I wonder…

Why shopping when we “NEED TO” is a pain?

Shopping is fun; every woman (and some men…my B-I-L RC included) would be nodding an approval. For some shopping is a sport or at least a preferred leisure activity. I feel great after a good round of shopping.

But when you NEED TO shop it’s a big pain. It can be a torture, when trying to find what you want.

Last week, we had an ‘all girls’ party and the dress code was long skirts. After checking the contents of my wardrobe, decided to wear a skirt in Silk Bandhej. But couldn’t find a satisfactory top to go with it. So had to buy a Pink Kurti or a T-shirt.

Though I am a meticulous planner, but somehow missed out on this. So had to venture out in the market on the D-day. It was one nightmarish experience! With limited time and even more limited options (I gave up my fixation of “mera wala pink!” after the 4th outlet) I had a terrible time in deciding between the worse and the worst! Finally bought a Tee, which I am sure, I will never wear again.

So I guess, the buzz word is IMPULSIVE. Listen to your heart and shop till you drop. Ready to go?

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6 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. Need to or you don’t need to…
    shopping is terror for me…..
    you and RC can have all the fun…go shop till you drop…I’ll willingly serve lemonades whenever you’ll be back !!!!

  2. This is my take on this blog of yours…first things first – what did you say – a all ‘girls’ party ? Now this is really gratifying and should be good for your ego. And if you all are girls, where are the women? But I guess true youth is acquired only with age …look at yours truly!

    People are really funny – all of us are. They spend money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need to impress folks they don’t like..


  3. After going thru your article I would completely agree with you. Have seen my sister and other frens doing it. However, I think you love yourself more than anyone (judgment on the basis of your article)and feel its gud, really gud that you look up to yourself.

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