#FundAhamBhumika – Make a Difference

It was 6.15 am and I was waiting at Delhi Railway Station for my train to arrive. With nothing better to do, I did what I love doing the most. Yes, that’s observing people. I was watching him from far. Something about him caught my eye. I could not hear what he was talking about, but his body language oozed confidence. He must have seen me looking at him with interest, for he walked towards me with purpose. As he approached me, he gave a warm smile. I smiled back and he immediately got down to business. He showed me his wares and said, “Madam, please see these stickers. Which one would you like Doremon or Barbie Doll?

Even though the stickers he was selling had no use for me, I had made up my mind to buy them from him. As I was looking at the spread of stickers in his plastic tray, it suddenly struck me that he had spoken to me in perfect English.

Awe-struck, I looked up at him and asked, “Which class you are in?”. With a twinkle in his eyes, very proudly he said, “Class IV”. As I selected the stickers and paid him, we chatted for a while and I got to know that by 7.30 am, Sujeet, would leave the Railway Station to go home to pick his school bag and would be back again at the Railway Station in the evening. He enjoyed studying and Maths was his favorite subject. He wanted to work in a big office where they wear a suit and a tie. He pointed towards a man dressed just like that.

I wanted to talk to him for some more time, but he was a boy with a mission. He waved me goodbye and moved on to sell his wares somewhere else.

The happiness in my heart and face lingered for a long time. It was heart warming to see a small child with dreams and goals and working towards it with commitment. He made me realize that education is soul crafting. What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.

When I heard that a rural pre-school run by Aham Bhumika was facing a fund crisis, I was reminded of Sujeet immediately. It is NGO’s like Aham Bhumika which are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of Sujeets.


This pre-school which is run by Aham Bhumika in Borda village on Kolar Road at Bhopal is looking for corporate funding so that education which is an essential right is within reach of the underprivileged rural children. This pre-school which teaches 40 rural children at the moment need Rs 14000 per month to meet their expenses and prevent the school from closing down.


To help them in their noble act, we bloggers have got together to bring awareness about their needs to the general public.

Here’s how we all can help…

Cash donation: Cash donation which could be any amount and even One Rupee a day which will be Rs. 365/- per year will make a big difference in the lives of many children.

Online bank transfer/ Cheque payments can be done using following information:

A/c name: Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha
SAVINGS ACCOUNT NO. 2073101015874
IFSC Code- CNRB0002073

All donations are tax exempted under Section 80-G of Income Tax of India.

Donation in Kind: You can donate clothes, blankets, woollens, books, toys, food grain, at their collection centres in Bhopal.

Volunteer: You can share your time and skills and help bring a change to some parts of rural India.

Buy : Embroidery Project of Aham Bhumika trains women and girls in hand embroidery work. They make and sell cushion covers, bags, bed sheets, quilts, hand painted shoes etc. All profits earned from sales  of these items go towards the education fund.



You can get more details from their Facebook page, Twitter account and Website.

Come one, come all, let’s do our bit and make a difference in life’s of Sujeets of the world!

All images are taken from Aham Bhumika’s Facebook page.

Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart

Many women feel pulled in multiple directions with the varied roles and commitments they have in their lives. The traditional role of wife/mother makes taking care of others in the family the priority.With demands of family and work pressures, health is not on top of priority list for most women. And I am no different.

While, I take pride in keeping commitments both at home and work place, being committed to my health is something that I take it pretty lightly. I came across this Weight Heart test at Saffolalife which assesses the impact of one’s fitness levels on the heart health.

Thankfully, the result was just about right. Nothing to worry about at the moment, but can it stay that way as age catches up with me? I know, it will not!

As I was exploring Saffolalife, I came across a study which reveals that 61% of women in India are at risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, two out of four Indian women are at risk of heart problems due to increasing weight. While we may worry about cancer or hormonal problems or any other ailment, we don’t realize that the risk of heart disease is pretty high and it needs our attention too.

