Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart

Many women feel pulled in multiple directions with the varied roles and commitments they have in their lives. The traditional role of wife/mother makes taking care of others in the family the priority.With demands of family and work pressures, health is not on top of priority list for most women. And I am no different.

While, I take pride in keeping commitments both at home and work place, being committed to my health is something that I take pretty lightly. I came across this Weight Heart test at Saffolalife which assesses the impact of one’s fitness levels on the heart health.

Thankfully, the result was just about right. Nothing to worry about at the moment, but can it stay that way as age catches up with me? I know, it will not!

As I was exploring Saffolalife, I came across a study which reveals that 61% of women in India are at risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, two out of four Indian women are at risk of heart problems due to increasing weight. While we may worry about cancer or hormonal problems or any other ailment, we don’t realize that the risk of heart disease is pretty high and it needs our attention too.

It’s important that each woman take steps to #protectherheart . And it does not take much to protect it…

  • Walk Everyday : 10000 steps per day is considered healthy. road-749528_1280Walking daily helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, thus facilitating a healthy heart. Getting off at the bus stop earlier than the regular one and then walking the distance, parking the car farther than usual from the office or shopping place, and taking the staircase instead of using the elevators and escalators are some ways to make walking as part of our daily activities.
  • Eat Healthy : Preventing cardiovascular diseases isn’t just about avoiding unhealthy food. It’s about eat healthy, eating foods that are rich in nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats.
  • Avoid Stress : Though, there is no direct link between stress and heart disease. However, stress, particularly constant (chronic) stress, can result in higher blood cholesterol, increased blood pressure or be more chances of developing atherosclerosis. Identifying the source of stress, being physically active, sharing feelings with family and friends, taking time for self, making time to laugh and relax, eating well are some of the ways to bust stress and boost heart health.

I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda. I urge you to protect your heart health too, as a Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart!

Image Source : Pixabay