UBC Day 1 : Jitters and Japes

Last evening, we went out for shopping and my mind was on blogging. I was looking at things around me a bit deeply.

I believed that I’d get some food for thought at the aquarium shop where we had gone to buy some stuff, but all I got was some food for our fishes.

I looked on the passing vehicles and billboards with renewed interest, to observe something out of ordinary, but everything was prim and proper like the life our relatives expect us to lead.

I observed the customers at a retail outlet to find some unique behaviour or mannerism but they were as boring as watching the paint dry.

When KG was sharing something interesting with me, my mind was working overtime on remembering something else which could be blog worthy and I invited an exasperated look from him.

After an hour of surfing on the net and looking for blogging ideas / daily prompt suggestions, nothing really caught my fancy.

The personal deadline I have set for posting each day’s blog post is of 12.01 am, which is just a few minutes away, and the words that can describe my current state of mind in panic stricken.

It’s the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. And I am clueless and lost.

Am I biting off more than I can chew?