It’s important that each woman take steps to #protectherheart . And it does not take much to protect it…

  • Walk Everyday : 10000 steps per day is considered healthy. road-749528_1280Walking daily helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, thus facilitating a healthy heart. Getting off at the bus stop earlier than the regular one and then walking the distance, parking the car farther than usual from the office or shopping place, and taking the staircase instead of using the elevators and escalators are some ways to make walking as part of our daily activities.
  • Eat Healthy : Preventing cardiovascular diseases isn’t just about avoiding unhealthy food. It’s about eat healthy, eating foods that are rich in nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats.
  • Avoid Stress : Though, there is no direct link between stress and heart disease. However, stress, particularly constant (chronic) stress, can result in higher blood cholesterol, increased blood pressure or be more chances of developing atherosclerosis. Identifying the source of stress, being physically active, sharing feelings with family and friends, taking time for self, making time to laugh and relax, eating well are some of the ways to bust stress and boost heart health.

I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda. I urge you to protect your heart health too, as a Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart!

Image Source : Pixabay

Get it Right the First Time

Some people simply have jobs,while others have careers. Though, these two terms  ie  ‘career’ and ‘job’ are often used interchangeably, they aren’t the same. A career, is an occupation that lasts a long time, usually years or even decades, while a job is any employment that is paid. A career is made up of a job or jobs, but that doesn’t mean that every job is part of a person’s career.

With a career, the kind of work you do is based on your interests. It’s a path you’ve chosen. 

Usually, after college students follow career paths they had never imagined for themselves or weren’t even aware of. It was the same for me. I remember, when I completed my MBA, some two decades ago, I just wanted a job and didn’t had a career in mind. The first job I got was in pharmaceutical industry. Thankfully, I liked what I did and later made it as my career.

But that was ages ago. It’s all different, now. Today, if you have a dream job in mind, then you can start on your career by finding a job that will allow you to work towards that dream job pretty early. Yes, that’s getting it right the first time!

Career planning and looking for various options in a chosen career should start when one is in school/college. The first step to finding potential careers is to do a complete self-assessment. What do you like to do?  What are your interests and abilities?

Today, we have so many tools and websites that help the students to find out what type of education is required for a particular career. They can find schools/colleges that may meet their needs. You can search for colleges based on their type, location, and degrees and programs/majors offered. For instance, if you are planning to choose the field of medicine as your career path, all you have to do is check out the various Medical Colleges in India. On a click of a button, you can get all the info that you require, right from the courses the Colleges offer to the cut-offs, admission process, eligibility, fee structure, infrastructure, facilities, placements etc.

Now-a-days, the career choices for Indian Doctors are immense. This is one recession proof profession and professionals in this field are always in demand, especially now with growing health awareness amongst people. The medical industry is growing by leaps and bound and so is the demand for skilled specialists. Today we have specialists in medical field which were not so popular few years ago viz Aerospace Medicine, Bioinformatics, Cardiac Anaesthesiology, Child Psychiatry, Forensic, Immunohematology Nuclear Medicine etc.

So go on and make a great career in this field which will not only give you the happiness of saving lives but also will give you great satisfaction.



It was well within his reach. He was tempted to pick it. But looked away the next instant.

A small voice grew loud in his head and in a split of a second invaded it.

He stretched his hand and grabbed it hungrily. With a touch of fingertip, he hurriedly though systematically went about accomplishing his mission.

So engrossed he was that he didn’t hear the bathroom door open. Their eyes met. Hers  flashed with anger, his with embarrassment.

With head in his hands and eyes shut tight, he realized trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone.

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99 Things I Love #Friday Reflections

When I saw this prompt of writing about ‘99 Things I Love’ , I knew I had to do this. So, I started jotting down the things I absolutely love. And believe me, it is one happy exercise. It made me dig into the past and look at the present too and this kept the grey cells busy as they came up with one thing after the other. The happiness and feeling of contentment as I wrote all the 99 things I love is something that I will cherish for a long time…

