Wordless Wednesday -101

Too much work and too little time, travel from tomorrow and muse has decided to abscond too. Like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures!

So a Wordless Wednesday on my blog after nearly a year!!
Wordless Wednesday

Figure it out yourself!

By the way, out of these two, which one would you like to have! :D

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It’s All Black

Last evening, we went to a party and the dress code there was Black.
A friend is buying a new car, and he did an opinion poll on the color and he got 80% votes for the color Black. Another friends’ wardrobe consists mainly of Black.

And I am in sync with Henry Ford too, when I say, “I can have any shape, pattern or design of shoes and handbags, in any color – so long as it’s Black!!” Yeah, all my shoes, sandals, slip-ons, heels, flats, boots…even the sports shoes are Black! My winter wardrobe is predominantly black and decor of our home is in shades of black too.Home

Yes, I am sort of addicted to black! I believe, black is elegant and it is associated with timeless beauty too. In fact they say that without black, no color has any depth. But if you mix black with everything, suddenly there’s shadow – no, not just shadow, but fullness.

So, if I am asked to share 5 black things that I wish for, my list would read something like this…

  • The Black Belt in Karate and other martial arts denotes competence. Karate is a great way to stay fit but given the times we live in, I’d like to learn Karate not only for self defence but also to be of help to anybody in a dangerous or a threatening situation.bb
  • My library cupboard is packed to capacity and now the books have spilled outside and have started occupying every available space on coffee tables and shelves. Before the books take over my home, it’s time, I graduate to Kindle books. Also, with this sleek all Black Kindle ereader, I can carry hundreds of books in my bag wherever I go and also it would probably cut a few kilograms out of my backpack load too.Kindle
  • My love for tea that is milky and sugary is legendary. I am told time and again that this way of having tea is not a healthy idea. While I realize all this wisdom, I am not able to cut this little dairy from my tea. I seriously think that it’s time I switch my loyalties and drink Black Tea till the cows come home!Black tea cup
  • The Polyhouses on our farm are ready for the plantation of the first crop. The temperature, levels of light and shade, irrigation, fertilizer application, and atmospheric humidity are all controlled for crops growing in a polyhouse. And all we need is abundance of Black Clouds, so that they bring in rains. With good rains, all farm ponds and reservoirs would be full of  natural water which should be sufficient for plentiful crops, all year through.

    No, that isn't me!

    No, that isn’t me!

  • It is said music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. And I’d like it to flow through my home. And what’s better than a Black Bose SoundTouch Stereo JC Wi-Fi music system. This black and beautiful system creates the most powerful multi-room listening experience ever. With this one can stream different music in different rooms, the same music in every room. Now isn’t that magical!soundtouch_stereo_jc_bl_lg

What Black things do you aspire for?

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There is Always a First Time


There’s always a first time, for everything!

This is my 10th everyday blogging challenge and for the first time, I am finding it a struggle. Struggle to post everyday and interact too.

I can list a lot of reasons! Or are they excuses??

While the thoughts of quitting are strong, but a small voice is pushing to go beyond the boundaries. So, I am giving it a shot, after all it’s just a week more. If I complete it successfully, it would be great.

If not, then it would be yet another first, to quit just before the finishing line!

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Inside His Mind


Is it lust or the thrill of exercising domination?

Is it because of their upbringing or their innate rage?

How do they rationalize their acts?

Does remorse and guilt plagues them ever?

Do they plan for it for days altogether or is it an impulsive thing?

And what about the selection of ‘objects’? Is it random or some specific preferences are considered?

How are the cries of helplessness and pain overpowered by sadistic pleasure?

If there’s one power that I’d like to have, it would be to read what goes on in the sick and demented mind of a rapist.

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Butterfly Season

Title: Butterfly SeasonButterfly-Season
Author: Natasha Ahmed
Publisher: Indireads Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-927826-55-3
Number of Pages: 169 (Estimated)
Price [INR] : 213
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Type : eBook

On her first holiday in six years, Rumi is expecting to relax and unwind. But when she is set up by her long-time friend, she doesn’t shy away from the possibilities. Ahad, a charming, independent, self-made man, captures her imagination, drawing her away from her disapproving sister, Juveria.

Faced with sizzling chemistry and a meeting of the minds, Ahad and Rumi find themselves deep in a relationship that moves forward with growing intensity. But as her desire for the self-assured Ahad grows, Rumi struggles with a decision that will impact the rest of her life.
Confronted by her scandalized sister, a forbidding uncle and a society that frowns on pre-marital intimacy, Rumi has to decide whether to shed her middle-class sensibilities, turning her back on her family, or return to her secluded existence as an unmarried woman in Pakistan.

We follow Rumi from rainy London to a sweltering Karachi, as she tries to take control of her own destiny

Butterfly Season is  story of Rumi, a 30-something woman from Pakistan, who has spent the last 6 years caring for her ailing mother. She’s in London after her mother’s death, visiting her younger sister and old friends. Rumi has been a ‘good’ girl all her life, a dutiful daughter, a loyal friend. The kind of woman everyone gets along with and whom you don’t expect will cause any waves. But then she does, when she falls in love with a very charming and compassionate Ahad whose eyes are forever twinkling with amusement! (I’d like to meet Ahad in real life, of course only to see that amusement in his eyes!) And all this happens much to the chagrin of her younger sister, Juveria.

The story in Butterfly season gives a glimpse of the values and culture followed by an average middle-class Pakistani family. The story highlights the issues that affect Muslim women regardless of age, social status, educational qualification or professional expertise, country they live in, despite the modern times we live in. It showcases the desire of freedom by the Muslim women to fly like a butterfly against the blue sky and to follow their heart! This story is a leaf from real life and most women can relate to it.

Butterfly Season has well-thought out, unique, strong and engaging characters. Almost all the characters are well etched out. Juveria even with her twisted thinking is convincing! The conflict faced by the characters which adds to the drama in the story-line is brought out well. The writing in the book is simple and honest.

With a strong theme, a fascinating plot and an engaging style, Butterfly Season is an enjoyable read.

Rating : 3.75 Stars

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