#UnwrapChristmas with Secret Santee!

It only takes a spark to get the fire going.

And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.

That’s how it is with God’s love,

Once you have experienced it

You want to sing

You feel like spring

You want to pass it on…

A few of us gathered together for Secret Santa tidings, divided by names and united through a common Christmas spirit of sharing. And it is in this spirit that we bring this blog chain to you.

I am thankful to Pratikshya for passing on the baton of spreading Christmas joy and spirit.

It is here through words and my secret santee that I unwrap Christmas on my blog for you.

The sisters at my convent school for 14 years, introduced me to the magical world of Santa and  toys, X-mas trees and tinsel, elves and Rudolph, carols and chapel, cakes and cookies, stories and sermons.  They also shared that spirit of Christmas is all about being humble, generous, loving and giving.  Our Christian friends showed us that Christmas is about family bonding and that of the spirit of giving and rejoicing.

Today, as I sit and reflect on the true spirit of Christmas, a realization dawns that there’s nothing more satisfying and enriching than reaching out to someone and bringing joy to them.  And this is what represents the spirit of Christmas which is a spirit of giving!

Numerous experiences from our daily life show that we have always been grateful when somebody touched our lives or gave us what we needed the most at that time, whether a smile or a kind word or a patient listening.

It’s proven that a sure way to be happy and to spread it all around us is by having a generous and a giving heart.

A giving heart is not about material offerings…

It is about being compassionate to someone who is hurting.

It is about encouraging someone who is not able to see the light.

It is about being there for someone.

It is about giving our love,  our time, our understanding, our positive presence, our commitment, our genuine care and concern for someone.

It is amazing to see that these small acts of giving never fail to lighten the recipient’s day. It may even turn it around. And do you know that generosity is contagious of course in a healthy way.

Here’s hoping that each one of us embrace the spirit of Christmas and find the true meaning of the season by being generous thereby bringing more joy and happiness into lives of those around us.

I now invite Sujatha Singh  to spread the message of Christmas and new years on their blog.


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13 thoughts on “#UnwrapChristmas with Secret Santee!

  1. That’s a wonderful thought Shilpa. Most of my early Christmas memories are also from school. We used to have a small Christmas play with the three wise men carrying gifts and walking down the hall to the stage where a manger would have been put up. So much fun it was. Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

  2. as I read more of our posts I realise all of us have bonded in cause.. Cant agree more that the true spirit of christmas is more in sharing than receiving. Always good to read you Shilpa

  3. What a wonderful thought Shilpa! True Christy is all about sharing and bonding! Love the spirit that warms your soul in the winters!
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. Hey Shilpa, I share similar happy Christmas memories having studied in a Convent school too! Such unforgettable songs…! The warmth of the festival is indeed in its caring and sharing. Stay blessed!

  5. Sacrifice, labour and hardship become easy if the heart is full of undying love for someone or all. I couldn’t agree more with you in your thoughts Shilpa. Merry Christmas!

  6. wow shilpa ! the first few lines of this post, is my favourite song and You got me singing … I have always loved singing this song in our church. and yes Christmas is a great time that reminds us that there is a special joy is sharing and its been a great day for me at home; while I consciously chose to go with the flow sharing what we have; not just wrapped gifts but every small little thing that money cannot buy… thanks for sharing this post 🙂 and Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and Your Family!!

  7. For me too, Christmas memories begin in school. That is the feeling I have held on to from the beginning, that is spirit I carry within me. I believe in Santa, in sharing and Giving and receiving. Christmas Spirit is all about that!

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