Here’s my list of 99 things I love, in no particular order…

    1. My mug of tea in absolute peace
    2. Smiles from strangers
    3. A big warm hug
    4. Finishing a well written book
    5. A cupboard full of books which I call as my library
    6. Photographs that have captured some beautiful moments
    7. Watching rain from my window
    8. Quotes that inspire
    9. KG, the love of my life
    10. Food cooked by KG
    11. Empathy
    12. Conversations with girl friends
    13. Aaryan, the apple of my eye!
    14. My laptop, can’t imagine life without it
    15. My Me time
    16. Reiki for the calmness and direction it gives
    17. Being free to do what I want, when I want and how I want
    18. Dinner time with KG
    19. Aaryan’s holidays. He is coming home tomorrow for a week and I can’t contain myself.
    20. Aaryan’s letters which he writes from school
    21. Prayer time
    22. Hope
    23. A few good great friends
    24. Tough times and the lessons I learnt from it
    25. Chances and opportunities that I have got in life
    26. The love, care and concern of my parents
    27. Baking cakes and compliments that KG and Aaryan shower over the goodies I bake
    28. My blog
    29. Memories of the past
    30. Virtual friends and the conversations over phone and chatting online with them
    31. Watching The Big Bang Theory
    32. Get togethers with our friends
    33. Masala Dosa with Filter Coffee at a South Indian joint
    34. Swimming all alone in a clear clean pool
    35. Learning something new
    36. Unlearning and the realization it brings
    37. Making lists for everything and anything mostly physical and some in my head too
    38. Ticking off things from my To-Do lists
    39. My home and everything about it
    40. The clean and orderly look of my home
    41. Watching movies on TV which are on my wish list
    42. Positive, creative and people who have the ability to make others laugh
    43. My corner of the bed and all the things I need on the side table next to it
    44. Fresh sun dried laundry
    45. Online shopping
    46. Shopping in malls and in the narrow by-lanes of a city
    47. When someone remembers an old blog post of mine
    48. Indian winters and everything about it – the food, the clothes and general air of cheer and festivity around
    49. The look after a nice haircut
    50. Getting older
    51. Anything that brings back old memories – smells, music, toys, food, people, places that take me down the memory lane
    52. People-watching while traveling
    53. My work and everything about it
    54. The relief and euphoria of meeting a deadline
    55. Commitments by me to others and others for anything
    56. Finding words written by others that echo my feelings and sentiments
    57. Small acts of kindness
    58. Sharing small conversations or smiles with strangers
    59. Gifting both giving and receiving, especially unwrapping a gift
    60. The view from my balcony
    61. Word /puzzle games on my phone
    62. Forgiveness and the peace it brings
    63. Letting go and moving on
    64. Attitude of gratitude
    65. My well-stocked kitchen and fridge
    66. The nature and its beauty
    67. The happy and wonderful surprises
    68. Love
    69. Cutting, chopping, snipping stories to fit in exactly 55 words
    70. Counting my blessings
    71. Sorting out the differences with somebody
    72. The sound of my own voice in a voice message
    73. Power naps
    74. Moving out of my comfort zone
    75. Spring-cleaning
    76. Coming back home after travel
    77. Chats with Aaryan that make me realize that he is growing up, oh so well!
    78. A clear head
    79. Getting better… slowly but surely
    80. Food cooked by my mother
    81. Catching up with old friends and to realize that time and distance does not matter with them
    82. Days when I can spend lazing and reading in bed
    83. Small nuggets of wisdom
    84. Fast speed internet
    85. Idle day dreaming
    86. Possibilities…
    87. Listening to somebody with a rich baritone.
    88. Technology that makes life simpler and easier
    89. When things fall in place
    90. Making someone’s day
    91. Finding exactly what I was looking for
    92. Grabbing great deals and bargains
    93. Waking up after a good night sleep
    94. Hearing a ‘bless you’ when I sneeze
    95. Listening to a favorite song on a loop
    96. Seeing old people walking hand in hand
    97. Witnessing something beautiful and amazing
    98. Receiving a sincere compliment
    99. Reading old letters, notes, journals…

Would some things from my list feature in your list too?? Why dont you write your own list. You will enjoy doing it. Go for it!


Flying with a Cry-baby #MondayMusings

Last week, I took an early morning flight from Bangalore to Delhi for which I had to reach the airport at an unearthly hour. Sleep deprived and tired from the hectic work schedule, I reached the airport on time and requested the lady at the counter to give me a window seat. Thinking of catching up on my missed sleep during the two hour flight, I boarded the aircraft, only to see a young mother with a child occupying my seat. Sitting next to her was her old father (or father-in-law). Without a word I occupied the vacant aisle seat. Yes, it seemed silly to ask her to vacate the window seat for me.

