. My blog
    29. Memories of the past
    30. Virtual friends and the conversations over phone and chatting online with them
    31. Watching The Big Bang Theory
    32. Get togethers with our friends
    33. Masala Dosa with Filter Coffee at a South Indian joint
    34. Swimming all alone in a clear clean pool
    35. Learning something new
    36. Unlearning and the realization it brings
    37. Making lists for everything and anything mostly physical and some in my head too
    38. Ticking off things from my To-Do lists
    39. My home and everything about it
    40. The clean and orderly look of my home
    41. Watching movies on TV which are on my wish list
    42. Positive, creative and people who have the ability to make others laugh
    43. My corner of the bed and all the things I need on the side table next to it
    44. Fresh sun dried laundry
    45. Online shopping
    46. Shopping in malls and in the narrow by-lanes of a city
    47. When someone remembers an old blog post of mine
    48. Indian winters and everything about it – the food, the clothes and general air of cheer and festivity around
    49. The look after a nice haircut
    50. Getting older
    51. Anything that brings back old memories – smells, music, toys, food, people, places that take me down the memory lane
    52. People-watching while traveling
    53. My work and everything about it
    54. The relief and euphoria of meeting a deadline
    55. Commitments by me to others and others for anything
    56. Finding words written by others that echo my feelings and sentiments
    57. Small acts of kindness
    58. Sharing small conversations or smiles with strangers
    59. Gifting both giving and receiving, especially unwrapping a gift
    60. The view from my balcony
    61. Word /puzzle games on my phone
    62. Forgiveness and the peace it brings
    63. Letting go and moving on
    64. Attitude of gratitude
    65. My well-stocked kitchen and fridge
    66. The nature and its beauty
    67. The happy and wonderful surprises
    68. Love
    69. Cutting, chopping, snipping stories to fit in exactly 55 words
    70. Counting my blessings
    71. Sorting out the differences with somebody
    72. The sound of my own voice in a voice message
    73. Power naps
    74. Moving out of my comfort zone
    75. Spring-cleaning
    76. Coming back home after travel
    77. Chats with Aaryan that make me realize that he is growing up, oh so well!
    78. A clear head
    79. Getting better… slowly but surely
    80. Food cooked by my mother
    81. Catching up with old friends and to realize that time and distance does not matter with them
    82. Days when I can spend lazing and reading in bed
    83. Small nuggets of wisdom
    84. Fast speed internet
    85. Idle day dreaming
    86. Possibilities…
    87. Listening to somebody with a rich baritone.
    88. Technology that makes life simpler and easier
    89. When things fall in place
    90. Making someone’s day
    91. Finding exactly what I was looking for
    92. Grabbing great deals and bargains
    93. Waking up after a good night sleep
    94. Hearing a ‘bless you’ when I sneeze
    95. Listening to a favorite song on a loop
    96. Seeing old people walking hand in hand
    97. Witnessing something beautiful and amazing
    98. Receiving a sincere compliment
    99. Reading old letters, notes, journals…

Would some things from my list feature in your list too?? Why dont you write your own list. You will enjoy doing it. Go for it!


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41 thoughts on “99 Things I Love #Friday Reflections

  1. It’s strange that Tea should come up at No. 1, and everything else after that. Maybe you should try not drinking tea for a couple of weeks. If you can’t, you might be addicted to it. Just like how I was. 😛 😛

    Destination Infinity

    • Tea is my absolute favorite and my elixir too. But this is a random list and in no particular order. I can live without it, because, I prefer drinking good cup of tea (made as per my taste and liking) and I certainly dont get it when I am traveling, so I forego drinking tea, rather than having a bad cup of tea! 😛

  2. You know Shilpa we have quite a number of things in common 🙂 Too many to jot down but the clean and tidy look of the house makes me happy too and reading a good book…So, many more..Maybe I’ll do a list of my own and we can tally:)

  3. Great exercise, Shilpa! here’s a mini list for me:

    1. My husband.
    2. Our kids (DS1 – 18, DS2 – 17, DD -12)
    3. Our house.
    4. The way neighbors help each other out around here.
    5. That we are close enough to a ‘big city’ that we can go there for a day, but get out of it before rush hour!
    6. The first touch of sun on my skin in the morning.
    7. Sunsets.
    8. Vegetables picked fresh out of the garden.
    9. Internet friends and acquaintances.
    10. Cozy mysteries!

    • Wonderful list, LuAnn! I like living in a city which is not a metro but has everything of a metro city minus the traffic and congestion. Cozy mysteries… aah! That reminds, it’s been ages I read one. Must pick one soon!

  4. he he he he .. the reason i am laughing is because of point 1.. WHAT BLISS

    a cup of hot coffee … alone .. on a mountain side .. BLISSSSSs

    All the best with everything in the List and here’s wishing you get to do each one of them SOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  5. Hi, It was a nice read. Who would have thought sun dried laundry gave happiness too? Yes, sometimes we take for granted many things that give some satisfaction to us,even it if it is for few seconds.

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