Get it Right the First Time

Some people simply have jobs, while others have careers. Though, these two terms  ie  ‘career’ and ‘job’ are often used interchangeably, they aren’t the same. A career, is an occupation that lasts a long time, usually years or even decades, while a job is any employment that is paid. A career is made up of a job or jobs, but that doesn’t mean that every job is part of a person’s career.

With a career, the kind of work you do is based on your interests. It’s a path you’ve chosen.

Usually, after college students follow career paths they had never imagined for themselves or weren’t even aware of. It was the same for me. I remember, when I completed my MBA, some two decades ago, I just wanted a job and didn’t had a career in mind. The first job I got was in pharmaceutical industry. Thankfully, I liked what I did and later made it as my career.

But that was ages ago. It’s all different, now. Today, if you have a dream job in mind, then you can start on your career by finding a job that will allow you to work towards that dream job pretty early. Yes, that’s getting it right the first time!

Career planning and looking for various options in a chosen career should start when one is in school/college. The first step to finding potential careers is to do a complete self-assessment. What do you like to do?  What are your interests and abilities?

Today, we have so many tools and websites that help the students to find out what type of education is required for a particular career. They can find schools/colleges that may meet their needs. You can search for colleges based on their type, location, and degrees and programs/majors offered. For instance, if you are planning to choose the field of medicine as your career path, all you have to do is check out the various Medical Colleges in India. On a click of a button, you can get all the info that you require, right from the courses the Colleges offer to the cut-offs, admission process, eligibility, fee structure, infrastructure, facilities, placements etc.

Now-a-days, the career choices for Indian Doctors are immense. This is one recession proof profession and professionals in this field are always in demand, especially now with growing health awareness amongst people. The medical industry is growing by leaps and bound and so is the demand for skilled specialists. Today we have specialists in medical field which were not so popular few years ago viz Aerospace Medicine, Bioinformatics, Cardiac Anaesthesiology, Child Psychiatry, Forensic, Immunohematology Nuclear Medicine etc.

So go on and make a great career in this field which will not only give you the happiness of saving lives but also will give you great satisfaction.