I settled in my aisle seat and dozed off even before the flight took off from the ground, only to be jolted awake from sleep a few minutes later by the loud screams of my little co-passenger. The face of the lil baby was all red and his eyes all scrunched up but no tears trickled down his cheeks. The mother held him close, rocked him back and forth, and softly repeated some words in his ear, but the child refused to calm down and showed us all his super power of screaming really loudly. And as if one uncomfortable child on the flight was not enough, another one wailed from the back seats. By this time, I gave up on my plan to sleep during the flight.

I smiled at the mother and she smiled back with gratitude. I looked around and saw the other passengers having expressions ranging from disdain and irritation to anger and exasperation. And memories of a flight taken some 13 years ago flashed in front of me when a 45 day old baby shrieked and howled in my arms. There was absolutely no difference in the reactions of the passengers between these two incidents which spanned more than a decade.

We all know that babies do what they do when they want to do it. The babies don’t know how to deal with air pressure and the pain it causes or any uneasiness that they might be experiencing. The only way they know to express their pain is by crying. What’s new or different in that? I am sure every single person and their children have cried like that in a public space whether in a plane or a train or a store or a cinema hall or at a restaurant.

While at a restaurant or a store, one can still go out and distract the crying child in some way, but how does one do that while sitting in a aircraft when seat-belt sign is still on? The parents have limited ways  to manage the cranky child.

Oh, I know it can be very frustrating for the co-passengers, after all it is not their child, but show some empathy to the parent who is all stressed and even more frustrated. She is trying her level best to calm and soothe the baby.  

Imagine, how unnerving it would be to hear the exaggerated sighs and sense the irritation and stares from co-passengers while your baby is howling, wailing and shrieking his guts out in your arms. How guilt ridden you would be when you know that you and your child are annoying other passengers and some are even judging you for it.

I wish people know that they can’t have library-silent, no-wails-allowed flight. It should not be difficult to understand that a child being a child is not the parents’ fault, and to realize that making someone else feel bad will not make you feel better or improve your flight. So, instead of giving a death-stare to the mother and the child, show empathy, practice patience and put on your noise-cancelling headphones and simply deal with it minus the negative drama from your end. Deal?

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Tornado Giveaway : The Temple is Not My Father



Author: Rasana Atreya

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1. Inderpreet Kaur Uppal
2. Ruchi Singh
3. Sridevi

The Story

Ensnared by a tradition hundreds of years old, a woman fights for her daughter’s happiness.

From the author of ‘Tell A Thousand Lies,’ which was shortlisted for the 2012 Tibor Jones South Asia award. UK’s Glam magazine calls ‘Tell A Thousand Lies’ on of their ‘five favourite tales from India.’

If you like Rohinton Mistry or Shilpi Somaya Gowda, you might like this short story of 40 pages.

You can also buy @ Amazon

About The Author : Rasana Atreya

Rasana is the author of Amazon bestseller ‘Tell A Thousand Lies’, which was also shortlisted for the 2012 Tibor Jones South Asia award. UK’s Glam magazine calls this novel one of their five favourite tales from India (June 2014). Her other works are ‘The Temple Is Not My Father’ and ’28 Years A Bachelor’.

Now on to more personal stuff – Rasana would like to be able to tell her readers that she once stopped a robbery single-handedly, except she’s terrified of robbers. And geckos. And two-year-olds who throw tantrums. When she’s not running scared, she’s mother to a girl and a boy who were respectively six and eleven years-old when they wrote and illustrated ‘The Mosquito and the Teapot’. She lives with her husband and children in Hyderabad, India, where a lot of her stories are set.

Stalk her @ Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Tornado Giveaway : The Nidhi Kapoor Story

Author: Saurabh Garg

Read Some Reviews

1. Nimue
2. book r3vi3ws
3. Namrata Ganti

The Story

Two dogs and a cat are butchered at the home of Nidhi Kapoor, a leading Bollywood actress. Left behind is a mysterious letter threatening Nidhi and her family.

Nishant Kapoor, Nidhi’s father and a superstar of the yesteryears is confined to a retirement facility in the hills. Tormenting him are his recurring dreams of someone trying to hurt him and his family.

A film set where Nidhi Kapoor is shooting for her much anticipated film goes up in flames. Trapped inside are Nidhi and her sister, Payal.

ACP Prakash Mohile is forced to take up the investigation. Rujuta Singh, a photojournalist chronicling the lives of policemen in Mumbai and shadowing Prakash, gets embroiled in the case.

Unwarranted incidents continue to happen and in absence of any real clues or motive, Prakash and Rujuta are forced to dig deeper in the past of the Kapoors. They unknowingly stumble onto a violent tale of lies, betrayal, treachery, infidelity and murder.

Time is running out fast and the unknown assailant is adamant on taking away from Nidhi everything that she holds dear – her career, her home, her reputation, her family and her life. With each move, he seems to be getting close. The answers however continue to elude Prakash and Rujuta.

What is it in their past that Kapoors are hiding from the world?

What grudge does the assailant hold against the Kapoors?

And, can they save Nidhi?

You can also buy @ Amazon

About The Author : Saurabh Garg

Curious marketeer by the day, Saurabh Garg is a storyteller by the night. The Nidhi Kapoor story is his first full-length story.

Apart from writing, Saurabh is passionate about startups, travel and poker. When he is not working on creating characters and plots for his upcoming stories, he likes to meet and talk to other interesting people and ask them stupid questions that often don’t have answers.

Saurabh maintains a very elaborate bucket list. The item on top of his list is to visit every country in the world. So far, he’s been to 15.

Originally from Delhi and based out of Mumbai, he went to Delhi university and MDI Gurgaon for his undergrad and postgrad respectively.

Stalk him @ Website | Twitter | Facebook

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The Explosion

55 Fiction

With great anticipation, I opened the door. Explosion

A deafening explosion ripped through the house.

Tiny shell pieces flew all across and some pierced my skin.

I was too numb to even remove the molten debris from my face.

In a daze, I stumbled out of the mess

Never again I’ll boil eggs in the microwave.

Myths and Facts about Suicide

About 800,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year, of these 135,000 (17%) are Indians, a nation with 17.5% of world population. Between 1987 to 2007, the suicide rate increased from 7.9 to 10.3 per 100,000, which increased to 21.1 per 100,000 people in 2012.

These statistics are certainly alarming. Despite the advancement and growth in every realm of our life, stigma of suicide continues to grow unabated. Suicide is considered such a taboo subject that the misconceptions about it are in abundance.

These misconceptions or the lack of information means that people who are vulnerable and dejected from life cannot get the help they need in times of their crisis.

It’s important to know the facts and shatter the myths that surround suicide. Being well-informed about mental illnesses and suicide can help save some precious lives.

Myth: Suicide can’t be prevented. If someone is set on taking their own life, there is nothing that can be done to stop them.

Fact: Suicide is preventable. The vast majority of people contemplating suicide don’t really want to end their lives. They are seeking an end to intense mental and/or physical pain. Most have a mental illness. Timely medical interventions can save lives.


Myth: People who take their own life are selfish, cowards, weak or are just looking for “attention.”

Fact: More than 90% of people who take their own lives have at least one and often more than one treatable mental illness such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and/or alcohol and substance abuse. With better recognition and treatment many suicides can be prevented.


Myth: Asking someone if they are thinking about suicide will put the idea in their head and cause them to act on it.

Fact: When you fear someone you know is in crisis or depressed, asking them if they are thinking about suicide can actually help. By giving a person an opportunity to open up and share their troubles you can help alleviate their pain and find solutions.


Myth : Suicide always occurs without any warning sign.

Fact : There are almost always warning signs. Look out for them.


Myth : Suicide occurs most often among the very rich and the very poor.

Fact : Suicide occurs in equal proportions among people from all socioeconomic strata.


Myth: Someone making suicidal threats won’t really do it, they are just looking for attention.

Fact: Those who talk about suicide or express thoughts about wanting to die, are at risk for suicide and need your attention. Most people who die by suicide give some indication or warning. Take all threats of suicide seriously. Even if you think they are just “crying for help”—a cry for help, is a cry for help—so reach out to them.


10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day. It  is an ideal time to inspire people to work towards the goal of developing creative new methods for eradicating stigma. And the first step towards is by creating awareness… let’s spread the word and do our bit in saving lives around us.


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